How To Integrate Apps On The Phone For Smart Home Automation

Every person would name comfort and safety among their basic needs, so it is a no-brainer that smart home devices are that popular these days. It looks like there is no sphere of a human being where automatization and digitalization don’t have their impact. You start your day with a smart alarm and go to bed with an application for meditation. You have all the necessary applications on your iPhone, and it is a robot vacuum cleaner that is responsible for the comfort of your home.

6 Core smart home systems 

So, what are the main elements of smart home systems, and how do they work together? Is it possible to outsource all of your daily tasks and just enjoy your life as it is (spoiler: it is!)

  • Household management

The Internet of Things comes with numerous devices for household management. From smart cookers and coffee brewers to ovens and even refrigerators: these tools are able to learn your habits so that you can do everything while sitting at home. And when we say everything, we mean everything. 

For example, there are plant identifier apps where you can scan your green friends and create your own database, add new samples, recognize the unknown flowers, etc. Lily App will provide you with the necessary information about plant care, and it will send you notifications so that you do not forget to fertilize the soil or water leaves. 

  • Adjust lightning

It sounds unbelievable but smart blinds and light bulbs understand when someone enters the room, they react to motion and automatically switch on. Actually, there are several reasons to install smart lightning.

For example, what if you want other people to think that you’re home, even when you’re vacationing? With an app, you can easily control a specific schedule or set an auto timer.

You don’t need the same brightness of the lightning when you’re working, watching TV, reading a book, or doing yoga. Whether you want to make it brighter or dimmer, you can do it just with a few taps on your iPhone. There is also an opportunity to change colors.

  • Control energy consumption

This category of devices doesn’t just make your life better, it actually helps you save money. Can you be sure that your washing machine or TV only uses energy when needed? With energy monitoring devices, this task becomes a breeze. Your dishwasher will be unplugged when you’re not using it, which means you can expect a reasonable electricity bill and no short circuits or other electrical annoyances.

  • Security

What do we mean when we talk about smart devices that keep you safe? We are talking about physical security, which includes:

  • motion sensors
  • security cameras
  • smart locks

If a friend comes to visit you, the security system can recognize him and even greet him cordially. But if the cameras don’t recognize the person visiting your house, you’ll get an instant app notification, as well as the nearest police station.

Speaking of security, it’s also important to mention that Apple takes this issue very seriously. When you install applications on iOS and connect tools to your iPhone, you can feel safe as your data is protected. 

  • Internal hazards detection

In addition to detecting the threat of physical intrusion, the smart home can also recognize various indoor hazards. Technology will protect you from carbon monoxide, smoke, or leaks, by alerting local emergency services. 

  • Entertainment

Obviously, this category is the broadest, because regardless of gender, age, profession, and other factors, everyone likes to have a little fun.

You can buy the necessary devices and install apps for smart TVs and home theaters, speakers and sandbars, projects, and anything!

Is it possible to organize a smart home with your own hands? 

When you understand your needs and know what options your devices and iOS come with, you shouldn’t run into any issues. Every outlet in your home can be a smart outlet, you can maintain the right temperature in an appropriate app, a fridge will remotely show you what’s inside of the refrigerator, and a coffee maker can be easily synced with a daily alarm. Your whole day can be configured in different apps, so just enjoy it! 

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