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Netduma R2 Router Review

Our Netduma R2 Router review today will discuss everything about this ultimate gaming router from Netduma.

The company’s primary mission is to crush any instances of lags and congestion while gaming. So they created the R2 router, which is designed to guarantee excellent connection for online gaming.

If you already have the best rig for gaming, that’s cool. But if you’re still struggling with gaming online, then there’s a missing part in your setup. That’s where the Netduma R2 router comes in.

This router is created with every gamer in mind. With that, you can expect to have a competitive edge in your gaming setup. Not only that, but it prevents any instances of lags and congestion, allowing you to freely play without interference.

By choosing the Netduma R2, you’re going for control over all your connections, priority traffic, network protection, devices, and more. Moreover, the router is designed for DumaOS 3.0 and will support the upcoming features of the operating system.

With its outstanding in-house design together with notable features and support, the R2 is definitely something worth noting. Or is it?

Continue reading our Netduma R2 Router Review to see if this router is as good as Netduma claims it to be.

Netduma R2 Router Packaging

Our Netduma R2 router review will be incomplete without us looking into its package and contents.

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To begin, it came in a premium-looking cardboard box that was tough and durable. The presentation of the package was nice, and adequate details are featured to give you an idea of what it has to offer.

The front displays an image of the router itself, while its name and function are written above it. On the lower-left corner, you’ll see a note informing you that the router is powered by the DumaOS.

The sides of the box display a couple of the router’s features, while more details are written at the back.

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Inside the box, the R2 router is placed securely together with other items. These are the CAT-6 Ethernet cable, power adapter, and the user guide.

Netduma R2 Router Review – Design and Functionality

Our Netduma R2 router review will now discuss the router’s design and functionality.

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The R2 router itself is well-designed. If you take a look at it, the R2 sports a stylish sci-fi aesthetic to it. We love the design, and we find it quite cool.

The router comes with all the ports and inputs you’d need to get things started. You have an internet port, four extra Ethernet ports, and a USB 3.0 port. There’s also the presence of your standard power socket and reset button.

Key Features of the Netduma R2 Router

Let’s take a look at the R2’s key features in our Netduma R2 router review.

Real-time Ping

With the Live Ping, you can prepare for any match in real-time. You can do this with accurate and perfect visual ping feed.

Wider Compatibility

Geo-filter can work across a ton of games. It will consistently provide you with the best online gaming experience for awesome play.

Harmonise Network

Get congestion control to stop every queuing on the network. With that, no one’s connection will lose out.

Know the Ultimate Strength of Your Connection

Results from online speed tests aren’t the true depiction of our connection’s performance. Run a true line test via the router to see whether you’re getting the quality you deserve.


This time, we’ll check out the different specifications of the R2 router in our Netduma R2 router review.

The router utilises the DumaOS 3.0 version and the 802.11ac dual-band gigabit for its Wi-Fi technology. As for the Wi-Fi performance, it’s AC-1200 Wi-Fi (N-300 + AC-867Mbps).

The R2 router has good Wi-Fi coverage and range, making it ideal for most homes. Additionally, it utilises the simultaneous dual Wi-Fi band 2.4 and 5GHz.

There are a total of four detachable external antennas, plus five Ethernet ports present. These are x1 WAN and x4 LAN Gigabit (10|100|1000Mbps). Also, the router comes with one USB 3.0 port.

R2 makes use of a multi-threaded dual-core processor, plus a 256MB flash memory and 128MB RAM. Its power supply is 100 to 240V; 50 to 60Hz, while the output is 12V, 1,000mA.

It comes with a browser-based setup process, which makes it easy and seamless. You won’t have to worry about having high levels of technical skills to do this. To add to it, the router comes with an FCC regulatory compliance as well.

For the Netduma R2 router’s dimensions, it’s 25cm x 17cm x 3cm without the antennas and weighs 356g.

Hands-on with the Netduma R2 Router

This is where we get hands-on with the router in our Netduma R2 router review. But before we get to how it performs, let’s take a look at the DumaOS and everything about it.

