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JBL Tour One Headphones Review

If you’re looking for Bluetooth headphones that produce excellent sound quality, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re writing our JBL Tour One Headphones review so we can talk about everything related to the product. 

The Tour One headphones are over-the-ear, closed-back headphones made for audiophiles looking for Bluetooth flexibility. It’s also for those who aren’t satisfied with “just fine” audio. 

The headphones offer a 40mm driver, ANC features, TalkThrough, plus certified hi-res audio. These are big promises worth considering, but is it that good of a product? 

Continue reading our JBL Tour One Headphones Review to learn more about the product. 

JBL Tour One Headphones Packaging

Of course, we’re checking out the packaging of the headphones in this JBL Tour One Headphones review. We’re also looking at the different contents included in the box. 

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The headphones arrived in your typical-looking JBL package. It showcases an image of the headphones while displaying JBL’s branding, the product’s name, and primary features. 

The Tour One headphones are securely packed, so you won’t have to worry about damages while in transit. Other than the headphones, there’s a type-C USB charging cable, audio cable, flight adaptor, and a carrying case.

There’s also a quick start guide, plus one Google Assistant and Alexa setup guide. JBL included a safety sheet (S/i) and a warranty/warning (W/!) in the box. 

JBL Tour One Headphones Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our JBL Tour One Headphones review is where we focus on the design and functions of the product. 

We have to start with its moulded back travel case in the box. It’s the first thing we saw when we opened the package, and it has a nice feel. 

Its ear cups are in a 90° position to lay flat, while its left cup folds towards the headband for better portability. We love the faux leather used for the headband’s top and padded cups. The material gives off a premium and classy vibe, so the headphones don’t feel cheap.

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We also noticed its similarities with the WH1000 XM4 from Sony. They look almost the same in their travel cases.

The rest of the Tour One’s form has a black plastic finish and a strong metal frame. The metallic extension strap in the headband has etched lines to help you stretch them on each side.

If you look at the product, it isn’t the most original-looking headphones on the market. It also doesn’t have any IP rating for dust or water ingress. But at least JBL met the high-quality standards for a finish necessary for products from a trusted brand. 

On the outside, the headphones sport engraved JBL logos on each ear cup. Also, the headband sports a discreet Tour One logo on a glossy-black accent.

You’ll also find an additional glossy accent on each ear cup with the word ”Tour”. 

When you wear them, the headphone’s clamping force is adequate for a perfect fit. It was also ideally weighted, so it won’t move around while you’re using them.

The headphones feature 40mm audio drivers behind their angled ear cups. And there are also four-mic arrays for call-taking.

The right earcup of the Tour One has a power and pairing switch. You’ll also find physical volume controls on the earcup’s back edge, close to your neck when you’re wearing it. 

The entire top surface of the right earcup is also touch-sensitive. It responds immediately with a light beep to stop, start, or skip tracks. 

The Tour One’s left earcup has one button towards the back edge. You can customise this to access Alexa/Google Assistance or scroll through ambient sound profiles. We like this reliable solution since it doesn’t require us to use our phones for these settings.

Key Features of the JBL Tour One Headphones

What are this product’s key features that make it a unique pair of headphones? Let’s discuss these in our JBL Tour One Headphones review and find out.

The True Adaptive Noise Cancelling Technology

The Tour One’s True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology helps you immerse in music and block out ambient noise. This feature adjusts as the environment changes when you’re on the move.

Hi-Res Certified JBL Pro Sound

Thanks to Tour One’s dynamic 40mm drivers, it always delivers astounding audio quality. It has thrilling high notes and rich, punchy bass.

These hi-res certified headphones support frequencies up to 40kHz to always ensure the best sound quality.

Four-mic Technology for Clarity and Accuracy

Eliminate the noise and enhance your voice with the Tour One’s four microphones on the earcups. These consist of adaptive beamforming microphones for clear-sounding and accurate voice reproduction. The third microphone is for acoustic echo cancellation to prevent echoes and noises.

The fourth microphone is for voice feedback which helps you choose how you’ll hear your voice. It uses VoiceAware technology, which lets you control the amount of mic input routed back into your earbuds.

