How Has Technology Impacted The Bingo Industry?

Bingo has come a long way from its medieval Italian roots. It has survived world wars and seen people through countless recessions. Furthermore, now in the 21st century, it is poised to make the transition from a brick-and-mortar industry effortlessly to an online one. And all thanks to the magic of technology. 

It comes with no surprise, but the best bingo games online are the ones most influenced by technology. And rightly so, technology has been the leading driver of innovation in the last two decades. It has enabled bingo operators to avail their gambling services online and even accessible via mobile, with more to come.

This article will look at the effects of technology on the bingo industry and everything you need to know. So keep reading to learn more.

How to Develop a Bingo Game for Mobile or Web

Developing a bingo game can be a lot of work but fun at the same time. Bingo allows you to customise your game and make it fit any scenario or occasion to fit its theme and enhance the playing experience. However, if you would like to go one step further and develop it for the web and mobile, luckily, the process is also not that complicated. Below we look at creating a bingo game: 

  • Theme- pick what theme you want the bingo game to be and create your bingo cards and questions based on the theme. This is what that’s going to differentiate your bingo game from the rest in the market. 
  • Domain name- pick a hosting service and conduct a name search to ensure your chosen name is available. In addition, your name needs to clearly show the type of bingo you’re offering, as well as get enough bandwidth for your site to enable it to run smoothly even with high traffic.
  • Develop your bingo site- you can either get a website developer to make a custom website or get a website template from a reputable provider and populate it with your details. To ensure it works well on mobile and PC, create a mobile app and make your site responsive, so it automatically adjusts to the viewing device. 
  • Add your bingo software- after the basic site is done, upload your bingo game software that will allow you to plug in your bingo games and provide access to players. You can develop it from scratch or enter into a licensing agreement with one of the available services. 
  • Monitise your site- you can earn from Google AdSense if you allow Google to place marketing messaging on your site. However, the best way to earn from your site is by charging a small commission on every bingo game. So ensure your accounting system accounts for this.
  • Market- do your market research and find out where your target audience is hanging out and the messaging that will appeal to them. Then create your marketing messages and target them in those places.

Technology’s Function in the Bingo Industry

  1. Development of New Bingo Games

AI and machine learning technologies are being utilised to improve existing and develop new bingo games. Operators are using the technology to understand bingo players’ preferences and trends in the industry and translate their findings into new games. This has led to more interesting and engaging games. 

  1. Accounting

Technology makes the online bingo accounting process seamless, unlike the long and tedious accounting processes in bingo halls. Software on the operator’s side logs and keeps a ledger on all transactions happening on a bingo site as they occur. This makes it easy for the operators to keep track of their numbers and reduces, if not eliminates, chances of fraudulent transactions.

  1. Payment Systems

In the last few years, there have been several breakthroughs in online payment systems. For instance, cryptocurrencies provide a cheap and convenient way to make payments that are also anonymous. On the other hand, mobile money transfer offers a way to make payments without using traditional payment systems such as bank transfers and credit cards. However, thanks to technology, online bingo operators offer and accept payment from all these options for convenience. 

  1. Communication

The social aspect of bingo has always been essential to the game. That’s why bingo halls are popular with many players. However, online bingo is no different. Technology allows for the creation of communication platforms such as live chatrooms, video conferencing portals, and text messaging services. These online communication services can make online bingo as interactive as any gaming session in a bingo hall. 

  1. Convenience

One thing about traditional bingo is that players need to go to a bingo hall to access gameplay. However, online bingo allows you access to bingo games from the convenience of your home or wherever you are. On the other hand, responsive websites and mobile apps allow you to access bingo games on the move via your mobile phone, enabling you to play at your convenience. All thanks to technology. 

  1. Connectivity

Technology has helped connect bingo operators with the bingo-playing market segment from different parts of the world. Using various platforms such as social media and online marketing, operators can get the attention of different market segments and make their appeal to get them on to their online platforms. Previously, operators were restricted to the direct market that could make it to their bingo halls near their geographic location.

  1. Upgradability

Imagine what it would take to upgrade a bingo hall. It’s a nightmare. Now contrast that with the ease of clicking a button to upgrade an online bingo site. Technology makes upgrading and adding new features to a site easy, improving players’ online experience. Operators can also more easily keep up with trends and developments in the industry. 


Just as bingo has come a long way, so has the technology powering the new online revolution that’s going on. And thanks to technology, bingo is finding new ways to make gameplay more engaging and, of course, more profitable. So if you’d like to try your hand out in developing a bingo game, we hope this content helps and you find immense success in your endeavours.