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NZXT C750 PSU Review

Proper power management and distribution are imperative for any gaming system looking to perform at a higher level. NZXT is headed in the right direction with their new line of PSU hardware, the C series. In our NZXT C750 PSU review, we’ll discuss what makes this product the front runner for generations to come. 

NZXT is a top-performing industry for the gaming community. They are well-known around the world for their top of the line products in gaming components and peripherals. Some of their products are used by professional gamers all over the world. 

With that, let’s jump right in.

NZXT C750 PSU Packaging

Before we can discuss the item, let’s first talk about what you get when purchasing the product.

The NZXT C750 comes in a white and purple rectangular package. The product is displayed in the front together with the company logo. 

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To the sides, you will find several specification details regarding the hardware of the product.

At the back, you will see some images of the product, how its used and its parts. Not only the image, but the key features of the product are described. This provides an idea of how the product runs. 

To open, you simply remove the latch at the bottom of the cover. This removes the top layer of the package. The second layer is coloured purple, which can easily be pulled out. 

Once open, you will find the instruction manual on top of the items. This manual helps guide the user upon installing the hardware to their PC system. 

To the side, you will find a purple case. This stores your cables, screws and any other mounting equipment needed to mount your power supply. 

The bag helps transport your hardware with ease, making it dutiable for any setup. 

Other than the instruction manual and case, there is the black styrofoam which acts as a shield to prevent any substances from damaging the product.

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Under the black styrofoam, you will find the product. The product is wrapped in a bag to prevent any substances from entering. 

With this, NZXT takes into consideration the safety of their products, especially during shipment. 

NZXT C750 PSU Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s now discuss in our NZXT C750 PSU review the design and its functions.

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Looking at the product, we can see that the box is metallic and contains a black mesh. This keeps its looks to a futuristic style made to fit in any PC case. 

Its modular design allows one to use only the cables needed. This assures a simpler installation. Thanks to that, it lessens the clutter of cable management and makes your PC case spacious. 

NZXT C750 Review 04 NZXT C750 PSU Review

The main sleeved cables look amazing and are resistant to heat. This prevents any overheating that may happen to the cables. 

Not only overheating, but durability and longevity are other aspects of its cable. Due to its durability, it allows the power supply to harness more power which is required for higher performance. 

Its longevity extends the lifespan of both the cables and the power supply. With this, the product lasts longer than what is expected of it. 


With its design, the C series would fit into any case. This would conform to the standard ATX, especially when C750 supports NVIDIA GPUs with up to 3090.

There is also an extra feature which enables the Zero RPM fan mode. This silences the fan and makes it run under low-load conditions. It helps reduce the noise created by the fan. 

There will be times where the system requires more power. This can be done due to the fan’s 120mm fluid-dynamic bearing. This allows the fan to spin more efficiently.

With all these conditions, the NZXT C750 will run at a high pace at low cost. This is a marvellous feat for such a power supply. NZXT is always thinking ahead when it comes to design. 

Key Features of the NZXT C750 PSU 

Other than its design, we now look at some of the features this product has to offer in our NZXT C750 PSU review. 

C Series PSU

With NZXT’s new PSU series, which is the C series, they focus on reliable power, optimal efficiency, silent performance and safety. This new generation brings in more to the table which fits any gamer’s ecosystem within their PC. 

Manufactured with quality components, the C series is sure to deliver. It brings you the classy PSU look, but it’s interior is what changes the game. 

Silent Operation

With the latest feature added, the Zero RPM Fan mode makes for quiet but efficient hardware for any PC. This is all thanks to the 120 mm fluid-dynamic bearing. 

It allows the fan to run smoothly without any friction in between stopping it from reducing speeds. With that, it provides easy cooling into the power system. This keeps your system stable and running during intense gameplay. 

All Essentials

It is important to make sure that the PC components fit in a PC system. The C750 comfortably fits into any case within the ATX standard. This provides room for more hardware within the PC case. 

With its astounding cable management, it alleviates any unwanted entanglements that may happen when installing hardware inside the PC. 

Built For Building

Due to its modular design, it only allows the cables that you need. This removes any worries of having to require more elaborate cables for the different sockets. It ensures an easier installation.

Guaranteed Quality

NZXT is known around the world for quality in its products. They provide world-class services for any issues that may come. NZXT also provides a 10-year warranty. This is especially true for the C series PSU.

Performing Under Pressure

We all know that with great power comes great responsibilities, thank you, Uncle Ben. This is very true for power supplies. Power supplies help your PC by providing the power needed for running at high performances. 

The C750 allows the PC to do just that. It boosts overall gameplay and efficiency by providing a high amount of power to run the different applications. 

Overall, NZXT has done an amazing job in PSU hardware with their C750. With silent operations and power distribution efficiencies, this is what makes this product an ideal front runner for generations to come. 


Our NZXT C750 PSU review can’t be complete without looking into the fine details of this perplexing machine. 

The NZXT C750 PSU is 150 mm x 150 mm x 86 mm in size. It is made of plastic, steel and PCB. These different materials all play various roles inside the machine. This is true, especially for power distribution. 

Next, it has an AC input rating of 100-240Vac, 10-5A and 50-60Hz. The DC output rating would be a total of 750W. With this, power management is stable and reliable. 

With that, the power supply can have temperatures up to 50°C. This is pretty low for most PSU, with others reaching higher levels. That would be dangerous; that is why NZXT focuses on safety and reliability. 

The MTBF or mean time between failures has up to 100,000 hours. This measures the reliability of the device. Meaning that the machine is effective and safe for proper usage. 

Output connectors are 1 by 24-pin ATX power, 2 by 4+4-pin CPU power, 4 by PCIe(6+2-pin) 8x SATA and 6x Peripherals. There are a lot of sockets for all the various cables needed to run. 

All of the technical details may sound intimidating, but it can be learned with a little patience and practice. As one can see, NZXT has taken into consideration the safety and reliability features for this device. 

Hands-on with the NZXT C750 PSU

After looking at the technical aspects, we now check if the product is worth the buy in our NZXT C750 PSU review. 

Installations were a breeze for us. This is thanks to the built-in socket system within the product. It provides a simple way of managing your cables. It fit comfortably in all our PC cases, which follow the ATX standard. We had no trouble with the different cables, as each cable corresponded to a different port within the PC system. 

Testing the product provided unexpected results. During the test thanks to the 750W that it delivers, the PSU ensured that everyone was powered efficiently. 

The NZXT C750 stayed true to its words. It stayed running nice and cool which is great to see as most PSUs usually run pretty hot.. With that, this helped prevent any temperature issues in the case. 

Lastly, the C750 was silent during all operations. This allowed us to enjoy our gaming sessions as we were able to play without having to hear any unwanted noise in the background. 

Overall, NZXT brought up another superb product with their new line of C series PSU. NZXT targeted reliability, safety and silence, which are the aspects we saw during our tests. 

NZXT C750 PSU Review Summary

It’s time to wrap up and conclude everything regarding our NZXT C750 PSU review. 

NZXT is a pro in the gaming industry in terms of PC hardware and peripherals. We can see that with their C750 PSU. The C750 delivers efficiency for power distribution within the system and silent operations for focus during gameplay. 

One of the most amazing features we saw when testing was the Zero RPM Fan mode. This mode alleviated any disruptions the fan may cause during play. With that, it was easy to get our heads in the game and win. 

To sum it all up, NZXT has done wonders yet again, and we highly recommend this product for you. If you are interested in buying the product, click here to check all the details regarding this item and other products. 

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