Online Gaming Essentials

After a long day at work and handling your daily chores, online gaming is a fun way to unwind, connect with friends and enjoy this fast-paced, immersive art form. However, you’ll need several essential gaming accessories to get the best experience.

Yes, you can enjoy online games using your work mouse and keyboard, but these accessories weren’t designed with the gamer’s needs. On the other hand, Bluetooth gaming accessories are great for gamers who want a clean desk, but they lead to latency issues. These lag issues are imperceptible when playing web-based games like the Joe Fortune Live casino but make a massive difference in some virtual worlds.

Gaming accessories also help you customize different features like lighting, adding fun and ambiance to the whole experience. Here are six online gaming essentials you’ll need:

  • Steady internet connection

While having a steady, high-speed internet connection might sound like a no-brainer, it’s the first thing you’ll need to enjoy a smooth online gaming experience. A high-speed internet connection allows you to transmit large volumes of data and gives you greater bandwidth for connecting multiple players without any frustrations.

Lag issues can ruin your online gaming experience as it might delay your action and response from other players. That’s why we suggest checking out your internet connection to ensure it delivers the fast speed you need to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

If you’re looking for a stable, high-speed internet connection for your online gaming need, we highly recommend the AT&T internet connection for its consistent download speeds (300+ Mbps). That’s enough for every online game, as the minimum download speed needed by any gaming feature is at least 25 Mbps. That means you’ll enjoy a blazing-fast gaming session with AT&T’s internet.

  • Gaming headset

After getting a stable internet connection, you’ll need to secure a gaming headset to enjoy live games. That means buying a proper gaming headset that delivers high-quality sound for an immersive gaming experience.

Most gaming headphones come with noise-canceling features, which reduce external sounds for an immersive experience. Wireless headphones are the best option in this case, as most of them have noise-canceling features and set you free from the limitation of cords. Additionally, they deliver a crisp sound.

  • 4K Webcam

With the rise of gaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Games, streaming online games is now a huge business. In fact, streaming games is among the best ways to have fun with games and earn money from them. That makes a 4K webcam a necessary addition to your setup if you’re planning to stream your gameplay.

A 4K webcam allows you to stream your gameplay easily and get better video quality. For better results, place the webcam on top of your laptop lid or monitor while playing and pair it with a microphone for great sound effects. You should also share your screen on your live video.

  • Gamepad

A game controller or gamepad is designed to connect to your gaming console or computer. We recommend using it together with a gaming keyboard or mouse when playing on a computer. Pairing these gadgets makes your gameplay more convenient and gives you better control over your characters.

Normally a gamepad comes with a USB dongle and wire, but there are wireless options setting new trends in the market. These wireless gamepads are comfortable and convenient to use while giving you the best outputs. You can easily connect these wireless controllers to your laptop using Bluetooth.

We recommend the PS5 Dual wireless controller for PlayStation’s new generation console or the 8Bitdo Pro 2 for mobile devices, PC, Steam and mobile devices.

  • Ergonomic Chair

We all know some online gaming sessions can extend for several hours. That’s why players need comfortable furniture to enjoy long gaming sessions with fatigue and back issues. Fortunately, ergonomic gaming chairs are designed for this purpose, with high backs to cradle your whole body.

With an adjustable headrest, high backs and easy arms, ergonomic chairs are a must-have for serious gamers. These chairs can stretch easily and tilt back 90-160 degrees, allowing you to adjust them based on ease and comfort. Most gaming chairs also have wheels for easy moving without exerting a lot of pressure.

  • Gaming glasses

Online gaming means hours of screen time, which will affect your eyesight after several weeks or months. That’s why gaming glasses are essential for protecting your eyesight, as it blocks harmful rays and blue light from your gaming monitors. As such, gaming glasses are a must-have to avoid eye strains from excessive gaming.


All these online gaming essentials above will make your gameplay more immersive without wasting time. These gaming accessories will also help you maintain a healthy life and avoid issues like back pain and eyesight problems.

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