pc03g banner Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review

Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review

Today, we are writing our Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review, which focuses on this quality-made laser level. 

The P03CG presents a fresh addition to the 3D-level series under the Huepar brand. Notably, this version comes equipped with a robust and removable Li-ion battery. It has a capacity of 2600mAh that can reach up to 12V from its base 11.1V.

A noteworthy feature of the P03CG is its integrated Bluetooth functionality and an accompanying remote control. This combination allows for simultaneous operation through both methods.

Furthermore, the device has undergone several essential certifications, including CE, RoHS, FC, and FDA. In this Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review, we will delve into the finer aspects and functionalities of the product. We will also look into its design, specs, features, and performance, but first, what is inside the box?

Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Packaging

All the items ship in a container that appears like a plastic attache case. Fortunately, the material Huepar used for the container is thick and durable, so the accessories inside are safe during shipping. 

p03cg review1 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review2 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review3 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review

Huepar packed the following items inside the package:

  • Laser Level P03CG
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Magnetic Bracket
  • Laser Target Plate
  • Steel Sheet
  • Charger

Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review – Design and Functionality

The construction quality of the Huepar laser levels consistently stands out, and the same holds for this model. Every component fits precisely together, leaving no discernible gaps. 

Its housing consists of two primary parts seamlessly connected through a tongue and groove mechanism. It comes with a circular rubber gasket situated within the groove. 

p03cg review7 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review9 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review10 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review11 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review12 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review8 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review4 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review

The entire casing is high-quality ABC plastic, something we noticed while writing our Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review. Some of its parts feature a layer of black soft-touch plastic. It might be a form of highly flexible rubber or, more likely, a soft plastic material.

A USB-C port is on the bottom side of the case, serving as a direct power supply and battery charging. It is worth noting that the battery charges independently, which is a convenient aspect of the product. 

The lower section of the P03CG incorporates two metal threads measuring 1/4 and 5/8 inches. These threads are designed for easy mounting on tripods or other specialised accessories, ensuring versatility.

Turrets and Laser Modules

The laser level has metal turrets linked to its housing via thick rubber gaskets. Both are on and underneath the safety glass. All these are made using the slot-and-slot system, while the tower is fixed using four bolts. Thanks to the presence of the turrets, the P03CG has protection against moisture and dust. 

We also took notice of its laser modules while writing our Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review. 

Specifically, Huepar uses Osram laser modules, allowing projected lines to be thin with sharp edges.

Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Compensator

The mechanical compensation system sits on metal supports. The compensator can operate effectively within a range of 3°±1°. If you adjust the laser level at a slight angle, the pendulum will automatically adjust and display an accurate result.

However, if the angle exceeds the specified range of 3°±1°, an audible and visible alarm will be triggered.

The pendulum will return to its operational position at a moderate speed of 3-4 seconds. It happens after you switch on the device or reposition the laser level. While this speed is considered standard, it is not exceptionally fast but not sluggish.

Control Options

The controller of the P03CG is on one side of its housing. It has buttons and a toggle switch with three positions:

  • Off: switches off the laser level and locks the compensator
  • Closed Lock: Also, TILT function. It keeps the P03CG switched on but with the compensator locked.
  • On: lights up all planes and unlocks the pendulum for auto levelling.

The three buttons are for separate switching of planes. Surprisingly, it allows selecting any combination, making it convenient for all. The fourth button with arrows enables the receiver mode.

Control by Remote and by Phone 

The P03CG can work using a remote control and a phone connected through Bluetooth. As a result, you can use these devices together.

The remote control has seven buttons. It is worth noting that the F1 and F2 buttons are not applicable in this context. Why? Because they are for upcoming unreleased models. 

The specific functions that you can assign to these keys are still unknown.

Flip on the laser level via the toggle switch to get the remote controller working. After that, give the round power button on the remote control a gentle, sustained press for a few seconds. Do this until the button lights up in a green hue.

You can toggle all the planes on or off via a quick press using the same button. It proves to be quite handy in certain situations.

