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How to Setup Plex

Given everyone’s current circumstances, you’ll likely find yourself stuck at home with more time on hand. And while you’re at it, you probably want to enhance your current media. If that’s the case, now’s the best time to focus on learning how to setup Plex. 

It’s a free media software that manages all your TV shows, movies, photos, and music. These will be present to you on any available device, with an interface that’s attractive and user-friendly.

Yet that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For more features and sets of instructions, here’s what you need to know about how to setup Plex.

Application Installation

If you don’t have Plex, you first need to download the Plex Media Server on your selected device. It’s basically the first step on how to setup Plex.

Download the right installer from Plex’s official site, then follow the provided instructions.

Plex lets you select from a variety of platforms. These include Mac, Windows, Linux, Free-BSD, plus network-attached storage platforms like Western Digital and Netgear.

Download the application for all the devices you plan to use. But we suggest you start with the main PC first.

Run the Program then Set-Up Your Plex Account

After completing the installation, click ”launch” to get redirected to a new window. This is where you start creating your account. 

Basically, you can run Plex using limited functions by skipping this step. Yet as the site says, you won’t get all the features available. Plus, streaming will be less secure.

Don’t worry because the sign-up process is quick. Enter your email address, your preferred username and password, and then you’re done.

Do note that your account will have a number of libraries in it. So think of it as the master account that’ll save you time.

Add Your Libraries

When we mention adding libraries and how to setup Plex, people get worried about it being difficult. Really, it’s not. 

The Plex website is user-friendly, and you’ll get a walkthrough on how to add media to your library.

Simply click ”Add Library” to import all the files you like: from images to movies.

Keep in mind that the syncing process can take a bit of time. However, you can click “Next” then continue utilising the program while it’s working.

After, you can select whether or not to send data usage to Plex. Also, you can get the application for other devices if you haven’t yet. 

Determine the Servers then Allow Remote Access

After logging in, notice an alert on the left-hand menu where it’s asking you to claim your network. Once selected, click to save the network then identify it.

There’s also an alert close to the ”Remote Access” tab. Click on it then click the ”Enable Remote Access” button.

Now, Plex is ready to use and reach your server via other devices. Plus, you can choose to disable it at any time.

Install Your Preferred Channels

Now, you should see your homepage with the menu set on the side. Click on ”Channels” to add the media sources. 

Simply press ”Install Channels” after selecting the channel you want. Once ready, new buttons will appear under the selected channels. It will let you update, browse, or uninstall. 

When you browse a channel, it will allow you to view the contents.

Shift to Your Next Device

Now comes the fun part of our process on how to setup Plex. Once you’re done setting up the app on your primary device, you can set it up for your second device. Download and install the application and follow the instructions provided.

You will follow a simple walkthrough that will guide you to the controls. You’ll be shown how to cast media to other devices. Channels added on the first device will appear on the second too. 

To see how many devices are linked to your account, click “Settings and Devices”. The Status tab will display what media you’ve been viewing. 


Once you’re done setting up Plex on all your chosen devices, it’s all up to you. You can check out the settings, make your own playlist, then add more channels. 

You can even play theme audio from any show you’re browsing in the background. Customise your account based on your preferences and have fun!