The DumaOS

When you have the DumaOS installed, the R2 router will be more than just a router placed in your home. With its cutting-edge and top-notch features, you know that it’s designed to optimise and enhance everything related to your network.

This is because the router empowers you to take control of your internet connection for entertainment, work, and gaming.

The DumaOS is an entirely web-based utility that segregates performance monitoring and extra features to simple and clear panels.

Challenging router issues won’t be easy to solve for anyone who only has basic networking knowledge. However, it does make the router’s additional features far more useful.

The more intuitive the features are, the more chances that you’ll utilise them.

DumaOS Features

Here is a list of the key features offered by DumaOS.

DumaOS Dashboard

When selecting the features and monitoring screens you prefer or require, you can pin them to the software’s dashboard. It means that you won’t need to utilise the platform’s navigation menu.

Plus, you’ll have links to your favourite panes that appear on the home screen.

Geofilter for No Bad Servers and More Awesome Games

Keep your favourite games close to home and avoid laggy match-ups. The R2 router will let you draw your server zones, or set your server distance of choice to control the servers you play on.

Guarantee Your Priorities

With the QoS, you can prioritise all your favourite devices and applications above the rest. Readily spread out your bandwidth with what you need the most.

The good thing about this? You won’t slow anyone else down while you’re at it.

Hands-on Management

With the simple sliders available on the R2, you can readily alter settings on the fly.

Full-on Protection All From the R2

You can easily block ads on your smart devices that are linked to the router. These include smart TV’s, mobile applications, consoles, and more.

Save Time and Effort

You don’t need to bother with multiple installations. Set up your Adblocker once on your R2 to make it take effect on your entire network.

Prepared 24/7

The blacklist of Adblocker is perfectly crafted and regularly updated. This allows you to stay protected against new threats at all times.

Find the Ultimate Ping for Your Game

Discover the servers that offer you the ultimate edge on your favourite games, no matter when you game.

Not only that, but you can also play the latest release since new updates are updated regularly.

Hybrid VPN

The Hybrid VPN is a feature of the software that lets you specify where the VPN applies or not. Once you link this feature, you can choose what traffic goes through the OpenVPN provider. These include consoles, as well as smart TVs.

It offers you extra layers of security and accessibility that are required when getting on the internet.

Rapp Store

The Rapp Store is a new feature in the software, revolutionising how you can find and crush lags. The DumaOS 3.0 enhances and revolutionises how you control and install these features.

Rapp store is also an interface that makes it easier and more convenient to manage your applications on the router. This is all thanks to the Rapp Store’s user-friendly interface.

Each Rapp is clearly categorised and defined: whether it’s for gaming, security, or something else. Search the store to find your feature of choice. Once done, the installation process is only a press of a button away.

Device Manager

The Device Manager was first introduced in the previous version of DumaOS. It functions and lets you view the status of your network and how it’s networked.

The dynamic device trees display how and where devices link to your network. What’s nice about it is that it updates in real-time as your device becomes online.

You’ll get to view the details of each device, giving these custom labels to make identifying them easier throughout the DumaOS.

For unknown devices trying to utilise your network, these will be automatically blocked.

Traffic Controller

The Traffic Controller is an integrated Firewall. If you’re a parent, you can set schedules for children’s internet availability, and limit the content they can access. If it’s time for them to do homework, you can easily block their access to games, streaming sites, and more.

DumaOS Interface and User Experience

Now, we’re going to talk about the interface of the DumaOS and our experience while using it.

Upon launching the DumaOS, we saw that the software is truly designed for gamers wanting full control over their bandwidth. Like the router’s appearance, the software’s interface has the gamer aspect with a simple yet impressive approach.

As mentioned earlier, the DumaOS is an all-web-based software utility. Its interface is clean and simple, with panels separating performance tracking and extra features that make the router. Its intuitive interface allowed us to take advantage of all of DumaOS’s features.

