spons31jul1 23 Nine Unconventional Presents Your Tech-Savvy Buddy Will Love

Nine Unconventional Presents Your Tech-Savvy Buddy Will Love

Planning to gift something to your tech friend? It can definitely be a very complicated topic as everyone has a unique taste and wholly a different set of preferences. Moreover, it’s all the more challenging as you have no clue what tech products your giftee already owns.

If your techie friend is obsessed with casino games available at https://bruce.bet/, then we have plentiful ideas to suggest. First of all, not all computers, tablets and phones are created equal. It would be a huge mess if you purchase a curved monitor for someone who is eyeing to get a triple-screen portable monitor. So, here we will help you figure out which gifts you should consider purchasing for your geek friend, as there is a lot more out there than Bluetooth speakers and smartphones.

What Does a Tech Geek Want?

Technology is ever-changing, which is why it’s important to choose something brilliant and not obsolete. When it comes to gifting, remember that the tech geek friend of yours is just like anyone else and will be truly happy if the present is:

  • Special and thoughtful;
  • Functional for everyday use;
  • Nifty and suitable for automation and simplification of daily tasks;
  • Trendy, letting your friend lay their fingers upon the latest innovations.

Whatever might be their fancy, there is definitely a wonderful techie gift out there that can impress and please your friend.

Gifts That Your Techie Friend Will Geek Out

In this article, we have rounded up some of the coolest gift ideas that your tech friend is going to love. These gifts aren’t just gadgets but gateways that can enhance and upscale your life:

  • Blue light-blocking glasses: Tech geeks spend a lot of time on their devices but only a few would be wearing prescription glasses. We are talking about blue light glasses that are not only functional and stylish but also protective for the eyes from overstrain. These glasses can reduce muscular degeneration and improve sleep;
  • T-shirts: A t-shirt that proudly declares the tech geek status is the typical keyboard or computer circuit t-shirt. And this gift idea can be a wonderful choice. The t-shirt is not only a practical pick but definitely something that all techies would love. Your buddy will love to wear a computer and flaunt the t-shirt all the time, especially when they are away from their gadgets. The keyboard and code t-shirts are a great choice, especially if your friend is a coder. Even though these choices can be quirky and funny, they can also bring a smile to their faces;
  • Circuit board tie: If your geek friend is more of a suit-and-tie person, then this choice is a sure hit. It’s just perfect for a date night and can even look impressive in the office;
  • Transformative smart home gadgets: In today’s era, convenience is king, which is why smart home gadgets are all the more essential. As per recent statistics, 47% of millennials own smart home products like smart thermostats and voice-control assistants that can be rightly called lifestyle enhancers. While they do have a futuristic touch, they also redefine living;
  • Portable chargers: A dead battery is a nightmare for the tech geeks. Portable chargers are lifelines as they are powerful, compact gadgets that ensure the techie will always be connected to technology. A portable charger will ensure that the gadget geek stays powered all the time;
  • Retro gadgets: Does your geeky friend love nostalgia? Then, why not surprise them by giving them a retro device? Whether it’s a classic Walkman or a vintage gaming console, these throwback gadgets are surprise gifting options that can bring back a gush of memories and put a smile on their face. Your gift can be a precious collection that these geeks would love to show off to other fellow nerds;
  • Reusable smart notebook: Taking notes on laptops can, at times, be a daunting task. That’s why reusable smart notebooks enter the picture. The pages of such notebooks are completely reusable, meaning the contents can be erased whenever needed. The written stuff on these pages can easily be stored in the cloud. This tool is highly convenient as it’s easier to note down things on reusable notebooks, which have a huge storage space yet are compact enough to be carried anywhere;
  • Virtual reality headsets: Does the techie love to immerse themselves deep into the virtual world? Then, this virtual reality headset can be an ideal gift. For your buddy, it’s more than just a gift, as it opens them to the realm of new possibilities. It’s ideal for dreamers, gamers and explorers, offering a chance to discover the virtual world;
  • Adjustable footrest: Last but definitely the most important gift idea of all is gifting an adjustable footrest. Sitting for long hours can lead to health issues, and a footrest with an adjustable mechanism can help the techie keep their feet in whichever position they feel comfortable. If they don’t have this, then your friend would definitely be thanking you for this precious, thoughtful gift.

With so many advanced tools in the market, it can be challenging to pinpoint which gift can ideally prove to be functional and which is just another dead weight and won’t come to any use. That’s the reason why we have compiled a set of gift ideas that are not just useful for the regular guy but will also have a geeky feel.

What Present Will Your Tech-Savvy Friend Get?

The geeks obsessed with technology would love the gifts we highlighted, as they are useful and super cool at the same time. All of the ideas are awesome and unique for anyone who loves tech. While technology is itself a great gift to mankind, these small presents will put a smile on your friend’s face.