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Mountain Everest Max Keyboard Review

Today, our Mountain Everest Max Keyboard review will focus on another product from MOUNTAIN. This is the Everest Max mechanical keyboard and it’s all about quality, performance, and great looks.

MOUNTAIN created their keyboard with full personalisation in mind. And this is all thanks to its modular parts. 

It’s a mechanical keyboard packed with all the top-tier and advanced features that you’d need. If you’re interested to know more about it, continue reading our Mountain Everest Max Keyboard review. 

Mountain Everest Max Keyboard Packaging

We received our keyboard in a very nice and clean-looking cardboard box. The front is all black and it only has “Reach Your Summit” written here. Artwork and designs are limited on the package, but opening it gives you a lot of information about the product. 

Also, it even offers excellent shipping protection since it’s thick and durable enough. That means you won’t need to worry about incurring damages while in transit.

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Flipping the box, you’ll find an image of the keyboard along with a couple of information related to it. 

Inside, the Everest Max rests in its own space and all other components come in their own boxes. These are neatly and securely packed which is great since we love clean and organised boxes. You can find these extras in a drawer beneath a compartment where the Everest Max sits. 

Of course, we’re also identifying each item inside the box here in our Mountain Everest Max Keyboard review. Aside from the keyboard, you’ll find a keycap + switch combo removal tool, a USB-C to C cable, and riser feet. There’s also a USB-A to C cable, five additional Cherry MX switches, and an extra ESC keycap. 

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Mountain Everest Max Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

Everest Max is a tenkeyless modular keyboard that’s highly customisable. Although it’s a TKL type, it comes with a Numpad that can be attached to either side of the product.

It sports a milled aluminium top plate that’s in grey or black. What’s nice about it is that it’s sturdy and durable to the touch.

However, Everest Max lacks the usual flip-out feet for elevation and instead, sports a set of magnetic discs. These feature rubberised bottoms that help prop them up. 

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We honestly think this is less convenient than the usual flip-out feet since more set-up time is needed. But luckily, it offers a secure typing surface which we were able to try out during our performance tests. We’ll focus more on this later in the hands-on section of our Mountain Everest Max Keyboard review. 

Additionally, it comes with a wrist rest too. It isn’t that luxurious but it doesn’t feel cheap either. It feels nice and offers adequate comfort, but at the same time, it’s also quite stiff. Overall, you won’t feel fatigued when using the wrist rest with the keyboard.

Underneath the keyboard’s body are a couple of cable routing channels and one detachable USB-C cord. The latter provides power to the Everest Max, the USB-A passthrough, and any other extras you connected.

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What you’ll notice with the Everest Max is its standalone number pad with additional buttons. This part is quite self-explanatory, but it has something special about it. 

The number pad has a switch on the bottom, letting you extend its USB-C connection to the right or left. This gives you the choice to add it to your preferred side of the keyboard. It’s secured in place via magnets which keeps it surprisingly sturdy and secure. 

Additionally, you can also prop up the number pad using its own magnetic feet which are like those on the keyboard itself. 

You’ll also see a quartet of buttons above the number pad. These become LED screens when you connect it to the keyboard. You can bind these to functions such as media playback controls, opening apps, or running macros. 

Additionally, you can even customise each of the buttons with distinct icons from your personal library. You can do this via MOUNTAIN’s desktop software. 

We’re also discussing the Everest Max’s keycaps in this Mountain Everest Max Keyboard review. Basically, it has ABS keycaps instead of PBTs. So, it’s best to keep in mind that these will be prone to shine because of your finger oil. 

But if you want PBT keycaps, you can purchase some with a variety of colour schemes from MOUNTAIN’s website. 

While typing, the keys are nice and stable while the larger keys feature great stabilisers. However, there was a bit of a wobble on the spacebar but it’s nothing alarming. 

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The Media Dock is another peripheral that comes with the keyboard. It’s plugged to the Everest Max’s top portion, either on the right or left-hand side via USB-C connection. 

It’s a nifty addition that lets you scroll through different menus and change the product’s settings on-the-fly. These include decreasing/increasing the volume, RGB lighting controls, and setting its timer. 

Here, you can also see your PC’s information like GPU and CPU usage. You can also utilise its five buttons for skipping music tracks, muting the volume, and pausing media. Additionally, you can even upload an image to your display dial using the Base Camp software. 

Doing this will make your image appear as a screensaver on the dial, and surprisingly, it’s high-quality. 

Key Features of the Mountain Everest Max Keyboard

What makes this keyboard better than the rest? Continue reading our Mountain Everest Max Keyboard review to know more about it. 

Media Dock with Display Dial

The top of the Everest Max features a wide range of controls and displayed information. It’s also the first mouse to have a display that can show your system’s status or switch profiles.

Unique Number Pad Design

With the Everest Max, you can remove the Numpad when not in use. And since it’s detachable, you can set it on either side of the keyboard as well. You won’t have to worry about the quality since it’s built to fit securely to the keyboard.

Custom Display Keys

The numpad of the Everest Max features four display keys that you can modify for more efficiency. Set macros, hotkeys, or your favourite shortcuts, then select an image for display to personalise them further.

Get the Right Height

The unique patent-pending riser feet of the Everest Max provide a sturdy and secure stand. These are better than flimsy plastic feet that aren’t durable.

