jbl ghost JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review - A True AirPods Alternative

JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review – A True AirPods Alternative

We all want earbuds that perform adequately, but we also need affordable ones. If you are not into in-ear headphones, this JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition review is for you.

The Tune Flex Ghost Edition lets you enjoy hours of True Bass sounds. While its performance is top-notch, JBL also kept its design stylish, water-resistant, and ergonomic. 

Our JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition review will cover everything necessary about these earbuds. These include its design, functions, fit, and performance. 

JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Packaging

The Tune Flex Ghost Edition ships in your typical JBL-looking box. You’ve got an image of the earbuds in front, the product name, company branding, and some of its features. 

jbl tune flex ghost review1 JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review - A True AirPods Alternative

More details are at the back of the package and on its sides. You will find a few other items with the Tune Flex Ghost. 

  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Three-sized sealing ear tips
  • Open ear tip
  • Warranty card
  • Quick Start Guide and a safety sheet

JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review – Design and Functionality

The best thing about the Tune Flex earbuds is its form factor. You can make them rest in your outer ears if you do not like putting them inside your ear canal. 

The model we are testing for this JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review has a transparent design. You can see its interior from the outside, offering a unique appearance. You can also choose from black, white, or purple.

The earbuds are well-built, making it feel solid and durable. Aside from the excellent construction, the earbuds are comfortable on the ears, even when worn for long periods. They have excellent fit with minimal pressure and do not fall off despite feeling less secure.

Silicone Tips 

The Tune Flex Ghost Edition’s stem design makes them balance well in your ears while staying comfortable. If you want a more secure fit, you can use the included sealing ear tips that come in three sizes. These fit snuggly but only have minimal pressure on the ears.

If you want the earbuds to sit outside the ear canal, you can use them without the ear tips. Although less secure, the open fit is ideal if your ears are sensitive. 

JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Charging Case

The charging case of the Tune Flex Ghost Edition is compact and lightweight but also feels sturdy. Like the earbuds, it also has a see-through design, making its interior components visible. Its hinge helps it snap to close and has magnets for keeping the earbuds in place.

You will find three LED lights to indicate the remaining battery life of the case. 

Touch Controls 

The left and right earbuds have touch controls. They all worked well when we tested it for this JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review. There was minimal delay in the responsiveness of the earbuds to its touch controls.

By default, tapping once on the right earbud plays or pauses the music. Tapping twice skips to the next track, and tapping thrice plays the previous track. A long press activates Google Assistant.

One tap on the left earbud switches between Active Noise Cancelling and Ambient Aware modes. You can activate TalkThru when tapping twice.

You can change these controls via the JBL Headphones mobile app.

Key Features of the JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition 

These earbuds have notable features, which we’ll discuss in our JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review. Of course, it has some similarities with other brands, but these elements make the earbuds stand out. 

JBL Pure Bass Sound

The 12mm drivers enhanced by the stick form factor allow the earbuds to deliver the JBL Pure Bass Sound. You can hear every pulsing beat that makes your audio experience more enjoyable.

Four Mics for Perfect Call Quality

Enjoy hands-free and hassle-free calls in stereo with the four microphones of the Tune Flex Ghost Edition. These earbuds make your voice audible with excellent clarity. 

With VoiceAware, you can control the amount of mic input routed into your earbuds. This feature lets you set how much you can hear your voice.

Active Noise Cancelling with Smart Ambient

The Tune Flex Ghost Edition’s Active Noise Cancelling technology and two microphones minimise audio distractions. It also features Ambient Aware, which allows you to hear your surroundings. Another feature is TalkThru, which allows stopping for a quick chat without removing the earbuds.

We tested all these technologies and were satisfied with their performance. We will discuss these features and our user experience later in this JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review.

IPX4 Water Resistant

With IPX4 water resistance, you can use these earbuds in various scenarios. It can withstand rain splashes, sweat, and being thrown in a pool of water without getting damaged.

Up to 32 Hours of Battery Life

These earbuds last up to eight hours, and the charging case can offer 24 hours more. If you activate ANC, you can enjoy six hours of playtime plus 18 hours from the charging case.

If you need a quick recharge, a 10-minute boost lets you enjoy two hours of listening time.

Hands-on with the JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition  

We tested the earbuds to share our user experience in this JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review. The earbuds delivered a neutral sound profile when using the silicone sealing tips accompanied by their respective sound setting. The instruments had plenty of detail with adequate clarity. 

When we used the Open fit and changed the sound settings via the app accordingly, the earbuds delivered more bass. Sibilants like S and T sounds were duller and minimised.

We also checked their frequency response when we used the earbuds for our JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review. With default sound settings, the earbuds delivered excellent bass accuracy. The overemphasised low range adds rumble and punches to the audio, while the high bass was neutral, preventing boominess.

These earbuds have a neutral mid-accuracy, making vocals and instruments present in the mix. The low and mid-treble were neutral, enhancing the details of vocals and instruments. Cymbals and other sibilant sounds were bright but not overpowering other sound elements.

The Tune Flex Ghost Edition’s ANC and Ambient Aware features worked excellently during our product tests. ANC blocked out all sounds in the surroundings, including loud noise. Ambient Aware made ambient sounds more audible while balancing audio perfectly.

JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition Review Summary

The JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition earbuds strike a commendable balance between affordability and performance. These earbuds excel in delivering the signature JBL Pure Bass sound, enhanced by 12mm drivers that provide a rich audio experience.

The transparency in design not only adds a unique aesthetic appeal but also showcases the solid and durable construction of the earbuds.

Their ergonomic design ensures comfort even during extended use, and the flexible fitting options cater to different user preferences. Whether you prefer a more secure fit with silicone tips or a less intrusive open fit, the Tune Flex Ghost Edition adapts seamlessly to your needs.

The IPX4 water resistance adds an extra layer of practicality, making these earbuds suitable for a variety of environments and activities.

The JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition earbuds stand out not just for their performance but also for their thoughtful design and user-centric features. They deliver high-quality sound, reliable call clarity, and impressive noise-cancelling capabilities, all while maintaining a stylish and practical form factor.

For anyone in the market for versatile and affordable earbuds, the JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition is a compelling choice that doesn’t compromise on quality.