We had a great experience while using the DumaOS, which isn’t common with other routers’ software utility. When it comes to this software, its features work as Netduma advertised it, which is something we appreciate.

DumaOS will require a good deal of ongoing management and configuration to get the best out of it. Based on our experience, you’ll need to tweak its settings over time to fully optimise your experience. If you want to set it up once and never configure it again, you can’t completely see all its benefits.

QoS Section

The QoS section lets you see a map of all your connected devices in your home network. A pie chart displays the bandwidth shared among the devices.

For the quick drag of the mouse, it allows you to give higher priority to a specific device you choose.

We were highly impressed with DumaOS’ intuitive visualisation feature for the QoS section. It also displays a map where you can set a radius to choose the “allowed connections”.

Network Monitor

The Network Monitor is ideal for anyone who wants or needs to view the amount of data being utilised. You can monitor the movement of each device in real-time.

This is a highly convenient feature when there are more than four connected devices.

We were glad that it also worked as advertised. It was able to display throughputs being utilised on a per-device basis in real-time.


The dashboard is present for when you decide what monitoring screens and features are most useful for you. It will let you pin these to the DumaOS dashboard for quick access when needed.

It also means you won’t need to utilise the platform’s navigation menu every single time.

We were easily able to link all the features and screens that we often use. It’s an extremely useful feature since our ”favourites” were on the home screen for us to access immediately.

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests can be run to find and fix common network problems. With that, you can readily fix NAT issues when connecting to online services or other small yes usual issues.

Finally, the DumaOS was aimed to be a ‘gaming-oriented OS for routers and the like. It sports a mostly red colour scheme, yet Netduma continues to add more themes to their DumaOS 3.0.

With that, you’re allowed to choose and change the UI to something that’s more personalised. An aesthetic that’s more in line with your preferences and tastes.

The R2 Router’s Performance

2020 11 19 10 32 20 Speedtest by Ookla The Global Broadband Speed Test Netduma R2 Router Review

The time we spent with the R2 router was great. Just like what Netduma said, there were no lags or obstructions during our gameplay, and everything went smoothly.

Setting up was easy and quick, and its automated process was great. We were able to seamlessly connect to the modem, so that was pretty convenient. You can also do a manual setup if you’re more comfortable with that process.

Once that was completed, we were able to reach the admin panel and breezed through the installation. Afterwards, we started utilising the R2 router to test the network speeds. Everything was good as expected, and we were happy about that.

During intense online gaming sessions, we played smoothly and didn’t experience any hiccups or disconnections. We played non-stop, and there were barely any lags experienced as well.

We didn’t have any dropped connections, Wi-Fi speed was great, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

Of course, we tested the router for streaming too. There were moments of buffering, but that was rare, and we didn’t lose our connection as well. It performed perfectly the entire time.

The Netduma R2 router also features a reactive setting which is a common element that most routers utilise. It functions efficiently just as advertised. However, you may sometimes experience lags because the router will only react after reaching full utilisation, and when packets drop.

Not only that, but the router is finely optimised for the DumaOS. It allowed Netduma to develop the software, faster compared to her hardware.

We do recommend using preemptive settings since algorithms are ideal for supporting online gaming.

The Netduma R2 router was great, and it allowed us to game non-stop without any issues. For regular use, it was just as great too. It allowed us to easily connect to the internet and browse the web.

Setting it up was a breeze, while its DumaOS was user-friendly and extremely easy to understand.

Overall, the Netduma R2 router was perfect, and we’d definitely recommend it.

Netduma R2 Router Review Summary

The Netduma R2 Router is a game-changing upgrade from the R1. The best thing about the R2 is its DumaOS software that makes various advanced router features simple yet efficient. Setting up and using the router was easy, and it performed excellently throughout.

The Netduma R2 is a compelling, feature-rich router that comes with solid performance and user-friendly software.

Overall, this router is excellent, and as we end our Netduma R2 router review, we’re highly recommending this product. You can purchase this router from the company’s official website.