lastpass review LastPass Password Manager Review

LastPass Password Manager Review

Tracking a ton of unique and strong passwords isn’t possible, that’s unless you’re using a good password manager for these. If you need one but have no idea where to look, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re sharing our LastPass Password Manager review with you to provide all the information you need about it.

Launched in 2008, LastPass is a veteran among the many cybersecurity tools today. It’s also among the feature-rich password managers you can find. LastPass provides multi-factor authentication while supporting tons of browsers and platforms too.

So in this LastPass Password Manager review, we’ll check out this service in full detail. And, we’ll give you insights on its features, plans, and how it works.

LastPass Password Manager Review – Design and Functionality

One thing you should realise before beginning this LastPass Password Manager review is that it isn’t just a password manager. It also comes with a couple of features streamlining the web experience for everyone using it.

LastPass offers secure storage for passwords, credit cars, digital notes, and WiFi passwords. 

It’s an ideal tool for businesses searching for the best and most efficient password managers around. And they’ll be glad to know that this comes with all the necessary features one would expect. These include password sharing, emergency access, password generation, one-touch login, and auto-sync of all data.

LastPass Free vs. Premium vs. Family

This password manager comes with a variety of plans for you to choose from. These are the Free, Family, and Premium plans. 

Free Plan 

This plan has all the standard password manager capabilities you’d need. And, it comes with a couple of features that other services provide only on paid plans. 

With this free version, you can enjoy auto-filling features, a password generator, and secure notes. Other features you can use are one-to-one sharing features, support for multi-factor authentication, and password strength report.

Yet as we further examined LastPass for our LastPass Password Manager review, do note that it changed their device-syncing rules. This is specific to free users, and the company implemented these rules last March 16, 2021. 

Previously, free users were able to sync passwords across the different platforms LastPass supports. These included mobile devices and desktops.

Now, it makes free users select between syncing passwords with PCs and mobile devices. 

Premium Plan

Aside from having all the Free Plan’s features, it also has one-to-many sharing, emergency access features, and advanced multi-factor options. It even has dark web monitoring, 1GB encrypted file storage, priority tech support, and the LastPass for Applications app. 

The cost for the LastPass Premium Plan is $36 per year. 

Family Plan 

This is the top-tier plan for non-corporate accounts which costs $48 per year. Those who subscribe to this get six LastPass Premium licenses, access to the LastPass Family dashboard, and unlimited shared folders. 

Key Features of LastPass Password Manager

This time, let’s look into the different key features of this password manager here in our LastPass Password Manager review. 

Log in with Ease

When using LastPass, logging in will be quick and easy once you save a password. That’s because you’ll always have the password when you need it.

Simplified Online Shopping

When shopping online, your LastPass profile will fill in all your payment and shipping details with ease.

Strong Password Generator

LastPass’ built-in password generator makes randomised long passwords that will keep you protected from hackers.

Keep Digital Records Safely with LastPass Password Manager 

With LastPass, you can safely store all your important notes like WiFi passwords, memberships, and insurance cards. Plus, you can easily find these.

Effortless Sharing

Using LastPass allows you to share your passwords with anyone safely and conveniently. This method is more secure than sharing via text messaging.

Dark Web Monitoring

There’s no need to worry about data breaches since LastPass provides alerts if your data is at risk.

Next in our LastPass Password Manager review is where we discuss how it works. And, if it’s as user-friendly as what they claim it to be. 

Hands-on with LastPass Password Manager 

Although it has excellent apps for macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android, it’s most powerful when used via the web browser extension. 

Since we were trying this tool for our LastPass Password Manager review, we realised that its browser extension is good. The browser extensions for all main platforms allowed us to enjoy a smooth experience with LastPass. 

Single sign-on technology means that when we entered our master password, the extension auto-filled it along with other credentials. It was convenient, but of course, we still downloaded the LastPass app. That’s because it’ll be our user’s hub for organising and managing data and account settings.

Interface and Performance of LastPass Password Manager

LastPass’ applications performed ideally, and during our tests, we didn’t experience any issues with it. Syncing was efficient and quick, plus there were barely any lags too. Using it with multiple browsers and devices was seamless just like what the company advertised.

Everything was well-designed and the UI was definitely user-friendly and easy to navigate. We tried it on iOS, Windows, as well as on Android. And to note, we were impressed with its performance on all of them. 

An aspect we greatly appreciated was how it classified data into various menu options. It made things easier for us to organise passwords, notes, credit cards, and addresses. 


LastPass is one of the most efficient and excellent secure passwords recognised today. That’s because its platform encrypts all data from end to end using 256-bit AES encryption. Not only that, but it even utilises an advanced Transport Layer Security to block in-transit attacks. 

What we also liked about it is that as an industry standard, the password manager doesn’t locally keep anyone’s information. These include master passwords and authentication keys; plus, LastPass doesn’t keep anything on its servers as well. With that, no one, even LastPass, can access anyone’s encrypted data remotely, and that’s a good thing. 

As we continued to examine this for our LastPass Password Manager review, we realised it has great industry-leading security frameworks. We were also impressed by its regular external auditing and transparent incident-response protocol. It only means that if there are any issues/weaknesses in their system, these will be immediately identified then addressed. 

Overall, this is an excellent password manager tool to use, and we’re definitely recommending it. 

LastPass Password Manager Review Summary

LastPass Password Manager is truly safe since it’s a closed source password manager. The company doesn’t depend on third-party audit agencies to verify their secure operation. 

This service utilises AES-256-bit encryption, a military-grade encryption for locking your secure vault. Only your master passwords can unlock the vault and these are never sent directly to the company. Even the developers can’t unencrypt your data, so everything you store is safe from intrusion.

LastPass is one of the best password managers around. The free version is excellent, while the premium and family plans offer a lot more benefits.

To start using LastPass, go to the official website to create an account.