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Jabra Evolve 75e Review

Who doesn’t love listening to music while working and doing daily activities? Generally, most people love it, and it’s one way to make them more productive at work. Usually, they opt to use earbuds over regular headphones to shut out the noisy environment. In this Jabra Evolve 75e review, we’re going to talk about this pair of earbuds, how well it performs, its specifications, features, and if it’s worth purchasing.

Jabra is one of the names known for producing quality headsets. And with their expertise in creating these, they’ve produced the ultimate earbuds designed for music lovers on a busy schedule. 

Inside the Package

The Evolve 75e came to us in a thick cardboard box that protects the earbuds while in transit. In front, you will see an image of the earbuds, while the name Jabra is above it. Below the image is a little information about the earbuds itself. 

The first thing you’ll see upon opening the box is the Evolve 75e. Other items in the package include the EarWings and EarGels that are differently-sized. You can mix and match them depending on your preference, and they come in different sizes: small, medium, and large. Also, you will find the Jabra Link 370 USB dongle, a USB cable, the protective travel case, the quick start manual, and the warranty & warning safety leaflets.  

Jabra Evolve 75e Review

In this section of our Jabra Evolve 75e review, you’ll get to know more about these fantastic earbuds. It’s a pair that’s perfect for a business environment since it has a flexible and firm band that is still comfortable for prolonged use. 

What we loved about the earbuds is that you can switch on the vibration option on the strap, which is essential for notifying you of incoming calls. Its right tip gives you the volume controls and power button to make everything easy to access. 

For its feel, the Evolve 75e is exceptionally soft, and they fit perfectly in your ears. For those with aural orifices that don’t match the silicone tips in the box, there are other available tips, which is something you shouldn’t worry about. The left tip gives you the mic’s mute button, as well as a button to switch the ANC on. This button also lets you shift back to the more active mode. 


The earbuds feature a three-omnidirectional microphone solution with wind and ambient noise reduction. It’s also integrated with top-notch wind noise filters on the mic system, which is incredible. The mic’s frequency has a range of 150Hz to 6.8kHz. 

The Jabra Evolve 75e has a 15mm dynamic speaker with a bandwidth ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz on music mode. It also comes with a Hybrid ANC feature with four mics that ensure 27dB of recognized cancellation in the office environment. Not only that, but the earbuds are also rated 1P54, while its battery life can give you up to 13 or 14 hours of calls and playback. When charging, it will take you about two hours to fill. 

Connectivity-wise, the earbuds support Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth Low Energy, or newer versions. The wireless range reaches up to 30m when linked to a computer, and up to 10m with smartphones. The Jabra Evolve 75e also has a PC USB Bluetooth dongle (Jabra Link 370), and you can easily pair the earbuds with a total of eight devices, and can simultaneously connecting with two devices. 

It measures 145 x 400mm, while the USB cable measures 150cm long. Also, the earbuds come with the company’s 2-year warranty for support. 

Next on our Jabra Evolve 75e review is a list of the earbuds’ features. 

Product Features

Competent Sounds

The earbuds’ three-microphone technology gives you a distinct talk zone that filters any nearby noise for others to hear you better. 

Excellent Noise Cancellation

With the ANC or Active Noise Cancellation, and integrated BusyLight, you can have a “do not disturb” status for those around you.

Calls and Music Throughout the Day

This Evolve 75e from Jabra has a battery technology that’s similar to a smartphone. A charge of two hours will already fill its battery and will last up to 14 hours, even when you listen to music. For calls, these earbuds can last up to 13 hours, which is notable for a pair of earbuds. 

Various Fitting Options

These earbuds come with differently-sized gels and EarWings to give you the perfect fit for your ears. With that, you can fully enjoy the ultimate comfort while listening for long hours. 

Compatible with All Platforms

Like every Jabra speaker and USB headsets available, the Evolve 75e works efficiently with online voice call services out of the box. It allows you to mix outstanding sounds while taking advantage of the best comfort. 

