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Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones Review

Together with the Elite 7 Pro, Jabra launched their Elite 7 Active. And today in our Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones review, we’re discussing everything you need to know about these. 

The Elite 7 Active shares almost all the features that the Elite 7 Pro has. So if you’re interested about ANC and audio quality, battery life, its design, performance, and more, we’ve got your back. 

In our Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones review, we’ll focus on what makes these better than their competition. Plus, we’ll also discuss what separates it from its Pro counterpart. 

Before we look further into the product, let’s check out its packaging and contents. 

Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones Packaging

We wouldn’t pass up on checking the company’s packaging for their Elite 7 Active. So, we’re checking that first in our Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones review. 

Jabra Elite 7 Active2 Jabra Elite 7 Active3 Jabra Elite 7 Active4 Jabra Elite 7 Active6 Jabra Elite 7 Active5

Its box looks like your usual Jabra packaging with the product in front together with its name and Jabra’s branding. Everything is neatly packed inside, so you won’t have to fumble for the items inside. 

Together with the headphones, you’ll find three ear tips, a charging case, the USB-A to C cable, and the manuals. 

Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones Review – Design and Functionality

The advantage of these headphones is that they’re cheaper and have a rubberised coating on each headphones’ interior. 

When we used both headphones to compare, we didn’t really notice much difference between them. The Elite 7 Active felt more sticky to the touch but it’s definitely more secure especially during vigorous movements. 

Jabra Elite 7 Active7 Jabra Elite 7 Active8 Jabra Elite 7 Active9 Jabra Elite 7 Active10 Jabra Elite 7 Active11 Jabra Elite 7 Active12 Jabra Elite 7 Active13

We further studied the product for our Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones review. Here, we learned that Jabra claims their “ShakeGrip”, a specific coating, prevents the need for wings on the headphones. 

Like other Elite models, these headphones sport a round, bulky shape with angled buttons and tips on the outer surfaces. 

For colour options, you can choose between black, mint, and navy. 

Buttons and Controls

The push button controls found on its outer panels are easy to operate. A single press on the left headphone toggles between HearThrough and ANC modes. When double pressing, it’ll bring up your voice assistant. 

On the right headphone, you’ll get single-press controls for call management and playback. Double pressing lets you skip a track forward, then triple pressing it will skip back. Remember, you can’t really change the call volume or playback controls directly from the headphones. 

Key Features of the Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones 

Free the Workout

Our workout session became a part of our Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones review. Why? Because we used these while sweating them out to see how firmly the headphones stay in place. 

We can say that no matter how much you move, the Elite 7 Active won’t pop out. That’s because Jabra re-engineered these to give you the best active fit, and it’s all thanks to their ShakeGrip technology. 

ShakeGrip is made of a unique liquid silicone rubber compound. It securely holds the headphones in place without needing earwings. So even if it has a firm grip, it’s soft and stays comfortable even for long periods.

Active Noise Cancellation

Activate ANC with one tap of a button to instantly block distracting background noise. Using the Jabra Sound+ app, you can adjust the level of cancellation.

Aside from ANC technology, the Elite 7 Active has a discreet design that fits perfectly in the ears. As a result, it provides a tight yet comfortable feel for better noise isolation. 

This will keep you immersed in your audio.

Comfortable at All Times

What makes the Elite 7 Active comfortable is its compact size and total weight of only 5.5g per headphone. These are 16% smaller than Jabra’s previously released wireless headphones, so the Elite 7 Active is barely noticeable in-ear.

Jabra also re-engineered the EarGel design for a more rounded and tapered fit that moulds to your ear shape. With that, nothing distracts you while working out.

Keep an Ear Out with Mono Mode

This feature lets you utilise the headphones independently. You can remove one and listen using the other while still having high-quality and true wireless sounds.

The free one can even be charged to make its battery life last longer. 

Music on Command

Just tap the Elite Active 7 and your voice assistant will be ready for your command. You can easily check the weather for your daily run, or call contacts when you’re out. 

