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Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review

Razer is known for giving us tons of gamer-focused products, and their mice are among the best on the market. The company consistently produces iterative adaptations of their products, and it usually slips into new product lines. So today, we will discuss our Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review to learn more about its latest offering. 

The Cobra Series comes with a selection of wired or wireless mice. What we have for review is the Cobra Pro Wireless. The product sports a symmetrical shape and low profile, plus rubberised side grips and RGB lighting zones for customisation. 

It offers several other features that are worth looking into. So to learn more about it, continue reading our Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review. We will discuss its design, functions, features, specs, performance, and more. 

But before anything, let us unbox this product and see what Razer included inside.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Packaging

razer cobra pro review1 Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review razer cobra pro review2 Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review

The mouse ships in a standard-looking cardboard box that protects the items inside. These accessories ship with the Razer Cobra Pro Wireless, and these are the following: 

  • USB-A to USB-C Speedflex cable
  • HyperSpeed Wireless Dongle + USB dongle adapter
  • Essential Product Information Guide

The next part of our Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review covers its build, style, and functions. Learn these to determine if the mouse suits your setup and grip style. 

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

This right-handed mouse sports a symmetrical design and integrates aesthetics from the Basilisk and Viper Mini line. Combining the elements from each mouse creates something entirely different. 

The company uses a beautiful and classy matte black finish for most of its body. And on its sides, it integrates textured rubber for better grip. 

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There are programmable controls available, including a right and left click. Two buttons on the left portion, two DPI buttons, and one scroll wheel are also present. 

The base has 100% PTFE feet to give you a smooth glide when using the mouse. There is a more prominent foot along the top, plus a massive curved one at the base. Razer also included a ring around its sensor. 

The Cobra Pro Wireless has a rubber scroll wheel featuring bumps for better grip. So no matter how intense your gameplay is, the mouse will stay within your grasp. 

We love that it features 360-degree RGB lights on its base for an eye-catching aesthetic under glow. Other parts with lighting include the palm rest and mouse wheel. It means you have 11 customisable zones, which all become surprisingly vibrant. 

The bottom of the Cobra Pro Wireless has a detachable door you can swap with a wireless charging puck. With this, you can use the product with the Razer Mouse Dock Pro. 

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Connectivity

You will also learn in this Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review that the product has multiple connectivity modes. It lets you swap between them on-the-fly. You can use the 2.4GHz dongle for the low latency HyperSpeed wireless at 1000Hz for wireless gaming.

If this is insufficient, you can opt for a faster connection using the HyperPolling Wireless Dongle. It offers 4000Hz polling, which is ideal for optimised speed. 

Bluetooth connectivity is also supported, perfect for less demanding game titles. However, you can use wired connectivity via its Type-C port and SpeedFlex cable. 

Key Features of the Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse 

Ideal for Play

Lessen the competition and catch their eyes with the Razer Chroma RGBs of this wireless gaming mouse. Enjoy a colourful display of vibrant RGBs thanks to the HyperSpeed Wireless and 11 individually-programmable light zones. 

Get Customisable Advanced Macros Across Onboard Profiles

Enjoy and take advantage of optimised controls with essential commands and complex macros. You can also game anywhere, thanks to the five onboard memory profiles. 

Take Advantage of Five Onboard Profiles

In this Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review, we learned you can save up to five preset game profiles. Just access the Razer Synapse software to shift between these. Press the button at the base of the Cobra Pro wireless, and you are ready to go.

Three Connection Modes

Connect via Bluetooth, Hyperspeed Wireless, or wired connection.

Enjoy gaming no matter where you go for up to 100 hours with Hyperspeed, or enjoy 170 hours via Bluetooth. The mouse is also easy to recharge using its USB-C or wireless charging. 

Razer Chroma RGB 

Customise the 11 RGB zones of the Cobra Pro Wireless using 16.8 million colours and unlimited lighting effects. Enjoy enhanced immersion with this mouse that reacts dynamically with Chroma-integrated games.

Focus Pro 30K – High-Precision Optical Sensor

Razer and Pixart worked together to develop the most precise optical sensor. This industry-leading sensor tracks flawlessly on more surface types, including glass. It uses intelligent functions to deliver better control and aim.

