How Sneaker Servers Work

A sneaker server is a computer that is used to enhance the performance of your internet connection for more efficient sneaker copping. It’s a network to which you connect as if you would connect to a different computer from your device.

To be more specific, it doesn’t boost the performance of your computer directly, but it works rather as a different and way more powerful computer that you are using remotely.

Sneaker copping these days involves more than a few advanced tools to get you the edge over other customers that you are competing with for a limited edition pair of sneakers. There is no other way to stay in the competition. Sneaker servers are one of these tools.

Why does sneaker copping need servers?

The key thing in buying sneakers is the speed of your purchase and its preparation, such as spotting the desired sale at the right time.

Since there are so many competitors, you need to be super-fast. Bots are often used for this purpose. Unfortunately, doing multiple tasks and using additional tools to complete them requires lots of power from your computer.

If your computer isn’t powerful enough, for instance, if you have less than 8 CPU cores and less than 12 GB of RAM, your bots may not function properly, thus beating the purpose of using them for speed in the first place.

Another thing that might slow your speed down is your internet connection. If it’s unstable or slow, or you are dealing with other issues that might cut your connection or power, your work will be constantly interrupted, making you do nothing but only dream about sufficient speed for sneaker copping. This dreaming means not copping.

Finally, if you are trying to cop sneakers from the site that works on the server in another country, the connection to it will also cost you additional time. It all comes down to the speed problem. With sneaker servers, you will not be bothered by this issue anymore.

Key features of a sneaker server

As you might presume, sneaker servers are computers that have more CPUs and RAM power that is used while maintaining a stable internet connection.

That results in its advantages that go along with other important features:

  • Speed of the connection reaching 10 Gbps,
  • Unlimited bandwidth,
  • Running more tasks and/or more bots doing them,
  • Different OS such as Linux or Windows.

The latter is important if you want to use a bot and you don’t have Windows since many bots are designed to work for Windows, and you might face problems trying to run them on different OS or even not be able to do that.

Also, if you are masking your identity and saving your bots from getting blocked by using residential proxies that are a bit slower than their datacenter counterparts, a sneaker server might make up for the lost speed.

All these features are provided by big companies such as Amazon web servers that are the most used for sneaker copping, Google Cloud being not far away in its popularity. So, you can be certain that you will receive reliable service. You might find it useful to learn more about the best sneaker servers and their advantages.

Server’s location and proxy support

You should look for sneaker servers that are in the same country as the server of your targeted store’s website is. While it may be beneficial, you don’t need those servers to be in the same city or too close to it. However, the country must be the same.

If you are trying to access a site that works on the server in a different country, your connection will take longer, and you might lose valuable time. Now, bots significantly increase your speed, and so do the servers. You can use either one for this purpose or combine them both and achieve an even faster pace.

Proxies work better when they also provide IP addresses that indicate locations in the same country as the servers of a store’s website. Considering that they might be used to unblock geo-restricted sales or prices that are set for certain countries only, you must seek the IP address that indicates that country.

Ideally, the country of both sneaker proxies and sneaker servers should match with the store’s server’s country.


Sneaker servers can be an essential part of sneaker copping, although their usage is not necessary when you have an enormously powerful computer with a stable and fast internet connection. But if you don’t, they let you not stay behind your competitors who have more advanced technology.

The crucial part here is that the workflow of a sneaker server doesn’t depend on your devices or their connection, so any drops or other disturbances that you might experience will not affect your bots or any other activity that is being done through the sneaker server.

Moreover, you don’t need to be attached to your computer because all your tasks are run on the server which can be controlled through your phone without losing any speed or worsening the performance of the tasks at hand. Such flexibility makes using sneaker servers not only efficient but comfortable too.

Using it can also be economical. You can modify the specifics of a used server, for instance, increase or decrease the amount of RAM on demand. A sneaker server is superior to buying a new powerful device regarding this feature. You can improve its performance instantly, whereas you couldn’t do the same on a physical device.

This flexibility goes along with an easy connection that works similarly to your wi-fi connection. Namely, by using a remote desktop connection and typing your authentication information such as the IP address of the sneaker server that you receive from its provider and your computer administration credentials.


Sneaker servers provide advantages that your computer or internet connection, or even both, can have when you want to cop sneakers at a fast pace and in big amounts. Much like using bots and proxies, it’s an inherent part of a successful sneaker copping when you can’t make up for its features by other means.

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