modmic wireless review ModMic Wireless Review

ModMic Wireless Review

Ever heard of a wireless microphone? Maybe you’re thinking of a wireless headset with a microphone. Well, you’re mistaken if you thought of that. In our ModMic Wireless review, we’ll talk about a microphone that offers stability without sacrificing quality. 

Wireless microphones are devices that offer efficiency and reliability in your arsenal. This particular product provides lower latency than most wireless devices. Other than that, it is compatible with many platforms and devices.

With that said, let’s get right into our ModMic Wireless review. 

ModMic Wireless – Packaging

Before we go over our ModMic Wireless review, we need to go over all the items that come with the package. 

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The ModMic Wireless is kept in a small white package. You will see the image of the product on the front of the box. There, the logos and some features are indicated. You won’t find anything on the sides, but the logo of Antlion Audio displayed. 

When flipping the package on its back, you will find a diagram that shows the different parts of the product. It highlights all the important parts of the microphone and its functions. 

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Inside, you will be greeted with the instruction manual, a card and the hard case that houses the microphone and all the other components needed. 

When opening the hard case, you will find the microphone, various cables, the Bluetooth wireless receiver and plastic that holds all the mounting pieces.

The microphone has a magnet and adhesive tape that ensures your microphone is secured on to your headset. 

ModMic Wireless – Design and Functionality

Now let’s take a look at the product’s design and functionality in our ModMic Wireless review. 

The ModMic Wireless is one of Antlion Audio’s newest products. It’s a microphone built to deliver broadcast-quality in its signal that champions quality compared to other wireless microphones. 

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This is uncommon to most wireless microphones as they focus on range and vocal intonation. With that, the ModMic Wireless is unique and is made for those who prefer stability in connection and speed. 

Unlike most wireless devices, this isn’t a headset but rather an attachable device that can be combined with any headset. It is a separate entity that works well with other devices.

Our ModMic Wireless microphone features a black finish on its design and is sleek and slender. It has a head unit that acts as a medium that sends signals that go to your device. 

On the head unit, there are LED indicators that notify you regarding power level, charging status and mute indication. 

The wireless receiver, the one that attaches to your computer or console, also has the same LED indicators. It receives information from the microphone and translates it into an analog electrical signal for your computer to read.

Going back to the head unit, it contains a USB port, so that you may charge it while in use. 

Thanks to Antlion Audio’s creative design, they can come up with an elegant product. It shines in both efficiency and brilliance. 

Key Features of the ModMic Wireless

Moving on from its design, we head now towards the features of this product in our ModMic Wireless review. 

APTX Low Latency

The ModMic Wireless microphone features a lower latency than most Bluetooth devices. This happens due to ModMic devoting all the bandwidth to the microphone. 

Thanks to that, it provides a lower latency of only 34 ms. This is ultimately faster than your average Bluetooth devices that are five times slower. 

Quality in Audio

Quality for audio in most wireless devices lacks broader band audio that stays around 4kHz. This was an issue Antlion Audio saw with a lot of wireless headsets. 

For the solution, Antlion Audio puts the ModMic Wireless on full signal strength. This is done by allowing a 16-bit, 48kHz signal with a 20hz to 20kHz frequency response range. By that, the ModMic Wireless microphone is on par with the best-wired microphones. 

Dual Mic Modes

Our ModMic Wireless features several functions. One of them is the Dual Mic Mode. This allows the user to choose between Omni-directional or Uni-directional mode. 

Omni-directional mode is perfect for wider frequencies that are needed for recording and streaming. The Uni-directional mode delivers a clear, crisp signal that shields the unwanted background noise. 

With these two modes in your microphone, you hold a versatile device that allows you to provide better quality.

One Tap

This microphone has a built-in feature called One Tap, which allows the user to quickly mute instantly with a press of a button. This silences any input that comes to the microphone. The LED will notify you whether you are muted or not. 

Just in case emergencies happen or sudden background noises appear, you can quickly mute yourself. 


