jbl live 770nc review banner JBL Live 770NC Review - Perfect Headphones for At Home and On The Go

JBL Live 770NC Review – Perfect Headphones for At Home and On The Go

The latest headphones we will feature in our JBL Live 770NC review is an over-ear pair. It’s from the Live product line and is ideal for anyone searching for reliable bass and solid ANC. 

The Live 770NC is a midrange product, and while affordable, do these offer more for JBL lovers to purchase? Read more about it in our JBL Live 770NC review to see if it is the right product for you. 

JBL Live 770NC Packaging

The Live 770NC ships in a typical JBL-looking package featuring the usual elements. These are the product image and name, company branding, plus some features in front of the box. 

jbl live 770nc review1 JBL Live 770NC Review - Perfect Headphones for At Home and On The Go

Inside the box, you get the headphones along with extra accessories, which include the following: 

  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Removable audio cable
  • Quick Start guide
  • Warranty/Warning card  

JBL Live 770NC Review – Design and Functionality

The Live 770NC are available in black, blue, or white. Although these are classic colours, they all look stylish. These headphones have large earcups with generous cushioning and a headband with adequate padding for a comfortable fit. 

These headphones have 40mm dynamic drivers, offering a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range for adequate loudness. It made our listening experiences enjoyable when we tested the product for this JBL Live 770NC Review.

The Live 770NC sports a standard JBL design and form factor. The headphones are plastic but durable and do not feel flimsy. For added comfort, it has a knitted fabric covering on its headband.

The cushions on the ear cups feel secure when worn, but they do not apply too much pressure on the head. These stay comfortable, making them suitable for extended periods of listening.

Ports and Controls of the JBL Live 770NC

The Live 770NC has dedicated buttons for its controls. Each has a different feel to make them less confusing. You will find all the controls on the right earcup since the left houses only the USB-C charging port.

The controls include a power switch and a volume rocker with a play/pause button in the middle. You will also find an elongated button for switching between ANC or Ambient Aware modes and a 3.5mm jack.

You can also tap on the exterior of the right earcup to play or pause. This gesture control is fast and responsive, making it handy for multiple scenarios.

Key Features of the JBL Live 770NC

Reading this part of our JBL Live 770NC Review gives you all the elements that make it worth considering. The company made sure to integrate all the necessary features into this product for an enjoyable listening moment. 

JBL Signature Sound + Surround Sound

JBL already packs this product with its Signature Sound. However, they wanted virtual surround sound to make your listening experience more enjoyable. 

So, the company integrated 40mm drivers to give you that immersive JBL-quality Spatial Sound. Any stereo content you have from any device turns into virtual surround sound. 

Bluetooth 5.3 With LE Audio Support

Bluetooth 5.4 lets you enjoy streaming high-quality sound at lower bit rates. This technology offers the best sound when setting Audio mode or synchronised sound and visuals in Video mode.

True Adaptive Noise Cancelling with Smart Ambient

True Adaptive Noise Cancelling uses four noise-sensing mics to block out all distractions. You can also use Smart Ambient to hear your surroundings without removing the headphones.

Hands-on with the JBL Live 770NC

We tested the headphones to share our experience in this review. But before discussing its performance, our JBL Live 770NC Review will focus on the JBL Headphones app.

JBL Headphones App

The JBL Headphones app is a free downloadable software application that you can use via Android and iOS. The app interface shows the battery life of the Live 770NC at the top and various control tiles below.

You can tap the Ambient Sound Control tile to switch between Noise Cancelling, Ambient Aware, and TalkThru. You can also switch off these settings altogether.

The following control tile is the Equaliser, which allows you to choose from different sound signature presets. You will find genre-based presets, and you can make a personalised profile by customising the ten bands. This EQ lets you adjust between 32Hz and 16kHz.

Below the Equaliser tile is the Voice Aware tile. You can adjust how much you can hear your voice when on a call. 

The Smart Audio & Video tile lets you choose between Audio and Video modes. Audio Mode optimises the audio quality for your listening scenario. On the other hand, you can set the headphones on Video mode to reduce audio latency when watching videos.

Finally, the Support tile lets you download firmware updates and gain access to help materials.

Audio Quality of the JBL Live 770NC

We listened to various genres during our product tests to share their audio quality in this JBL Live 770NC Review. We will discuss its frequency response and how each enhances the audio quality.


The in-house sound profile of JBL features thick and bodied bass that is dominant out of the box. These headphones offer a rich bass tone consistently throughout the sound signature.

The bass of the Live 770NC also added texture to the overall audio, making our listening experiences more enjoyable. Listening to high-energy tracks was more fun with these headphones since the bass delivered adequate impact for most genres.


The Live 770NC has a typical V-shaped sound signature. The headphones deliver recessed but non-destructive mids, making them suitable for several genres. It never felt hollow, and the vocals had adequate clarity.

We customised the EQ to enhance specific notes, which improved the overall audio quality.


High frequencies had a satisfying presence that added colour to the sound. This range extended the height and identity of the treble. Minor EQ adjustments allowed the headphones to bring out crisper details.


The 770NC spreads the stereo field with perfect left and right channel balance. The soundstage communicated distinct positioning, delivering vocals with forward presentation, while instruments were spherical.

While testing the audio for our JBL Live 770NC Review, we noticed the solidified sound, thanks to its bass.

JBL Live 770NC Review Summary 

The JBL Live 770NC headphones, with their sleek design and impressive feature set, truly stand out in the crowded midrange market. They’re not just another pair of headphones; they’re a testament to JBL’s commitment to delivering quality sound at an affordable price.

From the moment you unbox them, you know you’re dealing with a product that’s been designed with care. The packaging itself sets the stage, and once you get your hands on the headphones, the sturdy build and comfortable fit become immediately apparent. Those large earcups and the padded headband? They’re all about keeping you comfy, even during those marathon listening sessions.

The 40mm dynamic drivers ensure that the JBL Signature Sound we’ve come to expect is delivered in spades. The bass is rich and full, making every beat resonate with depth and power. And thanks to the true adaptive noise cancelling, you can enjoy your music without any unwanted interruptions. But if you do need to stay aware of your surroundings, the Smart Ambient feature has got you covered.

The controls are intuitive, and the touch-sensitive exterior on the right earcup is a nice touch (pun intended), providing quick access to playback functions. Pair that with Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio support, and you’ve got a pair of headphones that’s as functional as it is stylish.

So, should you get the JBL Live 770NC? If you’re after a pair of over-ear headphones that combine great sound, comfort, and advanced features without breaking the bank, then yes, absolutely. They’re a solid choice for anyone looking to elevate their audio experience. In the end, the JBL Live 770NC proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality pair of headphones.