Microsoft versus Sony – The Console Wars Are More Heated Than Ever

Gaming is moving away from hardware reliance (e.g., consoles and PCs) and toward a distribution strategy across numerous platforms. Cloud gaming subscription services, which offer a large range of games, are drawing more players. In order to draw members, these services are giving each company’s game library greater weight. As the owner of many studios known for creating fantastic gaming experiences, Sony has always had an advantage in offering gamers the best selection of unique titles. However, Microsoft is beginning to leverage its significant financial edge against Sony to its advantage.

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Microsoft has made a number of acquisitions recently to bolster the Xbox Game Studios’ developer skill pool. It turns out that the $7.5 billion purchase of ZeniMax Media, the owner of Bethesda, in 2020 was only a warmup. With its $68.7 billion offer to acquire Activision Blizzard, one of the biggest gaming firms in the world, Microsoft is about to deliver a severe blow to Sony. The transaction is anticipated to be completed in Microsoft’s fiscal 2023, which ends in June.

If the criteria for victory in the gaming competition between Sony and Microsoft weren’t previously clear, they certainly should be by this point. By providing gamers with the most extensive selection of the biggest franchises in the business, Microsoft has a competitive advantage against Sony. 

Microsoft could succeed by growing its Xbox user base rather than selling more consoles, and expanding its Xbox Game Pass subscription service is a key component of that approach.

According to Statista, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass membership program saw a 67% increase in users in 2021, reaching 25 million. Even while Sony’s PlayStation Plus has twice as many subscribers, only 2 million new ones joined last year. 

The industry’s future battlefield will be these Netflix-style gaming services, and Microsoft certainly had the advantage going into 2022 because of competitive console sales.

There are more than 3 billion video game players, therefore the race is on to be the first billion. In an instant, I would wager on Microsoft. Activision Blizzard will, should the purchase goes through, provide Microsoft a sizable base of 361 million gamers, enabling it to surpass PlayStation’s number of more than 100 million accounts.

The Ball Finally Landed in Microsoft’s Court

PlayStation has dominated the console gaming market for the past two decades, but Sony’s recent approach reveals a business playing defense as Microsoft gains market share in console sales and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

To increase its audience, Sony has recently increased its attempts to publish PlayStation games on other platforms, such as PCs, although it’s still unclear whether this will be sufficient to compete with Microsoft.

Sony’s issue is that Microsoft’s dominance in subscription services is overtaking Sony’s fundamental competency of manufacturing consumer products in the video game sector.

The main issue is that Sony lacks the $68 billion necessary to acquire a video game company. Microsoft generates enough revenue from operations to acquire practically any video game developer in order to include exclusive games in Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft may already have won the war even if it is still trailing Sony in console sales.

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