The ModMic Wireless microphone offers a 12 plus hour battery life. Although this may last a long time, it will still end up empty if you do not charge the device.

With that, Antlion Audio made sure to include an option to charge while using the microphone. This is important if you are on a call and you need to recharge your device. Just simply plug in the cable to your microphone.


It can be annoying to not be able to use a headset, microphone or device when changing platforms. This is a common problem for most users as they need to find another device that is compatible with the platform.

For this situation, Antlion Audio has thought ahead and planned this out. They were able to provide a USB Type-A receiver that works well with a variety of platforms. For this, you just connect the cables and play.

Overall, Antlion Audio is a genius when it comes to products that serve its audience’s needs. They can come up with an amazing device that not only works for games but office work and more. 


Our ModMic Wireless review should talk about the important details that help produce this product. 

The ModMic Wireless microphone contains dual electret capsules, which are Omni-directional and Uni-directional. These are selector switches that remain on the microphone housing. 

Head Unit

It contains a charging port that features Micro USB to USB Type-A. Other than that, a quick mute, LED status indicator and clasps that are plated Neodymium N45 all are on the headset.

Wireless Receiver

For the wireless receiver, it has a USB 2.0 Full Speed Type-A and includes a USB extension cable. It also has an LED status indicator, just like the head unit. All LED indicators display power, charging and mute notifications.

Microphone Capsule 

Regarding the microphone, it has an optimal range of above 10 meters. An estimate of about 32 plus feet. It also has a 16-bit depth and 48kHz sample rate.

Besides that, the codec holds an aptX Low Latency which goes about roughly 34ms. Its response range for Omni-directional goes from 50Hz to 20kHz. The Uni-directional response range only reaches 100Hz to 10kHz. 

Hardware Compatibility

The ModMic Wireless microphone is compatible with a number of systems. These systems include Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4 and PS5 gaming consoles. Sadly, it is not yet compatible with Xbox consoles. 

Hands-on with the ModMic Wireless

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Verifying a product’s value is important in determining its quality. By that, we mean to test and learn about the product.

In our ModMic Wireless review, we handle this by running tests that indicate where the product fails or succeeds. 

For the tests, we want to know the quality of its Bluetooth connection, test both microphone modes and its cross-platform capabilities. Alright, let’s start with the first test.

When setting up the ModMic Wireless microphone, we had no troubles. It was easy to get it done and took us less than a minute. 

Regarding its connection quality, we had no latency issues or delays when speaking. During recording, we found no problems with the signal strength. We believe this is due to the microphone head unit fully putting its capacity on connection stability. 

For the modes, we had to test both Omni-directional and Unidirectional. First was the Omni-directional. 

During the test, the Omni-directional mode had no trouble picking up the sounds and easily receiving delicate details. It was interesting to see the microphone also picking up some background noise due to this feature.

The Omni-directional proved to be very sensitive towards the sound as it picked it up from all directions, hence the word “Omni”.

Next, we wanted to check the Uni-directional. Uni-directional primarily focuses on a specific target, and the microphone did just that. With this mode on, you could accurately hear the vocal intonations and speech from the speaker. 

The ModMic Wireless microphone boasts its claims on being versatile in its cross-platform while maintaining its quality. When switching out different platforms to consoles like the PS4 and PS5, there were no issues. 

It was easy to switch, and the connection, as well as the quality, remained the same. We believe that ModMic Wireless stays true to its words that they provide quality and connection stability.

With that, the ModMic Wireless is a superb product. It provides a strong connection without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

ModMic Wireless Review Summary

Before we end our ModMic Wireless review, we will provide you with our final thoughts regarding this product. 

The ModMic Wireless is a microphone that does a wonderful job with the features provided. It offers reliability with its given characteristics.

Thanks to the Dual Mic Modes, you have a broader and wider arsenal for your device. Other than that, its Charge-In-Use feature keeps you connected and secured. 

With that, we had a fantastic time unveiling this product. By that, we are happy to recommend this to anyone looking for connection reliability and quality in a microphone. If you want to learn more about the product or any of Antlion Audio’s other products, then click here.