How to Know If Your Site Is Safe for Online Gambling?

The gambling industry is growing and expanding its services every day. More and more adults and minors around the world participate in at least one casino activity, which is why gambling operators earn huge profits. Last year, according to statistics, the market size of the global online gambling industry was 231 billion dollars. Huge profits, but also the constant development of technology, enable the most prominent operators to adopt protective mechanisms for players. Online casinos that accept Australian players and others work hard to achieve security standards.

The primary goal of secure operators in the gambling industry today is to ensure a safe environment for their users. In this way, they avoid legal consequences, but also attract an increasing number of players to register on their websites. There are plenty of operators that meet all safety standards. Some have not even secured a valid license, which is why there is a possibility of deceiving their players. Users that play online blackjack for money or other games, should ensure that they have chosen an operator with security features. That should be done before connecting the payment method and investment on the gambling site.

In the following text we will talk about this casino security indication:

  1. One or more valid licenses issued by the reputable regulatory bodies
  2. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates
  3. Prohibition of minors from joining gambling sites
  4. Prominent providers that create slots and other casino software
  5. Payment systems that will ensure reliable deposit and withdrawal transactions
  6. Positive reviews from already registered users of the platform and professionals
  7. Additional steps for self-protection of gamblers

One or more valid licenses issued by the reputable regulatory bodies

The most concrete indicator of a safe gambling site is a valid license. It must be issued by a reputable regulatory body. Depending on the country where you register at the casino, there will be different licenses. Some of the most famous and most prestigious ones are issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Curacao government.  Gambling commissions conduct checks to protect players from all forms of cybercrime.

Before issuing licenses to operators, regulatory bodies require the following for the legal provision of casino services: 

  • The operator must not have a criminal past
  • The site should include: bonus offers, deposits, payouts, jackpots, site security, and more
  • The presence of third-party providers that would detect fraud, age limits, and geolocation of players
  • Financial statements from previous accounting periods
  • Fulfillment of software standards, i.e. independent testing of casino games fairness
  • License fee that will be paid to the regulatory body and others.

You can check whether your chosen casino has a license in a few seconds. Information about the regulatory body and the license is usually positioned at the end of the page. If you cannot find the data there, open the field “About us”. All significant information about the operator is highlighted there, including whether it has a license. If there is no information about the license, know that you will be exposed to the risk of online fraud. We will emphasize that certain sites can boast of more licenses. This should be your incentive when you decide whether to register on such a platform or not.

In addition to the “About Us” content, you should also check the “Terms and Conditions” section. The terms and conditions of your operator must be clearly and precisely presented. You don’t want them to undertake some activity that will cause your account to be terminated without you knowing what you did wrong. Therefore, the terms and conditions should simply point out when you can be ‘’kicked out’’ of the site and other rules.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates

The modern online gambling platforms use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect their users’ data. Secure Sockets Layer is a program that enables secure data exchange from players to operators. Information is protected by encrypting it, i.e. they become unreadable to third parties. Personal and payment information is often the most sensitive data we share with a casino. Using SSL technology, unauthorized persons cannot download and use them for illegal activities.

As well as the license, you can check whether the casino has an SSL certificate. Scroll to the bottom of the gambling site or search for this information in the “About Us” section. Also, pay attention to whether the URL bar has a small key or padlock. The key and padlock are indicators that your personal or financial data will not be revealed to others. Apart from these two marks, the “S” should stand after HTTP. The letter “S” stands for safe.

We should mention that SSL has several flaws that have led to a few cases of this technology being hacked. So, many new operators choose TLS. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an improved and more reliable version than SSL. TLS includes new security mechanisms. Also, it solved vulnerabilities existing in SSL protocols. Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security today are mostly both called abbreviated SSL. This abbreviation is adopted by the majority of players who generally do not distinguish the two technologies mentioned above.

