logitech g604 review Logitech G604 Review

Logitech G604 Review

Logitech is a known brand that produces a lot of excellent mice and other peripherals. Here in our Logitech G604 Review, we’ll check out one of their notable mice designed for gamers.

From their wired mice models featuring tons of buttons, they now have a wireless mouse with a textured palm rest. It features two types of connectivity, plus a month of uptime via one AA battery.

This is the Logitech G604 which is an excellent option for those who play a lot of MMO and MOBA games. The mouse is also suitable for other game genres with lots of commands.

It’s a promising piece with notable features, but how good is this gaming mouse from Logitech? We’ll find out here in our Logitech G604 Review. But before anything else, let’s check out its packaging and contents inside the box.

Logitech G604 Packaging

This is the part of our Logitech G604 Review that focuses on the packaging and contents of the G604.

The G604 came in your typical-looking Logitech cardboard box that sports a grey and blue theme. There’s an image of the mouse in front, together with G604 written in huge, bold, blue letters. Below its name, you’ll find Logitech and its logo also in blue fonts.

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We liked that Logitech included an image of the mouse on the box. It is vital especially for those who want to know what it looks like before purchasing. At the top of the image, you’ll see that Logitech noted that it’s a lightspeed wireless mouse.

Flipping the box, you’ll see another image of the mouse but from a different angle. It displays all the buttons and its overall shape. Other than the G604’s image, you’ll find details about the Hero 16K sensor, and all the programmable buttons available.

You’ll also find details about the options for dual wireless connection. In addition to these, the company included a full specification list on the box’s side, which is pretty helpful.

Inside the box, the Logitech G604 is set in a tray while being protected by a plastic cover. Aside from the mouse, the tray holds two other accessories, as well as the documentation tucked inside.

Aside from these, you will also get the Logitech gaming sticker, a warranty sheet, and a quick setup guide. Plus, you’ll find your usual Logitech gaming advert as well.

For the accessories, the mouse is short on a couple of things that you’d usually find together with Logitech’s mice. Instead, you’ll get a single Duracell AA battery and one USB extension cord.

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Logitech G604 Review – Design and Functionality

This is the part of our Logitech G604 Review that deals with the design and functions of the G604.

The Logitech G604 gives you control power and the ability to conquer MMO, MOBA, and Battle Royale battle gameplays. It’s a strategically designed lightspeed wireless gaming mouse with a total of 15 programmable controls.

These controls combine with the extremely fast lightspeed dual connection, plus the class-leading HERO 16K sensor. Technically, this is a multifaceted weapon that allows you to play better and play longer at all times.

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Key Features of the Logitech G604

Now in our Logitech G604 Review, we’re going to see the different key features of this wireless gaming mouse.

Fifteen Programmable Control Buttons

With the Logitech G604, you can program, refine, and win your game battles with ease. Master your arsenal in MMO, Battle Royale, and MOBA games with adequately-positioned controls via enhanced setups and quantity.

Dual-Connection with LIGHTSPEED

A single click allows you to toggle from extremely fast 1ms LIGHTSPEED wireless plus Bluetooth. And this can happen even across two separate devices.

HERO 16K Sensors

The mouse features the HERO 16K, which is Logitech’s most advanced gaming sensor. What’s great about it is that it has a precise 1:1 class-leading and tracking power efficiency for better use.

The HERO 16K also acquires 16,000 maximum DPI, as well as zero smoothing, acceleration, or filtering.

Spin, Ratchet, and Switch

The mouse comes with a durable metallic scrolling wheel that switches from hyper-fast to ratchet scrolling. You can quickly fly through menus then ratchet through spell and weapon choices. Or, you can set keybinds to up/down inputs when necessary.


This is the part of our Logitech G604 Review that deals with the mouse’s specifications.

For its dimensions, the G604 measures 130 x 80 x 45mm (H x W x D). The overall weight with the AA battery is 135g.

The mouse makes use of a HERO 16K tracking sensor, with a 100 to 16,000 DPI resolution. Furthermore, the G604 has zero acceleration/smoothing/filtering, plus a maximum acceleration of >40 G1. This specification was tested on the G240 gaming mouse pad.

When it comes to the maximum speed, it’s >400 IPS2 tested on the G240 gaming mouse pad as well.

The mouse’s USB data format is 16-bits/axis, while its LIGHTSPEED wireless report rate is 1000Hz. Its Bluetooth report rate ranges from 88 to 133Hz while it uses a 32-bit ARM microprocessor.

For its battery life during LIGHTSPEED mode, it can reach up to 240 hours with continuous gaming. When using the Bluetooth mode, the battery lasts up to 5.5 months during regular use.

Other features of the mouse include a dual-mode hyper-fast scrolling wheel, plus an onboard memory. Moreover, the Logitech G604 comes with a mechanical button tensioning system as well.

Lastly, it comes with a two-year warranty for convenience.

Hands-on with the Logitech G604

This part of our Logitech G604 Review, we’ll get more hands-on with the G604 wireless mouse. But before anything else, let’s talk about the G HUB Logitech software.

G HUB Software

The G HUB Software is Logitech’s management software for most of the company’s latest peripherals. It’s straightforward and displays which devices are plugged in, letting you better manage these with ease.

For keyboards, this can mean anything from RGB to macros. Yet when it comes to the G604 mouse, it manages all essential mouse aspects like button mapping, DPI, and more.

DPI Profiles

For the DPI profiles, you get a total of four profiles which are all customisable. When it comes to button mapping, it was pretty easy and quick too. Here, you can readily assign simple keyboard keys to specific buttons. Moreover, you can also set these to full macros which is pretty cool.

With just a press of a button, we were able to easily launch games. Plus, we got to open the G HUB software, as well as the Chrome browser. Generally, the G HUB is similar to Corsair or Razer’s equivalent software. However, it’s much easier and straightforward to utilise compared to these.


The Logitech G604 plays excellently across the board, and surprisingly, its six little thumb buttons worked well. We assumed we’d have a difficult time differentiating these buttons from one another, but it proved otherwise.

We tried the mouse with games that required additional buttons for play. In a specific game, we use a particular character that executes various skills or abilities.

Technically, the game requires us to use a lot of buttons to use specific moves. So, mapping these to the thumb buttons allowed us to pay closer attention to the action on the screen.

With a total of six thumb buttons, we were able to utilise all the six usual skills whenever we wanted. Plus, our left hand was free to use for more vital techniques like stuns, counters, and interrupts.

Likewise, the Logitech G604 also functions well for other specific skills in real-time strategy games. It was easy to assign standard control and build groups to the mouse’s thumb buttons.

Overall, the mouse worked efficiently and effectively, and it was perfect for games that required a lot of buttons. It has an excellent build, and its shape was comfortable even during prolonged use. So, we didn’t experience any strains or pains while gaming.

With that, we’d highly recommend the Logitech G604, and we’re giving it five stars for performance, build, and efficiency.

Logitech G604 Review – Summary

Gaming mice have been popular since 2014, and that includes Logitech’s G600 line. The G604 attracts gamers with its balance between sleek design and numerous buttons. Compared to previous models, it’s more expensive but has a balance between performance and design.

This mouse delivered the performance that is essential for MMO gaming, and it was highly accurate, quick, and responsive. In fact, these made the G604 one of the best gaming mice on the market today. Aside from its satisfying performance, we also liked the G Hub software that was user-friendly.

In conclusion of our Logitech G604 review, we highly recommend this gaming mouse. If you want to have the Logitech G604, you can purchase this from the company’s official website.