How to Study Independently: 7 Best Apps for Self-Education

Students have access to the most immense amount of knowledge in history. They work with textbooks, study materials, lecture notes, and library books. Collegegoers can attend lectures from the brightest minds in their fields. But, sometimes, they need more than a good speaker or the right book. That’s why more students look into self-education to bolster their knowledge. 

There are many tools college attendants can use to tap into new sources of information. Smart devices allow them to study anything their heart desires on their own terms. They can choose from several great apps that can help on this journey.


This platform has an extensive catalog of courses that cover various subjects. Most are available for free and offer top-quality content. Students will have enough money to afford an paper writing service for college in dire circumstances and get a good education. Coursera has lectures led by some of the top professionals in their fields. Collegegoers can take up courses in

  • Computer science
  • Machine learning
  • Social studies
  • Data Science

One of the most popular modules explains how to improve one’s learning habits. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to become better at studying. This skill will serve them well during and beyond college. Coursera’s content is free, but for a small price, one can get legitimate certificates of completion. These are going to look great on their resume.


Students often sign up for language courses during their college years. But, they might not get the right amount of practice. That’s when Duolingo can help out. The app is one of the best language-learning aids out there. College attendants may bolster their knowledge and understanding of over 60 languages, including:

  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Dutch

Duolingo even offers courses in fantasy tongues of High Valyrian and Klingon. The free program follows CEFR standards in its work. Students may learn grammar, expand their vocabulary, and master pronunciation. Each course is curated by native speakers and professionals. They ensure that users get a worthy education.

Instead of having learners repeat words and phrases, Duolingo makes a game out of studying. Users can participate in daily and monthly challenges. There are also incentives for using the app during certain hours of the day. The app encourages students to give several minutes of their daily schedules. Duolingo can’t substitute traditional learning, but can enhance it.


The app is a solid competitor of study platforms like Coursera and Khan Academy. Here students can find courses from the top US universities. edX has plenty of lessons covering business development, natural sciences, and humanities. The platform also offers study materials on programming and topic-related lectures.

This content can teach you about a subject from scratch or build upon existing knowledge. Most classes are presented in video format and have short quizzes for featured content. Users can track their progress and regulate how fast they learn without fearing failure.

People specializing in programming can use online tools like code consoles to practice. You may sign up for most courses with special offers reasonably priced. If you want to, it’s possible to get certificates for a moderate fee.

Khan Academy

This platform can expand one’s understanding of economics, math, physics, and others. Khan Academy allows college attendants to revise and exercise facts and theories. One can invest their time into learning completely new skills from top instructors. They may choose from hundreds of educational courses with varying degrees of complexity. 

People love Khan Academy due to its well-structured courses and user interface. Since most of its study materials are available free of charge, students can save up money on college fees. The platform also has plenty of series on YouTube covering various subjects. For example, it has an extensive playlist about the Renaissance period in Italy.


This is a unique platform tailored for programming students. SoloLearn offers various courses on coding that provide both theoretical knowledge and practice. Students can find many practical exercises and quizzes to test what they learned. If they get stuck, it’s possible to seek professional advice from contributors.

SoloLearn specialists developed intricate lessons in several programming languages. These include C++, Python, PHP, CSS, HTML, and Java. The platform provides courses based on a person’s experience and what they hope to achieve. For example, a novice website creator can benefit from a course on HTML basics.

It’s a perfect study aid for programming majors or those interested in this field. The platform has free dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices.


Many students have trouble remembering what they’ve learned. Quizlet makes it easier to revise study materials and keep them in mind. The app relies on flashcards as a primary exercise for students. They can use it to study together even when they’re physically apart. This way, one will be more prepared for exams and surprise quizzes.

Students may create their own flashcards or select from a 500 million catalog. Quizlet is an excellent choice if you want to memorize terms, words, concepts, and other things. The platform covers law, medicine, social science, math, and other subjects.


This might not seem like the best platform for self-education. But YouTube has a gigantic library of courses, lectures, video essays, and other materials. The world’s leading universities and study platforms publish content on YouTube. It provides an additional source for students to work with. One can find a series of free lectures from

  • MIT
  • TedX
  • Stanford
  • Khan Academy
  • Yale University
  • Harvard University

These organizations provide detailed materials on subjects ranging from art to physics. Of course, the platform is ripe with distractions that can take a student off their journey. But concentration and patience will unlock YouTube’s true potential. With its new download feature, students can take study content with them and learn at their own pace.


Students don’t always find what they seek in lecture notes and study materials. That’s why they should give these self-education apps a chance to expand their knowledge.

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