jbl tour pro plus review banner JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review

JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review

Today, we are writing our JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review to focus on their true wireless earbuds. 

The Tour Pro+ series is an in-ear version of the Tour One headphones. It comes with the signature bass-forward sound from JBL. Aside from this, it also has adaptive noise cancellation, long battery life, and enjoyable features. 

You can also manage all these features via its companion app. 

So if you want to know more about the earbuds, continue reading our JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review. Here, we will share all the essential information you need to determine if these earbuds are for you. 

JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Packaging

Let us begin our JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review by checking its packaging and the contents.

The earbuds arrived in a premium-looking cardboard box that differs from the usual JBL packaging. Instead of orange, the box was mainly black with hints of orange. It gave off a more pleasing, aesthetic, and premium look.

jbl tour pro plus review1 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review jbl tour pro plus review2 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review

The front of the box shows an image of the product, its name, and the JBL branding. You can also find its key features, specifications, and other product details on its box.

Inside the box, the JBL Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds come with a few inclusions. These are five differently-sized ear tips, a USB-C charging cable, a charging case, and two sizes of stabilisers.

You will also find a quick start guide, a Google Assistant and an Alexa set-up guide. Lastly, JBL included a warranty/warning card and a safety sheet. 

JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review – Design and Functionality

Now we will discuss the functions and design of the product in our JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review. When we got the product out of the box, the first thing that caught our attention was its case. 

The Tour Pro+ TWS shipped inside a compact black case with a nice weight. The earbuds are not heavy, but they feel solid to the touch. 

ITS USB-C charging port is on the base and conveniently lays flat to accommodate wireless charging. 

jbl tour pro plus review3 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review jbl tour pro plus review4 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review jbl tour pro plus review5 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review jbl tour pro plus review6 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review jbl tour pro plus review7 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review jbl tour pro plus review8 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review jbl tour pro plus review9 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review jbl tour pro plus review10 JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review

Its case is no different from the Club Pro Plus case. And size-wise, it is bulkier than cases from Apple and Sony earbuds. Despite that, it is still light and easy to carry around, plus it has a sturdy exterior.  

The design and style for premium wireless earbuds from JBL are understated yet classy. These earbuds feature an all-black colour scheme, minimalist details, and an oval shape. 

It has a superb build quality because of its durable shell that can resist scratches. Also, it is sweat resistant and water resistant but make sure to avoid immersing them. 

Its earbuds utilise touch-sensitive surfaces. Then size-wise, it is similar to the Elite 75t from Jabra. So, it protrudes enough to make it easier to insert and remove from your ears. 

The Tour Pro+ TWS easily snaps in and out of their charging sockets because of their slightly-angled position. However, be careful when docking them. There are times when the earbuds fail to align with the charging contacts. 

Moreover, each of the sockets has its own LED indicators. 

We also looked at the different controls of the product for our JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review. 

You can assign all its controls via the JBL Headphones app and employ them through double, single, and triple taps or long-hold gestures. 

Its touch panels are responsive, while the on-ear detection is just as reliable. These immediately pause music when you remove the earbuds from your ears. Then once you wear them again, your music will resume. 

Adding to its Smart capabilities are Alexa and Google Assistant voice activation. These will provide you with hands-free functionality when stating their wake-work commands. 

Additionally, you can manually enable the digital assistant if wake-work does not function, which is a rare scenario. Also, Siri works with the earbuds when using an iOS/ Mac OS device. However, the “Hey Siri” function does not work. 

Key Features of the JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless

This part of our JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review discusses the primary elements of the earbuds. What makes them a crowd favourite, and what makes them click? Let us find out.

Adaptive Noise Cancelling and Smart Ambient

The ANC technology of JBL uses external and internal microphones to reduce distracting noise while maximising audio quality. Smart Ambient Technology is another feature that keeps you aware of your surroundings with a touch of a button. These features are also accessible via the JBL Headphones app.

JBL Pro Sound

The Tour Pro TWS has 6.8mm dynamic drivers powered by JBL Pro Sound. With these earbuds, you will enjoy the ultimate audio experience with rich, punchy bass and thrilling top notes.

