h210i review NZXT H210i Review

NZXT H210i Review

Elegance and power are some of the characteristics of the H210i PC case. NZXT’s H-Series bring in their smallest but mightiest case to the stand in our NZXT H210i review. Here, you’ll learn about the quality of having beauty in a PC case like this one. 

Being the smallest of the bunch, the H210i doesn’t fall short in terms of power, performance or capability compared to its siblings. This PC case is ready to help maintain and manage your computer no matter what environment. 

With that said, let’s get right into our NZXT H210i review.

NZXT H210i Packaging

Before we can jump right into our NZXT H210i review, let’s go over all the items that go with the packaging. 

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The NZXT H210i is packaged in a large white and violet cardboard box. On its front, you will see the image of the product and its logo. 

On the sides, the technical information such as the material and composition are indicated and descriptive. 

At the back, you will find several functions and features the H210i has, as well as its respective descriptions. With that, let’s open the package. 

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Inside the box, there are several items you will notice. The items here are the cables, mounting equipment, LED strips, RGB lights, extra cables, instruction manual and the PC case itself. 

Our H210i is secured in between two styrofoam moulds that prevent the case from moving. All the items and the case are wrapped in plastic. The plastic acts as a shield to protect against harmful substances that may damage the product and other items.

From that, you can see that NZXT is aware of the quality when shipping its products. 

NZXT H210i Review – Design and Functionality

Alright, let’s look at the product’s design and functions in our NZXT H210i review.

Our H210i is the smallest among the H-Series cases. Although small, it still packs the durability and quality all the H-Series cases have. It’s built to be slim in design that makes it a perfect home PC to have.

Other than that, the H210i is similar in almost every aspect to its siblings, except it comes in a Matte Black style. This classic design helps keep its glorious aesthetic apart from other cases outside the H-Series. 

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The H210i has relatively the same components and functions as the other H-Series cases. This case, in particular, is built smaller than the rest. 

Even so, it is still just as smart as its siblings in terms of regulation, management and efficiency. For the I-version, they contain a single combo audio jack. This makes it easier to manage such cables coming into your PC. 

Aside from that, it makes things much simpler for the user with its single screw for the side panel access. With that there, you have fewer screws to deal with when opening up your PC hardware. 

Unlike the H710i, the H210i does lack space, so you will be limited with the number of motherboards you can choose. This is also true for the GPUs and coolers that you may want to have with this PC case.

Regarding the PSU mesh, it is identical to the other H-Series cases. On the top of the mesh, there are several slots for you to add additional SSDs. This can extend the storage of your PC. 

Besides that, there are openings on the mesh that gives room for all your wiring and cable needs. This makes installation much faster and less of a hassle.

Additionally, the involvement of the Smart Device V2 takes management to a whole new level. The Smart Device V2 allows for quick and direct access to the RGB lighting settings, fan regulation and more. 

When paired with the CAM software, you can polish these settings to maximise their potential. With that said, the NZXT H210i is a slim but elegant tower case that incorporates power and durability in its belt. 

Key Features of the NZXT H210i 

Moving away now, we go over the features of our product in our NZXT H210i review.

Still Beautiful

Even if it is the smallest of the bunch, the H210i doesn’t shy away from the spotlight regarding durability and performance. Its slim, clean look brings in a modern touch to it, perfect for any setup needed. 

Whether it be for gaming, professional or work-related use, the H210i will stand beautiful with its iconic, timeless aesthetic. With a capable management bar, uninterrupted tempered glass side panel and more, your PC will look stunning in any environment.

Enjoyable Builds

Enjoy building various PC rigs with this case as it’s made for any kind of operation. For gaming, it supports a number of processors, GPUs and coolers that increase performance. 

In regards to professional work, your PC will fit any environment with its design and features. It is light and small, made for small builds that won’t be much of a burden when repositioning. 

It has a unique cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps that hold and house your wiring for easy and intuitive setups. 


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Furthermore, our NZXT H210i review will tackle every bit of information necessary about the product. This means that we check the product’s material, composition, dimensions and more.

Dimensions and Material

The H210i is 349 millimetres tall, 210 millimetres wide and has a 372-millimetre depth. It is composed of SGCC steel and tempered glass for its side panel. This acts as a window for you to see the interior of the PC case. 

It only weighs 6 kilograms, which is much lighter compared to the H710i. This makes it easier to carry when repositioning the PC. For its motherboard slot, it supports only the Mini-ITX. 

Compatibility and  Connectivity

Our H210i contains front I/O ports such as one USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A, one USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C and a headset audio jack. 

The front I/O internal header has one USB 3.1 Gen2 Internal Header, one USB 3.1 Gen1 Internal Header, one USB 2.0 Internal Header, and an HD Audio Header. Apart from that, an All Air Intakes filter protects the PC case from dust.

Accessories and More

In the I-version of the H-Series cases, they contain a control device that helps manage the systems internally. This is the Smart Device V2. 

The Smart Device V2 has three fan channels with a maximum of 10W per channel output. It also contains two RGB LED port support up to four NZXT RGB addressable LED strips. Lastly, five Aer RGB 2 fans with built-in noise detection modules. 

Other accessories include an integrated addressable LED strip, installation screws, ten-piece cable ties, one Headset Audio Jack Splitter and a GPU stand. There are two expansion slots available for your SSD, 2.5”: 3 +1 and 3.5”: 1 drive bays.

Our H210i has two supports, that being the radiator and fan support. The radiator support on the front has two 120 millimetres with a push or pull opening. For its rear, one 120 millimetre slot. 

Its front can fit either two 120 millimetre fans or two 140 millimetre fans, regarding the fan support. On the top, you have one 120 millimetre slot.

The H210i already includes some fans for these slots, such as the Aer F120 Case Version. For the fan’s specifications, the Aer F120 can reach an average of 1,200 rotations per minute. 

It also has an airflow range of 50.42 cubic feet per minute, a 28 dBA noise level, and a rifle bearing.


Most PC cases have clearing specifications that indicate what sizes could fit the case. For its cable management, as suggested, 16.3 millimetres would be optimal. 

Regarding the GPU, it has a 325-millimetre clearance length and should have a 44-millimetre maximum thickness.

Aside from that, a CPU cooler clearance of up to 165 millimetres, an 85-millimetre front radiator, a 42-millimetre rear radiator and a 311-millimetre PSU length. The H210i has a 2-year warranty. 

NZXT H210i Review Summary

The NZXT H210i is a PC case that keeps its beauty and it’s smart design makes it top tier for such a small case. It makes it easier for quick and light builds and doesn’t take up too much space. 

When paired with the Smart Device V2 and CAM’s software, it becomes a brilliant piece of equipment that is reliable even in the most taxing tasks. 

By that, we can say we would recommend this PC for those who aren’t planning on building heavy builds but for those looking for a light and quick one. If you are interested in this product, then click here to learn more about it.