Enabling Asymmetric Cut-off allows you to individually set a landing and lift-off distance based on your playstyle. Unlike the previous model, with only three granular adjustment levels, the Cobra Pro Wireless has 26.

Optical Mouse Switches Gen3

These optical switches on the Cobra Pro Wireless offer a 90-million-click lifecycle without double-clicking problems. It has 0.2ms actuation without debounce delay to deliver unparalleled speed and reliability. 

During our product tests for this Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review, we recognised its instant click actuation. The Optical Mouse Switches Gen3 opens its shutter, allowing infrared light beams to go through. As a result, it sends electrical signals to your computer and achieves high-speed actuation.

It does not require mechanical contact for electrical signal transmission since it is less prone to wear and tear.


  • FORM FACTOR: Right-handed Symmetrical
  • CONNECTIVITY: Razer HyperSpeed Wireless (2.4 GHz)
  • BLUETOOTH: Wired – Speedflex Cable USB-C
    – Up to 100 hours on with constant motion @1000Hz with Razer HyperSpeed Wireless
    – Up to 33 hours with constant motion @4000Hz with the Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle + Mouse Dock Pro (both are sold separately)
    – Up to 170 hours via Bluetooth
  • RGB LIGHTING: Razer Chroma RGB
  • SENSOR: Focus Pro 30K (Optical Sensor)
  • MAX SPEED: 750 IPS
  • SWITCH TYPE: Gen3 Optical Mouse Switches
  • SWITCH LIFECYCLE: 90 million clicks
  • CABLE: Razer Speedflex Cable USB-C
  • DIMENSIONS: 119.6 x 62.5 x 38.1mm (LxWxH)
  • APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: 77g (excluding cable and dongle)

Hands-on with the Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse

Before we discuss the mouse performance in our Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review, let us look into Synapse.

Razer Synapse

Using the Synapse software from Razer will let you take full advantage of the product. With it, you can create various profiles, enable power-saving features, and adjust polling rates, DPI, and lighting.

By default, you have five fully-adjustable DPI stages, and you receive three polling rate variants. These include 125, 500, and even 1000Hz.

The highlight of Synapse is its lighting adjustments. Here are several things you can control and manage with the software:

  • You can control the brightness of your mouse based on your preference.
  • It is possible to set lights to switch off after moments of inactivity.
  • The software has an intelligent dimming option for battery conservation.
  • Lastly, you can adjust and manage your mouse’s lighting and colour effects.

If you dislike installing extra software, it is worth knowing that Synapse is unnecessary to enjoy the mouse. It is not required, but it helps adjust plenty of its settings. 

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Performance

The mouse performed admirably during our tests for this Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review and played excellently. 

Cobra Pro Wireless glided smoothly on either hard/soft mouse pads. Plus, it was responsive like how a flagship gaming mouse should be.

We used the mouse on multiple surfaces, including glass, and it functioned adequately. We enjoyed superior precision thanks to the Focus Pro 30K optical sensor and its 30000 DPI.

The mouse gave us the ultimate responsive feeling while gaming and is ideal for competitive/casual gameplay. Its low-latency optical switches gave us satisfying clicks with each press we made. The click latency of the Cobra Pro Wireless was extremely low and consistent, which we loved.

Its sensors reacted quickly with every move of the mouse. These also matched the cursor movements on the screen with extremely close timing. 

Its scroll click button gave us satisfying tactility, and we did not exert too much force to make it work. Scrolling was precise, and each step felt well-defined; however, we noticed a slight noise between the steps.

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse Review Summary

The Cobra Pro Wireless is another impressive Razer gaming mouse. It has an excellent design and all the necessary features to perform well in different video games. 

The best things about this mouse are its long battery life, customisable buttons, and connectivity with multiple devices. It also has a user-friendly software interface for adjusting or enabling/disabling settings.

This product is an excellent addition to the growing line of Razer gaming mice. We highly recommend it for its superior performance, precision, responsiveness, and versatility. Visit the official Razer product page for more details about the Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse.