How to recruit people for software development? 

Recruiting a developer in the digital age is a real challenge. However, today you can entrust this (almost impossible) mission to a recruitment agency and it definitely will reduce your hiring time. There’s no doubt that the recruitment process for software developers is time consuming and requires more work than you can imagine. You can hire IT specialists yourself or cooperate with recruiting agencies, but anyway it’s important to work on the employer brand. 

Caring for your employer brand is essential when you are in a recruitment process, regardless of the profile you are looking for.

It allows you to express the personality of your company:

  • its values, 
  • expertise, 
  • culture and mission.

It is therefore important that it is neat and offers a faithful reflection, allowing candidates to get to know you and want to apply to you.

Nowadays IT specialists are increasingly demanding for their professional life: a good salary or a renowned company are no longer sufficient criteria. To consider a new job, certain criteria tend to take an increasingly important place such as:

  • Respect for work-life balance;
  • The atmosphere in the premises;
  • The company’s values;
  • Fulfilling projects.e.

Define your need clearly 

To recruit the right developer, it is essential that the need be clearly defined upstream: project, responsibilities, skills and technical languages used.

It is the need that makes it possible to determine what type of profile to recruit. If your technical knowledge is limited, do not hesitate to consult the professional recruitment team, such as Alcor or a developer to express exactly what the needs of the project are:

  • The programming languages used (JavaScript, Php, Python, C++, Shell, etc.),
  • The type of database (SQL or noSQL),
  • Front-end frameworks (Angular, JQuery, React, etc.) and back-end (Symfony, Laravel, Django, etc.).

It’s better not hesitate to write a job profile of your ideal candidate to clarify your ideas.

How to conduct a fast and fluid recruitment process?

It is undeniable that an effective recruitment process maximises your chances of being chosen by a candidate, especially if he has a choice. So make sure to calibrate your processes upstream so that, once the applications are received, all the steps can follow one another quickly, to have:

  • Technical tests ready to be passed by the candidates;
  • Slots for interviews reserved in the agendas of the collaborators concerned;
  •  All the qualities of the ideal profile.

As long as your need is well defined upstream and these elements are respected, the rest of the process should take place quickly. In addition you need to know that a 2-week process between the first contact and the hiring proposal is a fast and effective process.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to use candidate tracking software, because it is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use recruitment software that facilitates the management of your applications by digitising all your recruitment tasks. Multicast of your job offers on more than 150 partner job boards, automatic generation of employment contracts, creation of a career site in your image, automatic sorting of CVs and applications. It means that your entire recruitment process is streamlined and you save valuable time!

Pay attention to the job offer

The job offer is the submerged part of the iceberg, the one that serves as a showcase for your company and the position to be filled. It must therefore be given special care, in order to make the best developers want to apply. But first of all, you need to stand out among the myriad of job offers that flood the market and make a candidate click on your ad rather than another. 

Start by taking care of the elements that appear on the results page:

  • Your title must be precise 
  • The location of the premises or if the position can be exercised in full remote (full-time telework),
  • The date, the more recent it is, the more applicants will click. An ad that is too old leaves doubt that it is still relevant.

Have you managed to attract the attention of potential candidates who clicked on your ad? Perfect, we must now make sure that they read the ad and apply.

A good job offer is an ad that must:

  • Be short, because the average playback time of ads that convert is 2 minutes and 30 seconds;
  • Be personalised and transparent about your expectations and values;
  • Describe the project, missions and responsibilities of the position;
  • Inform the frameworks and languages used;
  • Give context elements (working methods, team size, telework or not, etc.) ;
  • Structure information using bullet points and words in bold.

The most important part of successful recruitment process 

Are you going to evaluate a developer’s profile in relation to his diplomas? Forget this old reflex to hire a developer. It is a particularly well-stocked field of talented self-taught profiles, which it would be a shame to ignore out of over consideration for higher education.

So, how to evaluate a developer? It’s better for you to pay attention to:

  • Mastery of the necessary computer languages,
  • The ability to learn and adapt, because everything evolves regularly and we must be able to adapt to frequent changes,
  • Projects carried out in his previous experiences, by looking at his github portfolio or the opinions of his freelance clients,
  • Essential qualities such as curiosity, passion for code, openness and the ability to work in a team.

Also know that it is increasingly common not to filter candidates according to the mastery of a particular language, but rather to evaluate their ability to solve a specific problem, regardless of the languages or methods used. Technical mastery is good, but the spirit of analysis, exploration and tenacity are sometimes much more valuable assets.

More than just technical tests, these concrete code exercises put candidates in a real situation to validate not only that they master a specific computer language, but also to appreciate their reasoning, speed, and how they mobilise their resources to solve the given problem.

As you can see, the recruitment process in IT field is quite complicated, that’s why more and more companies prefer to cooperate with professional recruitment agencies and outsourcing.

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