How Did Live Streaming Become the Main Method to Gain Mass Attention Online?

We are living in an age when anyone can get famous online thanks to social media. The prime method for influencers to hit the big time has been through live streaming. The technology allows them to produce authentic content that makes viewers feel close to them.

Live streaming brings people into the action online, and it will be hard for any new inventions to beat the immersion and engagement it offers.

Live Streaming Brings People Close to the Streamer

Live streaming has been revolutionary, and since going mainstream in 2017, it has changed the way various industries operate. The video streaming market size was valued at $372 billion in 2021, highlighting just how important it has been. It can make people feel as if they are there in situations, rather than disconnectedly watching videos that have been prerecorded. For example, viewers can experience news events firsthand or imagine they are browsing offers in a sale from the shop floor thanks to live streaming.

It has been a major revelation in the gaming industry, where it was adopted before Facebook brought it to worldwide attention. Twitch has allowed gamers to live stream their progress since 2011, and online casinos have been using it for a similar amount of time. A casino with live dealers is a big attraction for players now, as the games have become quite advanced. They include options like Lightning Blackjack and Immersive Roulette, which put players right in the middle of the action. It’s almost like being there, sitting at the tables of a real casino. The only difference is that there’s a screen separating players from the dealers.

Live Streaming Adds Authenticity

Aside from the immersion levels that live streaming offers viewers, the technology also adds authenticity to the videos. Influencers and celebrities who opt to use live streaming can build a closer connection with their fanbase because it is unedited and imperfect. They can show that they are human, and sometimes make mistakes on camera.

The platform also gives viewers a chance to interact with the people they are watching. They can comment live and sometimes have their questions answered. Social media sites have favored this method of posting with their algorithms, meaning that it’s easier for streamers to get hits on live videos than prerecorded ones. The people that have taken advantage of this have been able to gain massive followings online.

Instagram is by far the favored social media site for live streamers, with 62.1 percent of US content creators going live on Instagram most frequently. This could be because members of Generation Z, the audience that has the biggest influence online in 2022, prefer the photo-sharing site to Facebook.

Virtual and augmented reality are on the way, but it’s hard to see them replacing live streaming any time soon. Indeed, it would make more sense for these new platforms to incorporate live streaming and enhance it, rather than seek to compete with it.

Live streaming has been one of the most important technological developments of the internet age. It is one of the best ways for people to get famous online and develop fan bases to view their content.