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JBL Quantum One Headset Review

The Quantum One is the flagship product under JBL’s Quantum series. Today, we’re discussing everything related to it in our JBL Quantum One Headset Review. 

It’s an over-ear gaming headset and the only model in JBL’s series sporting virtual surround support. The headset is a wired model targeting PC gamers today, but it’s also ideal for casual users. 

To learn more about the product, continue reading our JBL Quantum One Headset Review. Here, we’ll share our experience with it, its features, design, specifications, etc.

JBL Quantum One Headset Packaging

Since the Quantum One arrived earlier than expected, we immediately unboxed it to put the product to the test. It came in your standard JBL-looking box that shows an image of the headset in front. It’s also where you’ll find JBL’s branding, the model’s name, some key features, and specifications. 

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We also checked the back of the box for our JBL Quantum One Headset Review. This area has extra details about the product, which you can refer to whenever necessary. 

Aside from the headset, JBL included a couple of items in the box. These are the 3.5mm audio cable, a calibration mic, a detachable boom mic, and windshield foam for the mic. 

There’s also a Type-C to A cable with a chat-game balance dial in the box. Then lastly, you’ll find one quick start guide, a warranty card, plus a safety sheet. 

JBL Quantum One Headset Review – Design and Functionality

Continuing our JBL Quantum One Headset Review, let’s discuss the headset’s design and functions. The Quantum One has an all-black design that blends nicely with its RGB lights. When it’s unplugged, the headset appears like a simple and humble-looking pair of over-ears. 

It has rounded plastic edges and a hint of an industrial or sci-fi flair that’s common in gaming headsets. Plug the headset through the USB chat mixer and USB-C on the left earcup’s base to get your RGB fix.

Its simple black plastic brightens up with the concealed coloured LEDs that pulse over the back of each earcup. You can program its lights via the QuantumENGINE app and categorise colour patterns for the imitation circuit designs. You can find these along the earcups and JBL’s logo behind them. 

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The Quantum One is comfy and big. Although it’s on the heavier side at 369g, the padding on the earcups and headband help it stay comfortable. So no matter how long you wear it, there won’t be any feelings of discomfort. 

Its weight keeps the headset feeling sturdy, but too much use of plastic for its construction lessens its premium vibe. Moreover, you can rotate the earcups to lay flat on the surface. And you can adjust the headband up/down to fit different head sizes. 

The Quantum One’s build quality is decent. We think its plastic construction is quite dense, allowing it to handle some bumps/drops without getting damaged. We like its earcup hinges since these are not as squeaky as those on the Quantum 800.

The controls and connections of the headset are essential, so we’re discussing these in our JBL Quantum One Headset Review. Aside from the chat mixer’s USB-C connection, the left earcup carries other controls and connections. 

There’s a 3.5mm input before the USB-C port with a connector for the detachable boom mic. The edge of the earcup’s rear holds the mic-mute button, a head tracking re-centring button, and a volume wheel. There’s also an ANC button in this area.  

A lot is going on for this layout, especially when the right earcup doesn’t have any ports/controls. 

Key Features of the JBL Quantum One Headset 

Does this product have the elements to justify its price? Let’s find out what it can offer as we discuss its key features in our JBL Quantum One Headset Review.

QuantumSPHERE 360 Technology

JBL knows the excellent audio required in competitive gaming. To give you a better experience, the company enhanced Quantum One’s audio with the QuantumSPHERE 360. This technology allows you to determine the sound source in-game to offer a competitive edge.

QuantumSOUND Signature

QuantumSOUND Signature makes every scene exciting by enhancing the tiniest footsteps and loudest explosions. Combined with Hi-Res certified neodymium drivers, this headset delivers immersive audio tuned by JBL’s audiologists. This signature audio offers the most realistic soundscape to put you at an advantage.

RGB Effects Tuner

The Quantum One features a built-in RGB effects tuner that lets you create lighting effects. You can also select from numerous preset modes that show the headset’s capabilities.

Next-generation Ergonomic Design for Ultimate Comfort

The Quantum One has a lightweight headband and ventilating memory foam ear cushions wrapped in premium leather. Since it has optimised comfort, you can use it for your gaming sessions for hours.