SSL and TLS work according to the following principle:

  • The player accesses through the browser a gambling website that has SSL/TLS technology
  • The desktop/mobile browser requires identification of the web server that provides a copy of its SSL/TLS certificate
  • The browser determines the authenticity of the certificate and, in case of approval, sends a message to the server
  • A secure environment is established where all data exchanged between the operator (server) and the user is encrypted

Prohibition of minors from joining gambling sites

Age limits for joining an online gambling site can be different. In most cases, secure websites do not allow people under the age of 18 to create an account on their platform. There are also those operators who set a higher age limit. They allow anyone over the age of 21 to register and use the casino services on their site. To prevent the involvement of minors in gambling activities, operators carry out an account verification process. 

Namely, every casino user must go through the account verification process immediately after the registration, the first deposit or withdrawal, or later. The verification time, therefore, differs from operator to operator. It usually takes up to three working days. In the process of verifying the account, the person who registered on the platform must provide a photo of ID, passport, driver’s license, or another identification document. This primarily ensures that the personal data shared with the operator is correct. Also, the operators check the age of the registered players and if they notice minors, they can react appropriately.

Accounts of minors on gambling sites will be closed as soon as the casino becomes aware of such an account. A person under the age of 18 (or 21) is prohibited from further participating in gambling activities, and all funds will be confiscated. The fight against underage gambling is really a feature of the operator’s site security. They prevent the indirect endangerment of persons under the age of 18 from all the negative consequences of online gambling. Physical casinos control minors somewhat differently. Employees usually ask teenagers for an ID card at the entrance to the facility to make sure they meet the age limits.

Prominent providers that create slots and other casino software

An online casino with a high level of security offers games only from verified software providers. Casino developers should have a flawless reputation and their games should have several security indications. First of all, the RNG software used for online slots, roulette, card games and more must consistently perform its function. RNG is a program that provides random outcomes on all casino software. It extracts numbers which it then converts into combinations on slots and the like. This program must be tested to ensure that all players have an equal chance of winning.

Reliable software developers not only provide quality games with good graphics, sound effects, and RNG independent outcomes. These providers create their games to have a high level of RTP as well. Return to Players (RTP) is the percentage of invested money that casino games refund to their users. The higher the RTP percentage, the greater the chance that the user of slots, roulette, or other games will win.

Some of the world-famous and trusted software developers are:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Play’n Go
  • Playtech
  • Real-Time Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • QuickSpin
  • Novomatic and others.

In addition to software that is adapted for desktop use, secure developers also customize games for mobile devices. HTML 5 technology allows casino software to function perfectly on the small screens of iPhone, Android, and other smartphones. Mobile adapted games are also tested for fairness and have a valid certification. In the end, we will point out one more significant characteristic of software developers. Periodically, the best programmers are rewarded with numerous awards, including one for service security. Players may check what kind of awards the developer has received during the previous business period on their official websites.

Payment systems that will ensure reliable deposit and withdrawal transactions

Most players gamble in order to achieve one goal – to win a profit. There are also those casino users who just want to have fun and have no monetary aspirations. What is common to both groups of players is that they have to top up their casino accounts to gamble for real money. For that, they need reliable payment methods that will not compromise their financial transactions. Secure operators usually have more available payment options in their offer to meet all the needs of users. Some of the most commonly offered and reliable payment systems are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, vouchers, and others. 

If the company where you took out the credit card does not have a good reputation for helping victims of theft, perhaps you should consider opening an e-wallet. Digital wallets provide a high level of security to their users. You will have the opportunity to activate transaction authentication to ensure that no one but you can make payments. If you activate the transaction authentication process, for every deposit the e-wallet will require you to enter a pin or leave a fingerprint, thus protecting you from financial fraud. 

Cryptocurrencies are a payment method that is becoming increasingly popular on gambling sites. There are several reasons why most users choose crypto wallets. This payment method not only enables instant deposit but also the anonymous playing of casino games. For crypto deposits, you do not leave your credit or debit card information and thereby prevent the disclosure of financial data. Some of the most famous cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and others. Most cryptocurrencies are secured by blockchain technology as an exceptional protection mechanism.

In addition to deposits, you will also need a secure payment method for withdrawals. If you have had positive experiences with a certain payment system during deposits, you should also use it for fast casino payouts. We will emphasize one more thing. Reliable casino sites implement a policy against money laundering and terrorist financing. This policy requires them to verify transactions on the platform to ensure that they are not used for illegal activities. Checks may lead to a somewhat longer waiting period for payouts.

