How Online Slots are using Tie-ins to Attract New Gamers

Slot machines have been a popular staple of the casino industry for a long time now. The lights, imagery, sound effects, and potential winnings have always been a big draw for players and the move to online sites over the years has only made slot games more accessible and popular than ever before. Better incentives, game mechanics, and payment methods are contributing to their popularity, but more and more online casinos are looking for tie-ins that will attract new gamers to their sites. Using elements from popular culture can create a synergy between the material and the slot game, which should help to expand the audience over time. These are the popular tie-ins currently proving successful on the online casino market.

Game Shows

Game show-inspired online slots have essentially become their own gaming genre due to their popularity over the years: people love to play along at home while they are watching game shows and slot games allow for audiences to immerse themselves within the game show format. Some shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Jeopardy, and Deal or No Deal can be easily translated to the online space, with accompanying music, imagery, and other features as effective in the slots format as on TV.

Other less obvious shows such as American Idol or The Amazing Race have also been incorporated into the online slot library, but the gameplay has little relevance to the source material. Increasingly online casinos are generating their own original game show-themed slots, but a tie-in with an already established show, that has a connected viewership that enjoys playing at home, will always prove successful. 


Hollywood loves making money from licensing and if a production company holds a successful movie, the online casinos will be biting their arm off to cash in with a tie-in slot that can profit off the movie’s popularity. Although enticing jackpots play a part, online slots rely heavily on their appearance alone. Having a huge movie title emblazoned on the branding and recognizable characters spinning on the reels is a surefire way of attracting movie fans to play your slot.

Creating a movie-themed slot also allows for animations and symbols from the movie to be included and sometimes bonus rounds can be developed around features of the movie. Superhero movies are the blatant pick for a successful movie slot tie-in, considering they’ve been adapted for video gaming, but surprisingly other movies such as the comedies Bridesmaids and Ted, have also proved successful. 

TV Shows

The big-budget TV shows are just as appealing as the movies for slot tie-ins and the likes of Game of Thrones and Star Trek are conspicuous additions to the TV-themed slots available. Less apparent tie-ins that are proving some of the most popular are those that use adult cartoons as the theme of the online slots.

The Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub slot game is one of the more thriving titles, but you can also find Family Guy, American Dad, and blast from the past, Beavis and Butt-Head featured slots. In a move to possibly save some cash by not paying for licensing rights, some slots appear to be piggybacking off the success of a TV show by creating a slot with features of a popular TV show such as pirates, dragons, zombies, or anything else that is currently popular with TV audiences.

Using game shows, movies, and TV shows is a guaranteed method of ensuring your game reaches and tempts a wider audience. You still need great game mechanics and payouts, but these tie-ins ensure that online slots will continue to remain relevant and attract online gamers.