Aside from the riser feet, the Everest Max also has a set of spacers. With that. you can achieve the perfect height and type comfortably.

Widest Array of RGB Features

Make your keyboard look more stunning with all the RGB features that MOUNTAIN included. With 16.7 million colours and RGB modes available, you can individually customise each key. Also, there’s a slick RGB strip around the keyboard’s body which you can also personalise.

For synchronisation, the Everest Max also supports Razer Chroma RGB.

Extra Smooth

Everest Max uses Cherry stabilisers with tight tolerance and is factory-tuned with Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0. It’s free from rattle and noise, ensuring that this keyboard is a high-quality product.

Replaceable Keyswitches

MOUNTAIN selected gold-standard mechanical switches for the Everest Max. But if you prefer using something different, you can freely change these since the keyboard has a modular design. It’s compatible with any hot-swap variant and you won’t need soldering for replacing the keyswitches.


We further inspected the product for this Mountain Everest Max Keyboard review so we’re discussing its specifications. 

The keyboard comes in two colours: Gunmetal Grey and Midnight Black, and both look awesome. It makes use of 3-pin Cherry MX switches that are hot-swappable. Plus, it also sports a Cherry stabiliser which is lubricated and plate-mounted. 

The Everest Max has a standard ANSI/ISO layout with RGB backlights and NKRO over USB key rollovers. It has a 1,000Hz/1ms polling rate, ABS keycaps, plus up to five profiles for its onboard memory.

Everest Max has an FN key and you can click this to access its on-the-fly system. The keyboard comes with a USB connector and a USB 3.2 Gen1 interface. Additionally, the keyboard sports a magnetic palm rest that’s also covered in PU leather. 

The product measures 265 x 431 x 43mm (LxWxH) and it weighs 1,373g. Then for its cable length, it measures 2m. Lastly, MOUNTAIN included a 2-year warranty along with the keyboard. 

Hands-on with the Mountain Everest Max Keyboard 

Of course, our Mountain Everest Max Keyboard review won’t be complete without testing the product and sharing our experience. But before that, we’ll talk about the Base Camp software from MOUNTAIN.

To further customise the Everest Max, we downloaded and installed MOUNTAIN’s Base Camp software. Before starting anything, we checked for updates and after that, we were good to go.

To our surprise, Base Camp was easy to use despite it being a relatively new software. Through the interface, we were able to program macros and customise various keyboard settings. Also, customising the keyboard’s RGB features was a quick and seamless process

What’s great about the software was it didn’t need to run in the background to keep custom profiles. Everything was saved in the Everest Max’s onboard memory and we were able to save up to five profiles. 

However, note that the keyboard didn’t have cloud sync so we couldn’t use our saved settings on another computer.

Overall, Base Camp was a comprehensive and user-friendly software. The only downside was it didn’t work on macOS despite the keyboard being compatible with MacBook computers. 

Despite that, everything about the software was great since it allowed for full customisation of the Everest Max.

Performance of the Mountain Everest Max Keyboard

We tested the Everest Max for general use and gaming. From there, we had a great typing experience while using this keyboard. Also, the spacing between the keys was just right so we barely had accidental keypresses, and that was great.

With the light actuation pressure, our hands didn’t strain while typing on this keyboard even for long periods. The only downside was the ABS keycaps that made the keys feel a little slippery.

For gaming, its keys didn’t wobble, proving it to be a premium product that isn’t prone to breaking. This is great news for heavy gamers who tend to abuse and press keys roughly during intense gaming sessions.

Each keystroke on the Everest Max was tactile and satisfying. These provided great feedback, but remember that it will vary depending on the switches you use. These are hot-swappable keys, so you can use your preferred key switches anytime.

Another thing we liked about the keyboard was the magnetic discs on its base. This kept the keyboard steady and secure on our desks. That said, we were able to enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

In terms of latency, this was fairly low enough for seamless gaming. Its total latency was 6.5ms which made it feel fast and responsive. It wasn’t the lowest latency that we’ve seen, but the difference was actually too small to notice.

The Everest Max delivered an excellent overall performance which makes it easy to recommend. It works great for both typing and gaming, and we think anyone can take advantage of its amazing features.

Mountain Everest Max Keyboard Review Summary

MOUNTAIN has made a huge statement with Everest Max being the company’s first keyboard. It’s an amazing product that offers the benefits of a TKL and full-sized keyboard thanks to its removable number pad. Plus, it has other unique features like its media dock and programmable display keys.

Aside from its numerous features that you can’t find in other mechanical keyboards, it’s also a high-quality product. It has an aluminium top plate and Cherry MX keyswitches, so it’s definitely sure to last.

With its design and construction, we know that the company placed a lot of effort into the Everest Max. In fact, it’s one of the most well-made keyboards we’ve used. What makes it better is its versatility which allows for various customisations.

When it comes to performance, it’s great that MOUNTAIN didn’t miss out on this. The keyboard was responsive and smooth which are necessary especially for fast-paced games.

Although expensive, the Everest Max has a lot of unique features that are exclusively on this product. And with its excellent design, quality, and performance, it’s definitely worth the purchase. 

To learn more about the Everest Max Keyboard, check out MOUNTAIN’s official product page for information.