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Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones Review

Today, we’re writing this Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones review to share Jabra’s latest product with you. 

The company’s Elite 7 Pro is their newest true wireless headphone model with an extremely neutral sound profile. It has a great application with customisation options for the ANC and sound features. You can even separately remap all controls on each headphone, making it pretty convenient for use. 

But what makes the Elite 7 Pro better is that it’s much cheaper compared to last year’s Jabra Elite 85t. Plus, it retains almost all the key features present on the 85t. 

If you’re planning to get your hands on these headphones but want to get more info on them, no worries. Our Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones review will provide all the essentials you need to know about the headphones.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones Packaging

We were excited when our package arrived since it meant we could try and test the Elite 7 Pro. 

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It was packed in a typical-looking Jabra box that featured the product in front. You’ll also get your usual branding, the name of the headphones, and its key features here. 

We love the whole premium aesthetic that the package gives off while keeping everything neat and secure. Then inside, everything was kept in a secure and organised manner so it all looked neat and clean.

Other than the headphones, you’ll also find three sets of EarGels, user documents, and a USB-C to A cable. There’s also a charging case plus the warning & warranty leaflets. 

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones Review – Design and Functionality

The design and functions of this product are also essential. So, we’re including these in our Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones review. 

If you’re familiar with how Jabra’s products look, you’ll notice the Elite 7 Pro’s similarities with their other headphones. They’re on the bulky side while sporting flat outer surfaces. Additionally, they come in different colours like Titanium Black, Gold Beige, and Black.

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Do note that their Titanium Black version comes with black and grey accents. Although these are the only options, we love how classy each one of them looks. 

Outside Jabra’s logo, both the case and the headphones feature markings on their design. Then, there’s a subtle two-tone accent that distinguishes the buttons from the body. 

Just like everything else, the case sports a premium and elegant aesthetic. Its flat top & bottom, plus its squat form, is great to prevent it from toppling over most surfaces. 

Key Features of the Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones 

It’s always important to know the product features of what you’re purchasing. So, we’re sharing these with you in this Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones review. 

Quality Music, Crystal-clear Calls

The world’s continuously changing so technology needs to improve too. Especially headphones, these have to offer better quality sounds, clearer calls, more flexibility, and longer listening times. Simply put, they need to give you more listening freedom. 

The Elite 7 Pro is designed with Jabra’s most advanced and cutting-edge call technology. Integrating these helps revolutionise your music listening and calls while on-the-go. 

ANC and HearThrough at its Finest

No matter where you are or how noisy it gets, you can enjoy your music or conversations without worries. Block all the unwanted noise and enjoy audio with the ANC feature of Elite 7 Pro.

Then with the HearThrough technology, all sounds around you can be captured by its integrated microphones. From there, you can choose the sounds that matter once played in your ears.

If you need to hear your surroundings, you don’t need to remove your headphones. Just tap on it to let the sounds of the world in. 

Enhanced Comfort 

Jabra engineered their latest EarGel design, varying the density of the outer gel for each size. They also optimised and crafted a more rounded and tapered tip for a fit that’s perfect for your ears. 

The Elite 7 Pro’s earbuds are 16% smaller than the earlier ones. Plus, they’re exceptionally lightweight and are compact too. That means, you’ll have the perfect fit while also guaranteeing comfort. 

The Mono Mode

With this feature, you can use your headphones while working. Keep one ear out by wearing one headphone, or pop one out when talking to others. 

Additionally, you can easily extend its battery life by charging the one you aren’t wearing. This will give you more time to enjoy your playlist once you’re done with the day. 

Compact and Durable

They’re small and discreet, but the headphones are huge on durability and efficiency. The Elite 7 Pro is made using tough and premium materials which make it ideal for all-day use. Even if it rains, you’re good to go with these tough and mighty headphones. 


Earlier in this Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones review, we mentioned the features and specs of these headphones. Specifically, Jabra was able to retain all these excellent elements in the Elite 7 Pro while keeping its price low. Now, we’re focusing on the Elite 7 Pro’s specifications to give you an idea of what these are. 

These headphones have six MEMS microphones with bandwidths of 80Hz to 8,000Hz. As for the battery, Jabra used a rechargeable lithium battery for it. 

It’s pretty good since total music time reaches up to 30 hours with the headphones and charging case. Then charging the headphones will give you up to eight hours of music and up to six hours talk-time. 

Charging the Elite 7 Pro is up to 150 minutes while fast charging is up to five minutes. If you’re in a rush, just fast charge the headphones to get up to an hour of use. Its battery life is pretty good, and when on standby, it can last up to 292 days. 

Talking about its connectivity, Jabra used Bluetooth 5.2 which has an operating range of up to 10m. What we like about it is that you can pair up to eight devices simultaneously. 

It’s a pretty compact product measuring 19.1 x 16 x 17.6mm despite it being quite bulky. For its charging case, it’s 40.3 x 25.3 x 69.6mm (W x H x D). Each headphone weighs 5.4g while the case is 44g.

These headphones come with an IP57-rating plus Jabra also included a two-year warranty with it. 

Hands-on with the Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones

Let’s check how these headphones performed when we used them for about a week. But before we discuss it, our Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones review will first focus on the Sound+ app. 

Jabra Sound+ App

To take advantage and fully experience the Elite 7 Pro, you’ll definitely need the Sound+ app from Jabra. Its 2.0 update adds notable improvements such as Bluetooth multipoint and Google Assistant support as well as improved connectivity.

The MySound section features a hearing test that allows testing of your abilities in perceiving different frequencies. From here, a sound profile will be created based on your results. 

Music presets and a visual five-band custom EQ are also available. However, it doesn’t display what frequencies you’re adjusting, or how much you’re actually attenuating/boosting.

The HearThrough mode and ANC are other elements you can adjust via Sound+. You can also choose your voice assistant based on what’s available: Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Other features you can use include the earbud fit test and the white noise soundscape. 

Audio Quality and Microphone Performance of the Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones

When we tried using the Elite 7 Pro, we realised just how good it was for neutral sounds. It produced well-balanced audio profiles guaranteeing accurate reproduction of lead instruments and vocals. When it comes to treble and bass delivery, it was also extremely consistent. 

We barely experienced audio leaking, so we were able to turn up the volume without bothering other people around us. It also did a great job of blocking noise from the environment like humming A/C units and conversations. 

We got to enjoy clear voice calls while on the go and it was thanks to Jabra’s MultiSensor Voice technology. It’s packed with tons of fancy tech that’s useful for everyone. We can say that call quality using the Elite 7 Pro was excellent, and we didn’t encounter any issues either.

Battery and Connectivity

Another important element we checked for our Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones review was its battery and connectivity. It lasted for over eight hours after a single charge, so we assumed it could last during lengthy trips. During the test, we continuously had it playing at 75dB (SPL) with ANC on max.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones Review Summary

Jabra included a lot of premium features to the Elite 7 Pro while keeping its price lower than the competition. When we used the product for our Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Headphones review, it delivered impressive audio. We also liked its high-quality construction that gave off a premium and durable feel.

If you like making little customisations on your audio, the Elite 7 Pro is a great pair of wireless headphones. It’s compatible with the Jabra Sound+ app which is user-friendly and offers various options.

The Elite 7 Pro gave us a solid overall experience during our tests and we highly recommend this product. To purchase these wireless headphones, check out Jabra’s retailer locator for authorised sellers near you.