medialight review Medialight Flex Mk2 Review

Medialight Flex Mk2 Review

Lighting can be a hard thing to manage, especially without the proper devices and equipment. With Medialight’s Mk2 Series, you can find a solution from here. Our Medialight Flex Mk2 review will talk about an efficient lighting solution perfect for your needs.

With the help of this product, it may effectively end all your eyesore problems.

The Flex Mk2 is a bias light that offers better contrast options, eliminates eye strain, and brings more colour options. You can customise, optimise and manage all your lighting effects with this product. With that said, let’s jump into our Medialight Flex Mk2 review.

Medialight Flex Mk2 Packaging

Before we can learn more about our Medialight Flex Mk2 review, we should go over the items that are in the package. Here, we will take a look at the accessories that come with the product.

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The Medialight Flex Mk2 comes in a small black box. You will see a diagram and the logos on the package’s front portion. On the sides, you will find some minor information regarding the product. When looking at the back, there are descriptions of the product’s features and functions.

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Inside the box, you will find the LED strip wrapped around the wheel holder. There’s also a 3M VHB mounting adhesive, PWM dimmer, IR remote, USB 3.0 power cable, and AC adaptor.

These are all kept neatly inside the packaging that holds them in place. Because of how it’s packed, you can guarantee that it’ll safely arrive in your hands.

Medialight Flex Mk2 Review – Design and Functionality

Alright, let’s move on to the product’s physical properties in our Medialight Flex Mk2 review.

Our Medialight Flex Mk2 is ISF certified, which means it has a flat spectral response. It’s also sometimes known as colour fidelity.

Aside from its certification, the Flex Mk2 is made for the purpose of relieving the strain on your eyes. Often, it is caused by screens and monitors alike. The Flex Mk2 is a LED strip that can be colour and gamma-customised for the benefit of its user.

This eliminates harmful effects on the eyes, making it easier to watch or stare at the screen or monitor. Plus, it provides an improved contrast to screens, reduction of eye strain, and a brighter, more precise colour palette.

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The Flex Mk2, in this review, features the 6-meter LED strip version. It is long, but with the help of the mounting adhesive, attaching it to most screens and monitors is effortless.

It comes with two power options which are the USB 3.0 cable and the AC adaptor. With these options at hand, you can choose to use them in various types of environments.

Moreover, the Mk2 Series was truly made to allow a simulated D65 “dim surround” accurate bias lighting solution. It’s perfect for most home cinemas that lack proper background lighting. It also works for gaming rigs in dark rooms.

Thanks to the combination of colour temperature accuracy and ultra-high CRI, you can enjoy your home entertainment with optimised views. With its  instant warm-up and colour-stable dimming features, you are sure to create a lively environment.

Key Features of the Medialight Flex Mk2

Shifting from the Flex Mk2’s design, we’ll head on to its features in our Medialight Flex Mk2 review. These key features make this solution stand out from similar products.

Several Sizes for the Right Setup

In our Medialight Flex Mk2 review, we will focus primarily on the 6-meter LED strip product. Even so, looking at the other size options provides for more choices available on one’s table.

The Flex Mk2 comes in several lengths: from one metre to six metres. It is also possible to cut the lengths to suit various TV or monitor sizes in your home. Just make sure to follow the recommended lengths and procedures during customisation to guarantee the best results.

Better Precision

Our Medialight Flex Mk2 brings a high and accurate 6500K correlated colour temperature, with 6500K being the maximum or brightest. It allows you to regulate its contrast to ease the viewing experience.

Additionally, it has a colour rendering index that is greater than or equal to 98 Ra. This colour index determines the number of colours a light source can produce. For the Flex Mk2, you can select all the way to 98 Ra.

With its wide range of colour palettes, you can choose what best supplements your TV or monitor lighting. Find the setting that best fits your environment. Then, personalise it to make it easier for both your eyes and your experience.

Light Management

Some of the features that come with the Flex Mk2 are instant warm-up and colour-stable dimming. These features make it simpler for the user to adjust and reconfigure the lighting together with the remote control and PWM dimmer.

The IR remote control allows for instant readjustment and on or off switching. For the PWM dimmer, you can correct the brightness of the lighting to match your main screen.

Home Comfort

The Flex Mk2, with its number of features and functions, offers only the best for its users. With the different reconfiguration settings and optimisations, you can relax and enjoy your entertainment with ease.

Sit back and feel free to watch to your heart’s content as the Flex Mk2 lessens eye strain. This is with the help of its light management and more.


Now, we will proceed further with our Medialight Flex Mk2 review and start checking on the product’s specifications. This means that we will look into the Flex Mk2’s composition, dimensions, material and more.


The Flex Mk2 comes in several size options. You can choose from 1, 2, 3, 5 or even 6-metre lengths. For this review, we are handling the 6-metre version.


It contains a high-accuracy 6500K CCT, which is the correlated colour temperature. The product has a colour rendering index of greater than or equal to 98 Ra. Thanks to these aspects, it has a colour-stable dimming and instant warm-up for easy use.


The Flex Mk2 uses a USB 3.0 cable power and has an AC adapter for an alternative option. Other than that, included is a PWM dimmer and IR remote control. This is the same for all sizes, except for the 1-meter length option.


Our Flex Mk2 has a 5-year warranty which is great. It also has a 3M VHB authentic peel-and-stick mounting adhesive.

Hands-on with the Medialight Flex Mk2

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Earlier, we looked into the factual information and details of the product. Now, we shall observe the Flex Mk2 through our tests.

In our Medialight Flex Mk2 review, testing the product lets us better understand the features and functions of the product. Performing these tests also helps in verifying its claims.

When the Flex Mk2 arrived, we were excited to install and test this product. We’ve heard about bias lighting systems before, so we had an idea of what we wanted to do.

Upon arriving, we instantly removed it from the package and tried to install it on one of our TV screens in the office. Installation took less than 5 minutes, and the entire installation process went smoothly.

Using our 76-inch TV screen, the 6-metre LED strip fit perfectly as we took careful measurements. After its installation, we tried powering it up with the USB 3.0 cable. Thankfully, the TV screen we had contained a USB 3.0 port. There, it lit up magnificently.

The Flex Mk2 made it much easier on the eyes as it was less straining. There was better balance in light as it created a pleasant environment to look at.

We adjusted the brightness from time to time and changed the colour palettes to fit and match our tastes.

In the end, we kept using the Flex Mk2 throughout the day, as it improved our viewing experience. We were delighted in using it as it became much more tolerable to watch for longer hours.

Overall, the Flex Mk2 proved useful in eliminating strain in our eyes. We could enjoy movies without having to take an eye break or wash our faces. It did its job, and we were surprised by the quality it gave.

Medialight Flex Mk2 Review Summary

The Medialight Flex Mk2 is a LED strip made to ease up the pain from screen brightness. It does this with the high-accurate correlated colour temperature that reduces the brightness together with the PWM dimmer.

For colour management, the colour rendering index provided various options. These helped us with our choices that best fit our viewing tastes. Its instant warm-up feature allowed us to take breaks from the consistent screen brightness.

All in all, the Medialight Flex Mk2 is an excellent product. We recommend this to people who want to make their homes a much more pleasant environment.

If you are interested in this product, then click here for more information.