JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone Review

As years pass, improvements in musical equipment have skyrocketed. This is true, especially with microphones. So today, in our JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone review, we will be discussing what makes this microphone your optimal choice.

Something to know about if you are new to JLab is that JLab was established in 2005 at Tucson, Arizona. They are well-known for their outstanding in-ear headphones.

If you are an aspiring YouTuber, streamer or podcaster, then getting a good microphone should be your number one goal.

Alright, let’s now begin by checking the packaging.

JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone Packaging

The JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone comes in its ocean blue rectangular box and is a foot long. The item has a cardboard sleeve covering which you slide to remove the main box.

The product model of the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone can be seen at the front of the package and its brand logo at the top left of the front.

The product’s functions can be read by looking at the left side portion, which helps us understand what the microphone is capable of.

At the back of the package, you will see some of the descriptions of its features as well as the diagram of the model and its parts.

The descriptions may seem very technical but don’t get intimidated. As you use the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone, you will begin to learn and understand its distinct functions and respective features.

As we move on, let’s now unbox our product and see what’s inside.

Inside the Box

In opening the packaging, you will find a small blue packaged box with the instructions manual and its descriptions.

Next to it is a wide black layer of foam; this is to protect the microphone from any damages. Shipping products to customers around the world is always a risk. That’s why safety is always the number one rule.

After removing the foam cover, you will find the microphone, along with its stand and the USB cable. The USB cable is a black USB Type-C.

Overall, JLab has improved in packaging and innovating their products over the years. Prioritising safety and innovation in their products and quality is one reason why they have loyal customers worldwide.

Now let’s move on to the product’s design and functions section of our JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone review.

JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone Review – Design and Functionality

Let us now divert our attention to the product’s design and functions in this section of our JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone review.

The JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone is cylindrical and with a sleek black surface. It is well-made, and the shape of its proportions give it a fine exterior.

The JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone’s design is to allow a stylish, comfortable mic that fits into any available space ready to be used.

JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone also lessens any unnecessary noise, especially when speaking closely to the microphone.

Looking at it directly, it may seem like an average mic. However, the interior design in the microphone has a resolution of 192kHz to 24BIT.

This is to guarantee that the recording is precise in its input. It also heavily affects the sound range and can be easily overlooked.

Moreover, the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone allows excellent sound quality and provides simple optimisation. This provides important business calls, streams or podcasts with its stress-free connection.

JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone uses a USB cable that connects easily with your PC. Installations or drivers are not needed for this to happen. The microphone also has its own stand, making positioning painless and trouble-free.

On the front side of the microphone, you will find two knobs. The top knob is the volume control, and the bottom knob is the gain control. The knobs make optimising your sound simpler and more effective than the standard microphones.

At the bottom of the microphone, you will find the USB Type-C Input where you can place the cable. This prevents the user from being distracted by the cable when using the microphone.

You will also find a light at the bottom of the microphone where you can alter the colours of the light. This is very useful in videos and streams when you want to give your audience a more modern look rather than the common ones.

Overall, the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone provides value and efficiency, especially when you think about the price for the microphone, which is only at $149.

Now let’s head on to the features in the next section of our JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone review.

Key Features of the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone

Let’s now check the key features this microphone has to offer in our JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone review.

Professional Grade Recording

When professionals go looking for a microphone, they don’t just buy what they like. They make sure they get value for their money.

The JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone features finesse resolutions that ensure the recording to be clean and complete. This ensures you to be able to create your own personal preferences.

4 Directional Pattern Modes

Here, you’ll find out that the microphone actually has four directional pattern modes: Stereo, Bidirectional, Omni, and Cardioid.

This provides a diverse microphone for multi-purpose setups for just any occasion. It can be podcasting, music recording, individual calls, voiceovers, and even ASMR.

Manage Your Recording

There is always a need to be meticulous, especially when recording. We want full control of what and how we want our sound input to be.

With the two knobs built in the microphone, this takes away the difficulty in a recording. This aids the user to manage their preferences.

Plug and Play

With the new 10-foot USB Type-C Cable, this allows users to just connect the mic straight away. No more downloading or installing any drivers or third-party apps to run the microphone.

Feel free to utilise the ⅝” input for swivel mounting anything. Similar to a camera’s tripod, this makes positioning less irritating.

3 Condensers

Condenser microphones are used to pick up delicate sounds. Now imagine having three within the same microphone. This extends the range and quality of the sounds picked up by the microphone.

The JLab Talk Pro Microphone lets you catch audio with zero inconveniences.It allows you to effectively record without worrying too much on its input.


This part of our JLab Talk Pro Microphone review discusses the microphone’s technical specifications. Let’s begin with the microphone type.

The JLab Talk Pro Microphone is a condenser with a pressure gradient and USB digital output. Condensers have always been the most sought out microphone in the business as it suits all types of occasions.

The microphone is built with four directional patterns: Bidirectional, Stereo, Omnidirectional, and Cardioid. Having multiple modes creates a vast set of options to choose from.

JLab’s microphone has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. The sample rate is 192k and a maximum bit depth of 24 bit, with a latency of 0.

The JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone has four polar audio channels and a Max SPL of 120DB. The capsules are sizing only at 16mm.

The weight of the microphone is 266.5gr and with its stand a total of 501.4gr. It also has a dimension span of 170mm x 55mm x 65mm and with the tripod a total of 270mm x 195mm x 195mm.

The cable weighs only a mere 77gr.

Lastly, the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac 10.10 or higher. It has a warranty of 2 years.

Hands-on with the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone

Let’s now discuss our overall experience with JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone.

Looking at it directly, the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone is refined. It is painless and requires common knowledge to understand.

The microphone does its job as intended, and there aren’t any red flags when using it. It impacts the quality more for what you pay for. This can only be seen as a win-win scenario.

When testing it, we didn’t seem to notice any unusual static or unnecessary noise. It easily captures the sounds of birds and insects when laid near the window.

With three condenser microphones inside, picking up delicate sounds made it effortless.

Unlike other microphones that lack the sound quality, the JLab Talk Pro Microphone made it sure to secure your recordings. It isolates certain sounds and keeps the recording clear and clean.

Although in general, USB microphones won’t be as good as XLR microphones due to the way they are built. But that doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t practical.

USB microphones have their purposes and being useful is already enough for anyone to venture.

The microphone also comes with its own USB Type-C. This changes the game because most microphones were treated as hardware devices requiring installations. With the new USB Type-C, this removes this hurdle completely. This allows us to be prepared whenever we felt we needed to suddenly record.

Generally speaking, the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone is in its own league when it comes to design and regular use. Even more when it comes to professionals who require finer tools for their pursuits.

JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone Review Summary

The JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone went beyond expectations. Being able to carry out great sound quality input together with a ready-to-use setup provides versatility. So if you are looking for something fresh with new options, then you should definitely get the JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone.

The microphone’s capability to switch between four different polar modes raises the bar for what makes this microphone so great. Unlike other microphones, this creates many choices to fit whatever scenario you are faced.

Lastly, the microphone’s versatility is its hidden feature. Why versatility? Versatility is the ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions. This microphone speaks waves with its ingenuity. This takes microphones to a whole new level.

The JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone is an excellent performer. With its current price, it makes it cost-efficient and worth spending your money on. Suppose you’d like to buy one, head over to their official website. It’s currently priced at $149.

To wind up our JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone review, we are thrilled with the product and the features it provides.