logitech k580 review Logitech K580 Review

Logitech K580 Review

If you’re someone who hates wires and wants a more precise space on their desk space, this Logitech K580 review will guide you. Keyboards have been one of the best electronic peripherals that help you communicate around the world. Wirelessly, they’re beneficial with portable devices such as phones, tablets and other portable gadgets. Desktops and laptops can also achieve satisfying results if you use it correctly and what it’s intended.

Logitech has released a keyboard that utilizes multi-device wireless connectivity, and it makes your daily tasks more productive. It packs many essentials, and its simplistic looks and feel gets your attention. I want to share my thoughts about this keyboard and how it helped me increase my productivity.

I’m going to be introducing the Logitech K580 – the right choice if you’re used to typing with low-profile keyboards. It also doesn’t take up so much desk space, and you pretty much shouldn’t worry about desk space.

We’ll start the Logitech K580 review by how right the package is.

Logitech K580 Packaging

On this part of Logitech K580 review, we’ll start by focusing on how it’s packed and what you’ll get inside.

Logitech ensures to make their packaging clean & straightforward, even on products that are low-profile or budget-friendly.

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The logo is in the bottom-middle of the box. Since it does not focus on gaming, it uses the standard Logitech logo. It packs lots of crucial information about the keyboard behind the box, along with a sample of its physical appearance.

Opening the box, you’ll see the keyboard itself wrapped in a plastic sheet, along with the user documentation. The keyboard is fully protected inside the box and fits in without any added bubble wrap. Shipping this item nationwide isn’t a problem.

The Logitech K580 comes with a USB Dongle and two AAA batteries located through the top cover of the keyboard.

For warranty purposes, remember always to keep the receipt, the box, and the items, as it comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty.

Logitech K580 Review – Design and Functionality

In this section of the Logitech K580 review, we’ll talk about the design and how it functions as a wireless keyboard.

It includes a tray at the top, where you can easily place your smartphone or tablet.

On top of the keyboard, you’ll find a small power switch, so you can turn it off when you don’t use it.

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Its function is like any other regular keyboards, a peripheral for online communication, writing documents and accessing various things from a device. But with wireless features, this is a different story.

The keyboard features low profile keys, similar to laptops & other wireless keyboards and is very comfortable and clean-looking. It offers excellent portability and provides genuine typing experience throughout your whole session.

The keyboard works for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS systems so it should be the perfect device to use whatever setup you have. After establishing a connection between two devices, you can switch which device to use by pressing F11 or F12. Depending on which connectivity option you’re using, F11 or F12 keys are going to indicate with a blinking white LED light which function you’re using.

Switching between two devices kind of feels sluggish sometimes, it takes about three to five seconds before it switches to the other device.

Take note that it doesn’t have a software for customizing the keys, but the good thing is that it is plug and play.

Key Features of the Logitech K580

Our Logitech K580 review also explains the keyboard’s key features and hotkeys that can help you in productivity.

It works without the USB dongle even on PCs, as long as you have your very own Bluetooth dongle. But of course, the signal may vary depending on how well your Bluetooth dongle’s antenna is. I still recommend using the USB dongle to ensure the full compatibility of the product.

On Windows tablets that don’t come with its keyboard, this comes in handy. Some don’t even come with a full-sized USB Type-A port, so if it doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth, you’ll have to purchase a USB OTG Cable.

For Android devices, this pairs up quickly. You don’t have to configure anything or fiddle with the settings. I have some android devices in which the touchscreen doesn’t work anymore. Having both mouse and keyboard connect wirelessly on your android device makes it seem useful again.

Overall, shortcut keys like Copy (Ctrl+C), Cut (Ctrl+X), Paste (Ctrl+V) and Select All (Ctrl+A) do function with every device.

If you want to use this keyboard with two devices, the other one needs to connect through Bluetooth, and the other one should be using the USB Dongle. 


This part of our Logitech K580 review, we’ll talk about the keyboard’s specifications and its size. The keyboard is 43.9 mm x 373.5 mm x 21.3 mm (H x W x D), and it weighs about 558g (including battery). The slot or tray is 11 mm x 175.7 mm x 10.3 mm – with a hook that holds the phone at 6.2 mm from the bottom.

The keyboard’s battery life lasts for about 24 months, and it’s safe to say that you can stay confident while using it for an extended period. Powered by two AAA batteries, it’s very efficient and budget-friendly. The Bluetooth also has a feature called “Bluetooth Low energy technology”, and it also helps with keeping the battery last longer, even when it’s powered up.

The size is compact, considering it’s a full-sized keyboard with numeric keypads.

The weight is quite light, and it’s effortless to carry around coffee shops when you want to use it along with an Android Tablet or an iPad.

Logitech K580 Review Summary

This last part of our Logitech K580 review, we’ll give our feedback and all of its pros and cons.

Overall, the Logitech K580 isn’t a bad option if you want to be more productive with your work. At first glance, I already knew this would be a big help and makes my desk look elegant.

In my opinion, the best thing about this is that you can charge your device while using this keyboard.  Although it doesn’t look durable, it feels real, and it’s worth every penny I’ve spent with this product.

It favours most of the people out there who have a portable device, and they can never go wrong once they get used to it. I’m pretty much satisfied with the overall quality, and the build quality is just right for the price. I want to thank Logitech for making such great quality products like this keyboard.

I’m looking forward to seeing more good products like this. With an affordable price tag you can’t go wrong with this product. I hope our Logitech K580 review helped in finding the right keyboard for you. If you would like to avail of this product, visit their official website here.