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Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review

Focusing on DIY home projects can be challenging, especially when you cannot work something out. Fortunately, we have a solution that we will discuss in our Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review. 

The S04CG/CR is a modern 360° self-levelling, cross-line laser – a product that projects precise straight lines. It is an essential tool if you need everything exact for your activities. It is also a multifunctional tool featuring Bluetooth controls and an OSRAM laser diode that offers higher precision. 

This product provides many essential features we will discuss in this Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review. And other than this, we will look into its design, functions, specs, and performance. Let us check what is inside the box before getting into detail.

Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Packaging

huepar S04CG review1 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review huepar S04CG review2 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review

We love that the product ships in a plastic suitcase that has Huepar and the product name written on it. It protects everything in the box, so you will not need to worry about anything getting damaged. 

Inside, you will find the following items shipped with the S04CG/CR:

  • Huepar S04CG/CR
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Type-C Cord
  • Power Adapter
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • 4x AA (LR6) Batteries
  • Magnetic Bracket
  • AA Battery Holder
  • Lifting Base
  • Laser Target Plate
  • Steel Sheet
  • User Manual
  • Hard Carry Case

Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review – Design and Functionality

Our Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review will focus on product design and functions. 

Its enclosure uses top-tier composite plastic, enveloped in a layer of rubber 2mm thick, ensuring a near-complete coverage. The rubber layer boasts remarkable density, creating an appearance akin to soft-touch plastic.

The housing design prioritises ergonomic elements, resulting in a comfortable fit and grip. Despite the intricate contours of the enclosure, the manufacturing quality remains exceptionally high. The integration between the two primary segments is precise, rendering the seam nearly perfect.

huepar S04CG review5 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review huepar S04CG review6 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review huepar S04CG review7 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review huepar S04CG review8 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review huepar S04CG review9 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review huepar S04CG review10 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review

Hidden beneath the rubber casing is one side that houses a USB Type-C connector. This interface serves a dual purpose: it works by recharging the internal battery. Even without the latter, it also enables direct operation through mains power.

This design configuration establishes notable versatility concerning power sources within the S04CG. It accommodates power supply from a lithium-ion battery, standard AA batteries, or direct mains connection. The provision to integrate a power bank further enhances the array of available options.

Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Laser Modules

We should also note in this Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review that the company uses high-quality laser modules. The integration of these is a big plus since they project thin and bright lines perfect for various activities. 

This feature is the most crucial difference between the S04CG/CR and similar products. Generally, these laser levels with screens exist; however, these only display the remaining charge and details about the enabled mode.

For this product, you can see the housing inclination angle along the X and Y axis.


The product sports a traditional tilt compensation mechanism, allowing adjustments within a 3.5° range. Its setup allows the calibration of its pendulum to remain perfectly vertical. 

An automatic visual and auditory alarm will activate if the angle surpasses the threshold. In simpler terms, the laser lines will emit brief flashes every half second, accompanied by an audible warning. This feature alerts you of any incorrect alignment during the marking process.

Sometimes, the operation is in a mode where the compensator is locked to accommodate markings at arbitrary angles. In these cases, the laser lines similarly exhibit intermittent flashing. However, these occur at five-second intervals without any auditory cues. 

This type of signalling indicates the engagement of a specialised mode. Upon activation/activation of its switch, the compensator aligns itself within five seconds. This duration slightly exceeds the initially stated timeframe.

Laser Level Control Methods

The product has three control options, which we will discuss in our Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review.

Toggle Switch and Control Panel on the S04CG/CR

On the side of the  S04CG/CR, you will find a two-position toggle switch resembling the compensator. It lets you switch the planes and the laser level on or off. Activating it lights up all four planes, and then you can control it with the buttons on top.

The H button is for switching horizontal planes separately, while the V button is for verticals. These are convenient features since they allow you to select any combination of planes.

The button in the middle switches the receiver mode and activates the TILT function.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Huepar packs each S04CG/CR with a Bluetooth remote control you can use to control the laser level. 

Before using the Bluetooth remote control, switch the S04CG/CR on. Next, hold the white power button on the remote control for five seconds. The white colour should shift to green, but if it turns red, it requires charging.f

According to the manufacturer, F1 and F2 buttons are inactive since these are for newer models. The H and V buttons work like those with the same labels on the S04CG/CR.

The remote control also has an upper button for adjusting the brightness of the laser. It works like the lower button that works for the receiver. Both switch the S04CG/CR to a pulsing mode to work with the receiver.

Controlling via Mobile App

Finally, the last control method for the S04CG/CR via the Huepar mobile app. It is downloadable from Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS.

