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Lenovo Enters the Handheld Gaming Scene

The video gaming industry is bigger than ever. It’s growing at an incredible rate and is showing no sign of stopping any time soon. While consoles from Microsoft and Sony rule the roost, handheld gaming is making something of a resurgence.

When we think of handheld gaming units, the first thing that comes to most of our minds is the Nintendo Switch. However, there’s a new contender on the scene. Who is it? Could they really challenge Nintendo’s dominance? Find out here.

Enter Lenovo

Lenovo isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when you think of handheld gaming. In fact, you might not have heard of Lenovo at all. If that’s the case, let’s take a quick look at the company to give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Lenovo is a Chinese tech company that specialises in designing, producing and manufacturing consumer electronics such as computers, laptops and mobile devices. The company also produces professional products such as servers and databases, as well as software.

In 2017, Lenovo debuted the Legion line of laptops. These are designed with the gaming community in mind, offering the high specs and performance capabilities required to run the latest game titles.

Lenovo Legion Go

The Lenovo Legion line of laptops and tablets proved popular among the gaming community. However, Lenovo went a step further this year, announcing details of a dedicated handheld gaming console: the Legion Go.

Unveiled at the beginning of September, the Legion Go is a Windows-powered handheld gaming console, a first of its kind for the company. The device has been designed with high performance in mind, using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art hardware to deliver a fantastic gaming experience for players.

Under the Hood

Some details about Legion Go have yet to be released. We still don’t know if the unit will let you browse the internet and visit a real money online casino, but we’d be very surprised if it didn’t.

What we do know is what the Legion Go has under the hood. Modern games are huge and incredibly complex. As a result, they require powerful systems to handle them. Lenovo certainly didn’t overlook this, they have supercharged the Legion Go with hardware, meaning it will be more than capable of coping with whatever you throw at it.

The device is powered by an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and bolstered by 16 GB of RAM. It’s also got an NVMe solid-state drive, offering plenty of space for storing your games.

What About the Display?

The power under the hood is all well and good, but what about the display? Gaming is a visual experience; players want to see their games in the highest possible quality.

Thankfully, Lenovo has this covered. The Legion Go has a huge display, by handheld device standards, featuring an 8.8-inch QHD Plus screen with 2560×1600 resolution.

What Does This Mean for Handheld Gaming?

Handheld gaming took the world by storm in the days of the GameBoy. Nintendo continues to dominate the sector, with over 125 million Switch units sold to date.

However, with the Legion Go primed for an October launch, we could be set to see a changing of the guard. The Legion Go has the power and technology to topple Nintendo and claim the top spot as the undisputed king of the handheld gaming world.


Lenovo’s gaming laptops have long been held in high regard. With news of the Legion Go, it appears that the company is looking to further establish itself as a giant of the gaming industry, and it could soon be ready to rival the titan that is Nintendo.

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