For independent control of the planes, the “H” and “V” buttons come into play, allowing you to switch them individually. The upper and lower buttons on the circular part of the remote are for activating the receiver mode.

Note that you cannot switch the P03CG on with the remote control due to the clamped pendulum of the compensators.

Controlling the P03CG via mobile requires you to download the Huepar app. You can find this on Google Play or the App Store, and it is downloadable for free.

The mobile app duplicates the functionality of the remote control. The difference between the two is the digital level. It displays the inclination of the housing when the P03CG is on the surface.

Key Features of the Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level

Bluetooth, Mobile App, and Remote Control

Bluetooth connectivity allows controlling the setup of the laser from a distance via the Huepar mobile app or remote control. You can use these to choose the laser planes or switch the laser lines and pulse mode on/off.

The Huepar app also has an out-of-level alarm, allowing you to connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. As a result, you can save more time and finish your alignment job faster.

High Capacity Li-ion Battery

The 10.8V / 2600mAh Li-ion battery of the P03CG provides 10 hours of running time. Its battery pack is quick to release and install, making it highly convenient. Plus, four power indicators show the charging status.

You can remove the battery and plug the P03CG for a direct power source. It also has a USB-C charging port to connect the laser level to a power bank or car charger. You can use other devices like phones, laptops, and more.

Multi-function Laser Tool

The P03CG has one horizontal and two vertical 360° planes and 12 laser lines to cover all walls, ceilings, and floors. The horizontal and vertical lines cross at 90° for a quick visualisation. Plus, you can switch any laser line on/off.

This feature was one of the things we loved about the Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review. It provides adequate, accurate lasers, making it perfect for precision work.

Pulse Mode

Pulse mode extends the working range to 60m in brighter working conditions. Plus, it is compatible with laser detectors from Huepar.

Multi-function Magnetic Bracket of the Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level

The green line laser offers mounting threads, allowing you to use the laser level on a magnetic bracket or tripod. 

We used the magnetic bracket to test the product for this Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review. Its sturdiness was impressive, and it made positioning more convenient. Plus, it has mounting threads to suit tripods.

Metal Laser Window

The over-moulded metal laser window has an IP54 water and dust resistance, allowing it to withstand and handle various jobs. You can also remove and replace it with a screwdriver. In addition, the kit includes a hard carry case for your convenience.


  • Operating Distance: 20m and above
  • Accuracy: ± 0.3 mm/m
  • Operating Distance with Receiver: 40m and above
  • Compensator Range: 3°±1°
  • Power Source: AC or 11.1V Li-ion battery (maximum 12V) 2600mAh
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Automatic Shut Off: After 5 minutes
  • Thread for mounting: 1/4″-20 and 5/8″-11
  • Laser Class: Class II (IEC/EN60825-1/2014)
  • Wavelength: Less than 1mW, LD 510-530nm
  • Weight:  830g
  • Minimum Distance:
    – To the floor: 10.4cm
    – To the ceiling: 1.1cm
    – Distance to wall minimum: 1.3 cm

Hands-on with the Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level

p03cg review5 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review p03cg review6 Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review

We tested the laser level to share our experience in this Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review. We used it for one week to determine if its performance makes it worth purchasing. 

Calibrating the P03CG is straightforward. We had to tilt the planes to one side and adjust the pendulum. It requires using the two bolts: transverse and longitudinal.

Screwing a bolt into the swingarm raises the front edge of the plane while lowering the rear. When unscrewed, the opposite happens. Moving the cross bolt adjusts the lateral plane inclinations.

The P03CG performed flawlessly in our tests. Regardless of the distance of the laser level, its lines were bright, thin, and had no sharp edges.

Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review Summary

We highly recommend the P03CG from Huepar. It offers the brightest laser light, making it excellent for various precision work. Its unique features make operations more convenient and help us accomplish jobs faster.

The product performed excellently in our tests for this Huepar P03CG 3D Laser Level Review. It was a straightforward laser level, and we had no difficulties using it.

Visit the official Huepar product page to learn more about the P03CG 3D Laser Level.