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Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review

More people are searching for quality green laser levels. So, we will discuss one notable product in our Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review. 

The LG-3DS is a self-levelling green laser level featuring a 360° output. It means you can have a vertical alignment, horizontal level, plumb up and down, plus 90° square.

The product has many features, which we will discuss in our Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review. Other than these, we will also look into its design, functions, specifications, and whether it performs adequately. 

Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Packaging

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The product ships in a solid cardboard box that is durable enough to protect the LG-3Ds inside. Its package is simple with a yellow-grey theme, and you will not miss out on its company logo and unit name. Additionally, this laser level has a semi-hard bag with a foam insert to protect the product when not in use.

Package Contents 

  • LG-3Ds Laser Level 
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Remote Control
  • Type-C Cable
  • Pro Rotating Stand (Liftable)
  • Carrying Bag
  • User Manual

Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review – Design and Functionality

This laser level stands out with a remarkable array of features. It has three laser outputs, emitting lines that span 360 degrees: one horizontally and two vertically. 

These versatile lines allow precision in levelling, aligning, squaring, and plumbing tasks. It covers the entire vertical range from floor to ceiling. The elements make it ideal for diverse indoor fit-out and installation projects.

The laser lines emitted by this device are a vivid green, providing clear and bright streaks when used indoors. It is worth noting that when outdoors, the visibility of the laser lines diminishes. What it does is it limits their reach to very short distances, contingent upon the outdoor lighting conditions. 

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This characteristic applies universally to all laser levels, whether they project red or green lines. Remember, the colour choice does not significantly impact this behaviour.

We will share how to use a laser level outdoors under full sunlight in this Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review. Generally, an electronic receiver is necessary to make this possible. It should have a receiver and pulse mode compatible with the laser. 

Build Quality

Most laser casings are in a protective rubber coating. It offers a degree of protection against minor impacts and accidental drops. 

Each laser output has protection from a safety frame that appears to be metallic. However, it becomes evident that these covers are plastic. These play a vital role in shielding the laser prism in the event of an accidental impact on hard surfaces.

Charging the laser is straightforward. You can connect the USB cable by directly plugging the other end into any USB-A output. 

Alternatively, you can charge the battery while it remains within the laser. Do this by connecting the same USB cable to the rear. 

Its flexibility lets you use the laser while connected to a portable USB power bank. The latter serves as a last-resort power source.

Control Panel

We will also share details about the control panel in this section of our Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review. 

The control panel allows you to activate only the specific laser lines you require. The keypad is durable and robust to protect against environmental elements. 

To set the laser in motion, begin by sliding the pendulum locking switch. Doing so will make the laser lines power up. 

If you are holding the product, the lines will likely flash. It means that the laser level is currently operating beyond its self-levelling range.

The laser lines will stabilise once the laser finds its placement on a flat surface. These will transition from a flashing mode to a steady state. 

The change signifies that the laser is now effectively self-levelling. Additionally, you will see the power indicator light shining green when levelled. It shifts to a flashing orange when operating outside its self-levelling range.

To control the activation of laser lines, use the V and H buttons. This feature allows you to select which lines are powered up. The benefit of, for instance, activating only the horizontal line when focusing on levelling tasks lies in reducing power consumption.

It thereby extends the lifespan of its battery.

Upon activating the laser using the pendulum lock slide switch, its power button serves a dual purpose. Brief presses enable you to cycle through four different brightness levels. It is a handy feature for conserving battery life using lower brightness settings.

For specialised applications, a long press activates pulse mode, which makes the laser compatible with green line laser receivers. While in pulse mode, the green LED power light flashes, indicating that the mode is activated.

The control panel also incorporates four power-level LED indicators, allowing a convenient gauge of the remaining battery power.

Remote Control

The LG-3Ds have a remote control unit that lets you control which lines to power up and their brightness levels. Its tether allows mounting onto a key ring. This handy accessory becomes convenient when the laser level is in a location you cannot instantly see or access.

Key Features of the Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level 

Many manufacturers offer different laser levels, but what makes this product better? Our Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review will discuss its features to help you determine if it will meet your needs.