You only need to set up the Sound+ app then you and your voice assistant are good to go. 

Bluetooth Multipoint for Seamless Switching

Bluetooth Multipoint lets you connect the Elite 7 Active to two devices simultaneously. This technology makes it easy to switch between your devices which is convenient especially when receiving calls.


Let’s also discuss its specifications here in our Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones review. The speaker measures 6mm and has a bandwidth of 20Hz to 20,000Hz for music mode. On speak mode, its bandwidth is 80Hz to 8,000Hz. 

It supports audio codecs, specifically AAC and SBC. Plus, it sports six MEMS microphones that have an 80Hz to 8,000Hz bandwidth. 

Total music time with the headphones is up to eight hours. But with both the headphones and charging case, it’s up to 30 hours. 

It makes use of a USB-C cord for charging, and a full battery charge will last up to 150 minutes. You can also fast charge for five minutes to give you up to an hour of battery life.

To note, it uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a standby time of up to 292 days. 

Hands-on with the Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones 

Now, we’ll discuss the most important part of our Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones review. This is where we’ll share our experience using the Elite 7 Active. 

We used the headphones for over a week to see if it’s as good or better than its pro counterpart. 

We first listened to music using the headphones’ default sound profile, and these delivered a natural sound. The headphones had a touch of punch and thump to the bass range, making it ideal for EDM and hip-hop. As for other genres, we can say that it was well-balanced and clear-sounding. 

It was a hit for the bass lovers with us since its sound signature didn’t sacrifice balance and clarity. Plus, it even boosted and motivated them during our workout sessions. 

We also tried maxing out the volume of these headphones, and surprisingly, lows did not distort. On reasonable volumes, the bass still packed a punch, but for more accuracy, we lessened the bass using the EQ.

When it came to the mic, it offered ideal recording quality. Our recorded speech sounded crisp and clear without any distortions. However, we noticed that it did lack some body and brightness. 

When we were in noisy areas, the background noise was loud and audible, yet voices were still understandable. 

For this part, the Elite 7 Active was able to deliver great noise cancellation during our tests. The ANC fader was highly effective when we left it on default. Here, the headphones significantly dialled back deep low frequency rumbles. 

However, we noticed that the ANC feature struggled a bit on the mids, highs, and with common frequencies. But technically, this is something usual when it comes to noise cancelling headphones, so it’s not really a big deal. 

When we enabled the HearThrough mode, the headphones gave us great and clear presentations of our surroundings. And again, we were able to adjust the levels using the Sound+ app. 

We also checked the performance of its Bluetooth connectivity for this Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones review. Surprisingly, the headphones offered satisfactory connectivity which we were happy about. 

These don’t support multi-device pairing or NFCs, plus they also have high latencies with computers. That’s why we ended up noticing lags when using them to view films on the PC. 

The latency with iOS and Android devices was low. So, these definitely performed better when we watched videos on our smartphones. 

Additionally, some devices appeared to compensate differently for latency. That means, your experience could vary from ours. 

Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless Headphones Review Summary

The Elite 7 Active is quite similar to the Elite 7 Pro but with a lower price and added in-ear security. But of course, this product lacks some features like the bone conduction sensors that enhance the Pro version’s call quality.

The audio and ANC of the Elite 7 Active aren’t superior. But these are best in quality compared to products with the same price range. If you need to make necessary changes, the Jabra Sound+ app is there for tweaking the audio. 

And since the headphones are well-constructed, these are durable, have a premium feel, and comfortable when worn. 

In addition to great comfort and audio quality, the headphones also come with a long battery life. For convenience, you can fast-charge these which is impressive.

Overall, the Jabra Elite 7 Active are budget-friendly wireless headphones that ticks all the boxes. With that, we highly recommend this product. To get your hands on these wireless headphones, check out Jabra’s retailer locator to find authorised stores in your region.