Ambient Aware

Ambient Aware enables you to hear external noise while listening to music at a standard volume. It allows you to pay attention to your surroundings without missing a moment on your tunes. 


TalkThru lowers music volume to allow you to converse with people around you without removing your headphones. Tap and hold on to the outside of the right earcup to activate this feature.

It functions like Ambient Aware, yet it significantly lowers music volume.


We’re also discussing the product’s specifications in our JBL Tour One Headphones review to see if it meets your needs.

The Tour One is a wireless pair of over-ear headphones that links via Bluetooth 5.0. It uses drivers measuring 40mm with a sensitivity of 95 dB SPL @ 1kHz. 

Tour One has an active dynamic frequency range of 10Hz to 22kHz, while passive frequency response is 10Hz to 40kHz.

These headphones have an impedance of 30 Ohms. Also, it has a total of four microphones.

Battery lasts a total of 50 hours with ANC disabled. But when you enable ANC, it will last up to 25 hours. The headphones’ charging time takes two hours to complete.

Hands-on with the JBL Tour One Headphones

The most important part of our JBL Tour One Headphones review is where we discuss its performance. We used the headphones for more than two weeks to see how they would work in the longer run.

JBL Headphones App

The JBL Headphones App is downloadable for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. This software is easy to use and has a set of useful options.

The Noise Cancelling tab lets you select between True Adaptive ANC and Everyday Mode. True Adaptive ANC adapts the Tour One’s noise-cancelling features based on the environment. Everyday Mode, on the other hand, essentially activates ANC.

The app also has the Ambient Sound Control tab for locating Ambient Aware or TalkThru profiles. 

Lastly, the app has an interesting new tab called Smart Audio and Video. It selects one out of the three profiles available. 

Next, it lets you optimise Bluetooth connection for normal listening mode, or you can choose Music Mode or Video Mode. Music Mode optimises the audio quality while Video Mode lowers latency to synchronise sound and picture.

You can find the EQ tab at the base of the company’s Headphones app.  You can either choose from five audio presets or create your unique preset.

It also has a wearer-detection feature, which automatically stops playback when you remove the headphones.

Overall, the JBL Headphones App is a well-designed app with enough features. We didn’t have issues with it since everything worked well when we tested the app.

Performance of the JBL Tour One Headphones

The Tour One looks great, but how they sound is what matters the most. Since these headphones feature JBL’s Pro Sound, we expected them to deliver superior audio quality.

Out of the box, the Tour One had a subdued yet balanced sound profile. We created a new profile via the EQ to get the best audio quality.

The Tour One had a great definition across frequencies with impressive quality in the upper mids and highs. Its bass response was snappy and did not sound overpowering.

These headphones’ overall sound profile was neutral, which sounded great with any genre. No matter what song we played, we had a great listening experience with Tour One.

JBL’s True Adaptive ANC worked well. It was even better than the standard noise cancellation features of other headphones.

While listening to music and watching movies, the Tour One filtered out most of the room sounds. We liked how it effectively adjusted its noise cancellation based on our environment’s noise.

The Tour One delivered superior call quality, thanks to its four microphones. These excellently captured our voices, and the sounds were clear when we tested the headphones for numerous calls. 

No ambient noise was able to interrupt our calls, and it sounded great too. The Tour One not only captured clear and accurate voices, but it also retained our voice’s deeper tones. It added resonance and depth, which enhanced the overall sound quality. 

JBL Tour One Headphones Review Summary

The Tour One is a notable headset that offers comfort, great looks, and excellent audio quality. It’s also lightweight, making it easy to use even when on the go. 

These headphones have great features that will significantly enhance your listening experiences, such as Ambient Aware and TalkThru modes. Plus, its active noise cancelling technology eliminates ambient noise effectively.

While testing the product for our JBL Tour One Headphones review, we noticed that all of its features worked excellently. Everything was flawless, and we didn’t encounter any issues with it.

If you’re searching the market for a good pair of headphones, we highly recommend the JBL Tour One.

For more details about Tour One Headphones, visit JBL’s official product page.