Quick Controls for Work + Play

The earbuds feature five smart buttons for managing calls and music. There’s one specific button for single-touch access to Siri, Google Now, and the like. Plus, its neckband vibrates to give you silent notifications. 

Jabra Direct Software

The Jabra Evolve 75e comes with the Jabra Direct, a software utility for macOS and Windows. You can use this to optimize and configure your headset. It’s similar to the desktop apps used for other headphone manufacturers, like Plantronics Hub. 

Upon launching the Jabra Direct, it notified us to update the firmware for the Evolve 75e and its USB dongle. The utility automatically downloaded the Jabra Firmware Updater first, before performing the update. If you need more details on firmware updates, you can check out the troubleshooting section.

The Settings tab is where you can manage the basic configurations of the software. On Device Settings, you can optimize the USB dongle or the headset. 

Jabra Direct – Other Features

More features are present in the Device Settings, and these include the following:

Audio Protection – assigns decibel limits for preventing hearing damage due to sound spikes

Mute Reminder Tone – offers an audible cue to indicate that you are on mute during a phone call.

SideTone – this feature lets you hear your voice naturally as you talk, even when you’re wearing the earbuds

Vibration – the headset vibrates to inform you about incoming calls, new Bluetooth connection, or particular events.

BusyLight – it is an LED visual cue that emits a red light when you receive a call or talking to someone. It’s to inform others that you’re taking a call and are unavailable at the moment, so you won’t have to use gestures to let them know.

Performance of the Jabra Evolve 75e

This section of our Jabra Evolve 75e review talks about the performance of the product. 

When it comes to its battery, the Jabra Evolve 75e shines. We charged the earbuds for a total of two hours, and with that, we got up to 14 hours of audio playback, as well as 13 hours of talk time. If you think about it, that’s already a lot of time for a long day doing activities. 

Now it’s all about the voice quality. Technically, not a lot of people concern themselves with this aspect, especially when it comes to most earbuds. But if you’re using these for work, then voice calls are essential. It’s a good thing that the Jabra Evolve 75e makes use of a three-microchip setup that easily filtered background voices while simultaneously enhancing ours and keeping this clear. 

When answering calls, it triggered the integrated busy light, so co-workers knew that we were currently on calls. It’s pretty vital, especially when you want to avoid disruptions during business calls. The Jabra Evolve 75e’s microphone also worked efficiently with Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana, which made things all the more convenient for us. 

The audio performance of the Evolve 75e was also notable since it produced detailed and crisp sounds that also had extra volume. Switching to ANC immediately enhanced the bass performance without hitting the high end. Once activated, the Evolve 75e sounded more like those on-ear headphones, making everything better compared to similar earbuds that we tested. 

Of course, we listened to different music genres using the earbuds; we even used it to listen to a couple of interviews. Surprisingly, everything sounded clear and clean, and it’s just like how we wanted it. All in all, the Jabra Evolve 75e performed flawlessly, plus it also sounded great. With that, we give these earbuds five stars for its efficiency, performance, and style. 

Jabra Evolve 75e Review Conclusion

Overall, the Evolve 75e is the best pair of earbuds for a busy work environment that offers outstanding performance compared to other earbuds today. It doesn’t only have a long battery life, but it performed well enough to produce clear and clean sounds that are essential for a variety of tasks. Also, it’s a comfortable pair of earbuds, so using them for long hours won’t be a bother, nor a pain. 

But what’s the most critical aspect of these earbuds is that they work effectively with your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, and even your laptop. It only means you don’t have to deal with using those wired or bulky headphones while working. 

If you’re looking for an efficient and comfortable pair of earbuds for work, then we recommend the Jabra Evolve 75e. It’s comfy, has a collection of notable features, and it also offers notable features to enhance your work and listening moments better. 

So if you want your own pair, you can get your own Evolve 75e from Jabra’s official site.

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