After downloading the app, launch it and switch the device on. If things go smoothly, the app will lead you to the first screen, and you must click the S-serials. After this, the application menu will show information and new products.

In the Settings menu, you can change the language used in the app.

The main control panel of the Huepar app is where you can see the activated planes. Plus, you can select the necessary planes for your project and adjust the angles of these.

Key Features of the Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level 

Four 360° Planes with Top and Floor Line Laser

The S04CG/CR has four 360° planes of laser light. The top horizontal line is handy for ceiling installation, while the horizontal line is for tiling. Two vertical lines crossing at 90° angles allow quick visualisation and finishing a square layout.

Its lifting base allows raising the 360°  floor laser from the surface to go over obstructions and uneven surfaces. 

LCD Screen and Bluetooth Technology

We used the laser level for this Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review to discuss our user experience. One of the things that made the laser level user-friendly was its LCD screen. It displayed the battery level, pendulum and pulse mode, and angle.

The product also uses Bluetooth to allow managing the setup from a distance. Aside from that, you can pair two devices simultaneously.

Triple Power Methods + USB-C Charging Port              

The S04CG/CR is an excellent laser tool powered by a 7.4V 2600mAh Li-ion or AA alkaline battery. You can also remove its battery and use it while plugged into a wall socket. Its USB-C charging port allows charging by power bank, car charger, or laptop.

Multifunctional Laser Tool

You can select the four 360° laser planes of the S04CG/CR with the separate H and V keypad buttons. It has an intelligent pendulum that works for self-levelling and indicating out-of-level conditions when unlocked. Once locked, the laser level switches to manual mode to lock lines at different angles.

The S04CG/CR has a Pulse mode for extending the laser range to 61m. It also uses the green laser unit of Osram to provide adequate brightness. 

Durable Design with Magnetic Brackets

The sturdy magnetic brackets of the S04CG/CR enable quick positioning on metal surfaces. As a result, you can hang the laser level for wall applications. It also has a mount thread for a standard pole mount or tripod.

The over-moulded laser metal bracket has an IP54 water and dust resistance rating. It can withstand harsh conditions on job sites. Plus, you can remove and replace it with a screwdriver.


  • Laser Class: Class II (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), less than 1mW
  • Working Distance: 20m and above (100LUX)
  • Range with Receiver: 80m and above in diameter
  • Projection Accuracy: ± 2mm / 10m 
  • Levelling Range: 3.5 ° ± 1 °
  • Compensator Installation Time: 3 seconds or less
  • Wave Length: 505-520 nm
  • Power Sources:
    – Li-ion Battery 2600 mAh / 7.4V
    – Four АА Battery (1.5V)
    – From the Mains
  • Working Time (all planes):
    – Li-ion battery: 5 hours
    – Four АА batteries: 0.5 hours
  • Charging Port: Type-C and 5V=2A adapter
  • Charging Time: 4.5 hours
  • Dust and Moisture Protection: IP54
  • Tripod Thread: 6.35mm
  • Dimensions (with towers): 14.7 x 8.9 x 14.1cm (L x W x H)
  • Laser level Weight: 720g
  • Set Weight in Case: 2.9kg

Hands-on with the Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level 

huepar S04CG review4 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Reviewhuepar S04CG review3 Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review

For starters, it is easy to use, and the included accessories help make everything more convenient. If you need to check the alignments of things you hang, like frames, curtain rods, etc, this laser is best. 

The laser allows you to work comfortably and efficiently, thanks to the two 360° horizontal planes. Also, the S04CG/CR lets you project verticals closest to your walls. 

The advantage of this laser is that you do not need to remove its bubble level. Once you set up the product, it will stay in that position. You only need to place it on the ground so its green lasers will project line rays to help you.  

If you use a laser that projects directly to the ground, it can help lay out tiles. How? Its vertical lasers can work for paint jobs. It can also ensure the straight positioning of anything you plan to mount on walls. 

Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review Summary

The S04CG/CR performed like a professional tool and delivered all its promises. Each feature and function worked excellently, and it was also user-friendly. Aside from its performance, we love its build quality since it appears sturdy and highly durable.

The product offered multiple benefits, which we enjoyed while testing for this Huepar S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level Review. It was highly versatile and allowed us to adjust the tool depending on our needs. As a result, it could cover multiple jobs, and we could finish faster due to its user-friendliness.

Most importantly, the bright lasers offered a good range with 360° layers of levelling rays. These allowed us to work more precisely than using traditional tools.

We highly recommend this product if you want an inexpensive, user-friendly, and highly versatile laser level. Learn more about S04CG/CR 4D Laser Level when visiting the official product page of Huepar.