Up to 32 Hours of Wireless Playback Time

With up to 32 hours of battery life of the Tour Pro + TWS, you can stay connected all day. These earbuds are also compatible with Qi wireless charging, and the case has three extra charges. Plus, a few minutes of fast charging gives you an hour of playback time.

Six Microphones for Voice Clarity

When you are in a noisy environment, you can enjoy crystal-clear communication. The Tour Pro+ TWS has six microphones that eliminate unwanted noise and makes your voice audible.


Let us continue discussing the product specifications in our JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review. 

The tips of the product use silicone and feature IPX5. Its driver measures 6.8mm and has a sensitivity of 100dB at 1kHz/1mW. Plus, it has six microphones, a dynamic frequency response range of 10Hz to 20kHz, and 16 ohms. 

Per ear, the Tour Pro+ TWS has one driver. The earpiece weighs 15g, and the charging case is 56.8g. So basically, it is lightweight enough to carry around. 

The product uses Bluetooth 5.0 with a transmitter power of 0 to 12dbm. Its Bluetooth frequency is 2.4GHz to 2.4.835GHz. 

With the ANC switched off, total music playtime lasts eight hours. When activated, it can last six hours. Its overall play time is eight hours, and the battery life of its charging case is 24 hours.

Hands-on with the JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless

JBL Headphones App

This app is where you can manage all its extended functions. It has various features like Ambient Sound, ANC, Silent Now, ear tip fit test, and voice activation. 

The EQ can be personalised so you can create sound profiles by adjusting frequency levels. Or, you can utilise the four presets instead: Vocal, Jazz, Bass, and the Club Pro+ TWS EQ.

Smart Audio and Video is a new feature that lets you prioritise performance via sound or connectivity.

Normal keeps connection stable in busy spots, while Audio is for sounds. Video is for accurately synching sounds and video.

You can set timers to play music before entering Silent Now via My Alarm. An Auto-on function is also present to put the earbuds on sleep mode when it is inactive for some time.

Find My Buds is another feature to help find your missing earbuds. Then, rounding out the applications are battery level indicators, multi-language voice prompts, firmware updates, and toggle controls. 

Audio Quality and Performance

We will discuss its performance and audio quality here in our JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review.

Out of the box, the Tour Pro+ had a balanced sound signature. Its bass response was excellent and did not sound overpowered. There was also plenty of detail through the midrange. Although the highs were slightly inaudible, the overall audio quality was enjoyable. 

The calibration of these earbuds is ideal for contemporary bass-forward music. These earbuds delivered neutral sounds that are perfect for unleashing deep lows.

With ANC activated, the Tour Pro+ TWS slightly boosted the bass levels, while the mids sounded average. The earbuds do not emphasise the highs much, but you can tweak the sound via EQ if you wish. Sticking with the default profile offers a warmer presence when playing music.

The snares knocked hard, and the rumble of pounding bass drums had energetic vibrations. However, the vocals lacked crispness, and the rappers sounded fuzzy at some points. 

The Tour Pro+ TWS delivered a solid performance and worked perfectly for videos. We streamed videos on Youtube, and the sound was loud and clear. We played music videos, movie trailers, ESPN commentary clips, and podcasts, and the audio quality was impressive.

Noise-cancelling and Transparency

The ANC of Tour Pro+ TWS was for general use. Although its ambient sound reduction was not perfect, this feature kept voice calls clear. The noise-cancelling of these earbuds worked well, even in noisy environments.

Whether the Tour Pro+ was on Ambient Aware or TalkThru, the transparency of the earbuds was good. These features allowed us to hear speech and external noise, which was convenient, especially when commuting.

JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Review Summary

The Tour Pro+ TWS is an excellent pair of well-priced earbuds. They offer an attractive design, impressive audio quality for music & calls, unique features, and long battery life. We also loved the convenient hands-free control with voice assistants.

Although its noise cancelling was not excellent, this was not a deal-breaker. The earbuds kept voice calls clear regardless of the environment, which makes them ideal for people on the go.

The Tour Pro+ TWS offers everything you need in a single package, so we highly recommend this product. These earbuds have the perfect balance between price and performance, making them worth purchasing.

Learn more about the Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless via the official product page of JBL.