Comes With a Remote Control

Lasgoo included a remote control with the LG-3Ds. It lets you quickly project 360° lines in the V1, V2, and H planes and laser beam brightness. You can stay focused since you do not need to go near the device when changing modes.

Durable Build

This 360° laser level has a durable body with sturdy plastic and a rubberised finish. Plus, the bumper guard protects it from drops or mild bumps, and it is IP54-rated dust and water-resistant.

The vibrant grey colour of this laser level improves dirt resistance, while its yellow-green accents allow for quick identification.

Green Beam Laser Wavelength – 510~530 nm

The laser level has a 510~530 nm green laser beam, making it four times brighter than the red beam. Its maximum output is 1mW or lower on each beam.

360°x3 Design and Top-Notch Rotating Stand

Lasgoo equipped the LG-3Ds with a professional rotating stand for complete layout coverage. It is suitable for alignment and levelling projects since it can rotate 360° in all directions. As a result, it allows users to view the laser positioning from every angle and cover the whole room.

Manual and Self-levelling Modes

The LG-3Ds is a convenient laser level that allows manual and automatic self-levelling. It can self-level within a 4° range with the pendulum unlocked. This feature was handy when we tested the product for this Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review.

You can also lock the pendulum to do manual levelling and set the alignment from different angles.


  • Operating Mode: Manual and Remote Control
  • Light Source: Laser Diodes
  • Levelling Method: Self-levelling (Pendulum)
  • Laser Power Max Output: 1mW @ 510 ± 5nm
  • Laser Wavelength: 510~530nm (green)
  • Safety Level: Class II 
  • Working Range: Stand: 30m | With Laser Receiver: Up to 100m 
  • Accuracy:  ±1/8″ per 33′(± 0.3mm per m)
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 2600mAh (7.4V DC)
  • Operating Time: 10 hours
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Rating: IP54: Water and Dust Resistant
  • Certificate: FDA, RoHS, FCC
  • Product Material: ABS Housing and Electronic Components
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.3 x 11.5cm
  • Product Weight (without battery): 460g
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Hands-on with the Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level

We used the product to do alignment jobs and installation projects to see how well it would work. Of course, we will share our experience in this Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review.

This product has two sizes of tripod mounts on the laser level and its elevating bracket, providing flexibility. You can use any surveying tripod with a 15.8mm 11 TPI thread or a 6.35mm camera tripod. Each tripod thread has metal inserts into the casing to increase its durability when used regularly.

Lasgoo also ships this product with an elevating mount that works as a wall mount. Aside from that, you can attach it to steel surfaces since you can use it as a magnetic mount. In addition, it allows rotating the laser level with the adjustment knobs, making it ideal for alignment tasks.

The LG-3Ds made recalibration more convenient than other laser levels. It has fine-tuning grub screws that allow shifting the pendulum’s weight on both axes.

When we used the LG-3Ds, its laser was adequately bright. However, its brightness will depend on the ambient light in your environment, and results will vary. We suggest using the centre of the beam as your reference to get the correct accuracy.

We tested the product by installing various items around the house, like tiles and frames. Thanks to its convenience, it saved us plenty of time, and everything we installed had no flaws.

The auto levelling feature was handy. However, when we worked on other projects, we loved how simple it was to line the LG-3Ds at different angles.

Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review Summary

The LG-3Ds from Lasgoo is a simplified laser level with a durable and well-designed build. Aside from the sturdy material used, its rubberised casing adds to its protection. We love the well-placed control panel and the included remote control, which made adjustments more convenient.

Our experience when we tested the product for this Lasgoo LG-3Ds Laser Level Review was excellent. The LG-3Ds did not malfunction or show any issues, making it one of the best laser levels today.

This laser level is excellent for various projects, quick jobs, and some. Its self-levelling adds to its convenience, making the product more user-friendly. We highly recommend this laser level, especially to those who often do simple home renovations and DIY projects.

Visit the official product page of Lasgoo for more details about the LG-3Ds Laser Level.