Positive reviews from already registered users of the platform and professionals

Today, there are many sites whose main task is to enable players to share their experiences with a certain casino. On these websites, you can read whether the players on a site had any inconveniences or whether they are completely satisfied with the operator’s work. Players often leave comments expressing their positive or negative experiences. Also, some who find it difficult to write, leave stars (from 1 to 5 or more) to express how satisfied they are.

Ratings are very significant when choosing a website to conduct financial transactions. If you find a comment from several users that their account was closed without any explanation or the withdrawal was refused, this is a sign to avoid registering on such a platform. You should also investigate if anyone has filed a criminal case against the casino. It’s not a bad idea to check out what experience players have with wins in games as well. Sometimes happens that players do not have any winnings in the games. It can be a sign that the operator probably provides uncertified casino software. Go through several player reviews and choose the platform without negative ratings and mistakes in business.

Amateur players may be underinformed about casino security indications. Therefore, we recommend that you also check the reviews of professionals. The ratings of professionals are more relevant considering that they are familiar with everything that a safe casino should have. These people generally do not gamble on the sites to earn money or have fun, but precisely to test the safety of the platform. They go through all casino games, check if the operator has a license, SSL certificate, and more. Professional reviews are expanded and include all relevant facts.

Additional steps for self-protection of gamblers

There are several steps you can take to protect yourself on a gambling site. First of all, during the creation of an account on the casino site, you should choose a password that is not easy to hack. Some gambling platforms will suggest a strong password made up of upper and lower case letters, special characters, and numbers. If you accept the given password, you should write it down and keep it in a safe place. Our suggestion is that you do not disclose your username and password to anyone. You can’t be sure what other people’s intentions are. So, keep your private information “under lock and key”.

Data that you should keep protected is also related to the card number, CVV2 number, and expiration date if you use credit or debit cards for deposits and withdrawals. If someone steals your data or physical card, you should immediately report the problem to the bank or other institution in order to block leakage and theft of funds. Also, if you win a jackpot on a slot or other casino game, not too many people should know about your success. Thieves could endanger you, and your family’s safety.

Another option you can use to protect yourself on a gambling site is self-exclusion. In case you notice that you are spending too much money and that you cannot control your gambling activities, you should turn on the self-exclusion option (if your casino has it). The self-exclusion option makes it impossible for you to play for a certain period that you determine yourself. Thus, it saves you from excessive spending. 

According to statistics, only 2-3% of players use the self-exclusion option. The percentage of people suffering from gambling addiction problems is much higher, which means that the percentage of self-exclusion should have been higher too. If you encounter the consequences of addiction to casino services, you can also help yourself by contacting your family, a psychiatrist, self-help groups, and other institutions. Safe casinos have a Responsible Gaming Policy that you should follow.

To summarize the individual steps of player protection:

  • create strong passwords with uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters when registering with an operator
  • do not disclose information about the payment system that you charge for deposits or withdrawals
  • in case of theft of financial data, immediately report the problem to the bank, operator, and other relevant institutions
  • use the self-exclusion option if you feel that you are becoming addicted to gambling or spending too much

Conclusion related to safe online gambling

You had the opportunity to read some of the most significant indications of a safe gambling operator in the previous text. It would be ideal if the casino you chose met all security standards, which is possible. Today, more and more operators tend to increase the level of security of their users rather than providing various bonuses and other benefits. After all, that’s the most significant thing, right? A win at online roulette or a jackpot won’t mean anything to you if you can’t withdraw your winnings. Also, winning at poker, baccarat, or blackjack is pointless if the operator will confiscate your funds.

Therefore, before registering, take the following steps. Access the casino site, scroll to the bottom and check if it has a license and SSL data encryption. Access the games section and make sure they are fair by checking which providers they come from. Go to the FAQ section or to the special payment field to determine that there are secure deposit and withdrawal systems. Then, explore the experiences of other players. Optionally, check gambling age limits, whether the operator implements a policy against money laundering and terrorist financing and others. Only after you make sure that it is a 100% reliable site with casino products, create an account, deposit, and activate the bonus.