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How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums do an excellent job of automating the cleaning process. Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, they are quieter, more efficient, and simply more convenient. While these incredible devices do a good job of handling everything on their own, there are a few steps you can take to maximize their efficiency.

A simple step would be setting a schedule that works for you. For example, you can set the vacuum cleaner to clean at a time when you’re not at home. Other than that, regular maintenance and cleaning is also important. Today, we’ll be discussing all that and more to see how you can maximize the cleaning efficiency of your new robot friend.

Clear the Floor

Before starting the cleaning cycle for your robot vacuum, make sure to remove any form of clutter from the floor. Robot vacuums have excellent mapping technologies such as LiDAR sensors, and they do a great job of avoiding obstacles. However, while doing so, it is possible that the robot vacuum will miss a spot or two so that it doesn’t bump into any obstacles.

You should pick up small items, cords, or loose rugs so that they don’t interfere with the vacuum’s movements. Wires or loose cables might tangle or obstruct the vacuum’s path, so be wary of these. Now is also a good time to clean up any stain, unless your robot vacuum comes with a mop that can do that automatically.

Optimize the Cleaning Schedule

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You can enable the robot vacuum to start cleaning by turning it on from the app or with a simple voice command. However, setting a schedule is simply more convenient. Once you set a daily schedule within robot vacuum, you’ll never have to worry about turning on the robot manually. Make sure this schedule aligns with your lifestyle.

For example, if you’re someone who works late at night, you don’t want to walk out to your living room and trip over the vacuum. Determine the frequency and time of day that fits your preferences. These regularly scheduled cleaning sessions ensure that your floor stays clean without any manual intervention.

Try Different Modes

If you feel like the robot vacuum is too loud or isn’t performing well, you should check out the different cleaning modes available in the app. For instance, many robot vacuums feature a “quiet” or “silent” mode that lowers the suction power. This results in a quieter operation, which is excellent if you want the robot to clean at night.

Similarly, many robot vacuums have different modes for different surfaces. It’s not easy to clean carpets, but some robot vacuums have a carpet boost mode that ramps up the power and turns on edge-cleaning. At the end of the day, you get a very clean carpet without having to intervene yourself.

Create Cleaning Zones

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There’s a high chance that certain areas of your home require more attention or tend to get dirtier than other places. In this case, consider creating cleaning zones with different modes for each of those areas. You can use boundary markers or virtual walls to guide the robot to specific areas that need more attention.

You can also set no-go zones for carpets, rugs, or other areas that you want the vacuum to avoid. The robot will adapt to these settings, and ignore those areas when it starts the cleaning process. This allows the robot to allocate more time to areas that need more attention, and it also saves on battery life.

Optimize Charging Station Placement

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While this may not seem as important as playing around with the settings, finding the right placement for the charging station is crucial for maximizing efficiency. Make sure that the docking station is in a convenient and easily accessible location. Try to place it in a room that is in the centre of your house so that the vacuum has an easier path to navigate.

You should also put it in a relatively open area with enough space for the vacuum to dock itself while avoiding obstacles. This ensures that the robot vacuum can efficiently recharge and ready itself for the next cleaning cycle. Finally, try to find a place that won’t capture the attention of kids or pets.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning are important to maximize the efficiency of your robot vacuum. Make sure to dispose of the content in the dustbin frequently to avoid any form of waste build-up. A lot of robot vacuums feature self-emptying dustbins, so this might not be as big of an issue.

However, you should still regularly clean the brushes and filters. The frequency of this cleaning depends on this model, so consult the manual for specific recommendations. Cleaning the brushes and filters is important for maximizing suction power. You should also check the sensor and wheels for any form of damage or debris that’s stuck in them.

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