Microphone Settings of the JBL Quantum One Headset Review

Quickly adjust the microphone’s volume level, sensitivity, and sidetone.

True Active Noise Cancellation

The Quantum One uses True Active Noise Cancellation, which actively tracks your environment and eliminates unnecessary noise. When using this headset, you can focus on your game.

Voice-focused Detachable Boom Microphone

The Quantum One’s detachable microphone makes your voice loud and clear even when in the hottest battles. It has a directional pattern to focus on your voice. Plus, it’s adjustable and detachable for better portability.

The earcup also has a built-in mute button that you can easily access when needed.

Audio-chat Balance Dial with Discord Certification

The Discord-certified dial for balancing game audio and chat lets you adjust sound levels easily. You won’t have to leave the game since you can access the headset’s dial to set the proper balance. Aside from games, you can also use this dial for Skype, TeamSpeak, and other services.


Let’s continue our JBL Quantum One Headset Review and look into its different specifications. The headset has a 50mm driver with a maximum input power of 20mW and sensitivity of 95dB @ 1kHz/1mW. It also has a dynamic frequency response that ranges from 20Hz to 40kHz. 

Quantum One’s impedance is 32 ohms, while its passive and active frequency responses are 20Hz to 40kHz. 

The headset weighs 369g, while its charging and audio cable measure 2.7m and 1.2, respectively. 

Hands-on with the JBL Quantum One Headset 

QuantumENGINE Software

JBL’s QuantumENGINE is the software suite for tweaking the company’s Quantum series headsets. It’s only available on Windows and is available for free download.

Through the software, you can access several standard features. These include controlling the equaliser, RGB lighting, and microphone. 

You can also access the head tracking feature here as well. To use this, you’ll need the included small microphone. It will help the software calibrate the audio based on your ear and head shape.

Audio Quality of the JBL Quantum One Headset

When we tested the Quantum One, we instantly loved the headset’s well-balanced and accurate audio. Its sound wasn’t overwhelming, and it was easy to tweak the graphic EQ when we wanted a little more punch.

This headset had an even frequency response with slight variation in the high end. We noticed minimal sibilant sounds on the vocals, but these weren’t harsh. Its bass and midrange were good and had a slight dip at 200Hz.

The sound quality significantly improved when we used the QuantumSPHERE 360’s head tracking feature. It didn’t matter whether it was in-game audio or music. We had an immersive listening experience with the headset.

The Quantum One’s bass accuracy was excellent. It was deep, full-bodied and punchy, which enhanced game audio without being overwhelming. Also, it didn’t sound muddy or boomy. 

Note that the bass of this headset heavily relies on its fit and positioning, so your listening experience may differ.

Aside from the impressive bass, the Quantum One delivered outstanding mid-accuracy. Its vocals, dialogues, and lead instruments sounded well-balanced, clear, and present.

The headset also had good treble accuracy. However, there were some bumps in the low treble range. As a result, higher-pitched vocals and instruments sounded slightly piercing and overly bright.

Despite some of its flaws, we liked the Quantum One’s overall sound profile. Plus, it made our listening experience enjoyable.

Its active noise cancelling feature blocked out a lot of sounds. It filtered low rumbles like the noise of highway traffic.

Even without its ANC feature activated, the Quantum One’s isolation worked effectively. While using the headset, we didn’t hear people talking and even the music playing on speakers in the same room. 

The Quantum One’s detachable microphone is easy to control and reposition. When recording sounds, we noticed the bass and highs fading slightly. 

Despite that, the headset accentuates speech adequately. We also liked how it rejected background noise.

JBL Quantum One Headset Review Summary

The Quantum One is easy to recommend. It has a lot of unique features for noise isolation and sound reproduction. Also, the construction is solid despite being made of plastic.

We also didn’t notice any issues with the product while testing it for our JBL Quantum One Headset Review. Its performance was flawless, and we enjoyed tweaking the wide range of available settings on the QuantumENGINE software.

The Quantum One may be slightly expensive, but its features justify its price, and we recommend this headset for gaming.

For more details about the Quantum One, visit the official product page.