razer nommo pro review Razer Nommo Pro Review

Razer Nommo Pro Review

The Nommo Pro from Razer is an amazing sound system that will enhance your gaming setup. It provides balanced audio and an adequately wide soundstage for better enjoyment. Today, we’re discussing everything you need to know about the speaker here in our Razer Nommo Pro review. It is a top-notch 2.1 gaming sound system from the well-known brand behind the Blade 15. It offers audiophile sound quality levels to boost your gaming sessions every time. The thing is, it’s more on the pricey side, and its satellite and subwoofer speakers are quite chunky.

But if you’re still interested in the product and still want to learn more about it, we’ve got your back. Later, we’ll look more into the speaker’s features, specifications, design, functions, and performance. But first, our Razer Nommo Pro review will discuss its packaging and contents. 

Razer Nommo Pro Packaging

The Nommo Pro came in a huge cardboard package featuring an illustration of the 2.1 speaker system. You’ll find it in front of the box along with its name written in the lower-left corner.

Inside, the speaker system comes with a number of items and accessories. Here, you’ll find a quick start guide and a couple of cables. 

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These cables include a 3.5mm to 3.5mm aux cable, and one for connecting the speakers to your computer. The other is a TOSLINK optical connector and the power cable. Also included is the Razer Nommo Pro control hub.

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Next, let’s discuss the functions and design of the Nommo Pro in our Razer Nommo Pro review. 

Razer Nommo Pro Review – Design and Functionality

Just like we mentioned, this product is a 2.1 speaker system. It means that it’s made up of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. Generally, its design doesn’t only make the Nommo Pro stand out, it also impresses as you get closer.

Each speaker, along with the subwoofer, sport top-notch materials that are integrated into a form factor that’s sturdy and durable.

Since it’s wired (including the primary control dial), the ideal setup will need a couple of cable management. But of course, this all depends on how you plan to use it. 

The best way to set it up is on your desk so it functions as part of your computer setup. If you’re using it as part of a home theatre or as music speakers, a bit of work is necessary. Since the provided reinforced and insulated cables are thick, you’ll need to find ways to keep these neat. 

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If you’re wondering what colours this sound system has, it only comes in black. However, its colour and form give it an interestingly distinct mix between a jet engine and a security camera.

Build Quality of the Razer Nommo Pro

When we speak of its build quality, there’s no issue with the Nommo Pro. Each satellite speaker features a wide base that keeps things stabilised and balanced when gaming at high volumes. 

Do note that you can’t adjust and modify the satellite’s height. However, you can set them at an angle based on your preferences. The only thing you need to do is turn the entire speaker around. 

Razer’s attention to build quality can also be seen on the Nommo Pro’s wires. These are braided and thick, so we can assume that these will last for a long time. 

Let’s continue our Razer Nommo Pro review and focus on the Nommo Pro’s subwoofer.

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When it comes to its subwoofer, it sports an aluminium exterior, so it’s quite heavier than usual. With that, it’s better to give some thought to where you plan to set the Razer Nommo Pro. Since it’s heavy, moving it around can be challenging, that’s why knowing where to position it beforehand is best.

But despite its weight, we still think the Razer Nommo Pro’s subwoofer looks great. It makes use of the company’s signature matte black finish that looks great with the subtle logo at the centre. 

At the back of the Nommo Pro’s subwoofer is where you’ll find the different inputs available. This includes the connections for the right/left satellites, USB & optical inputs, plus the control pod and power connectors. 

The sub is downward-firing, yet you’ll find a bass port at the top. When it comes to the underside of the subwoofer, it’s concealed in some type of anti-slip rubber.

Let’s move to the satellites. These appear similar to the Nommo Chroma speakers, yet are much larger in comparison. In addition, they sport an additional tweeter at the top. 

Each of these has its own non-detachable cable that links to the subwoofer. Then, the company’s logo is printed on the outer edge section of each satellite. 

The primary drivers of the speakers are 3″ units coated with Kevlar fibre. For the smaller drives at the top, these are 0.8″ silk woven tweeters. The Nommo Pro’s frequency response ranges from 35 to 20,000Hz.

The base of each satellite is fitted with anti-slip rubber. There’s also a little translucent ring that can be made out just around the stand’s edge. This area is where the Chroma RGBs shine through. 

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The Nommo Pro is controlled by the control dial that comes in the box. The dial allows you to easily change the volume as well as switch between multiple input sources.

Using the control dial you can utilise Bluetooth connectivity, optical, USB, and analog. In addition, there are headphone and AUX connections.

The dial has a high quiality feel to it and the dial turns nice and smoothly with a little bit of tactile feedback.

Key Features of the Razer Nommo Pro 

THX Certified Premium Sound

The Razer Nommo Pro is equipped with premium components. These include the silk woven tweeters and 3-inch drivers coated with Dupont Kevlar fibre drivers. 

Razer’s dedicated engineers tuned the Nommo Pro to bring out its full potential. With that, you’re guaranteed to hear big, clean, and full-range audio that is perfect for your entertainment.

Powerful and Immersive Cinematic Experience

Dolby Virtual Surround Sound technology transforms your audio by creating an immersive cinematic presence. Wherever you set up the Nommo Pro, you’ll experience the action through its audio.

Unrestricted Solid Bass

The Razer Nommo Pro’s subwoofer delivers unrestricted bass that sounds solid and powerful. Blast your favourite electro hits or enjoy your late-night gaming with Nommo Pro to hear its solid, desk-shaking bass.

The Technology of Razer Nommo Pro

With Nommo Pro’s unique technology, it becomes all you’ll ever need for music, games, and movies.

Let’s move on to discussing the product’s specifications on our Razer Nommo Pro review.


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The Nommo Pro has a frequency response of 35Hz to 20kHz, while its input power is an ext power adapter.

Its drivers are two 0.8″ silk dome tweeters and two 3″ full-range drivers. You’ll also find a downward-firing subwoofer available. When we speak of its weight, this sound system’s speaker weighs 5.18lbs each, while the subwoofer is 13.22lbs. 

For its driver, the Nommo Pro makes use of custom-woven glass fibre 3″ drivers for clarity and power. Lastly, the product uses 3.5mm, USB audio, Bluetooth, and optical connections. 

This time, let’s see if the Nommo Pro performed just as good as what Razer claimed. To know more, continue reading our Razer Nommo Pro review. 

Hands-on with the Razer Nommo Pro 

When we talk about setting up the Nommo Pro, we can say that it’s got you covered in all aspects. The subwoofer has inputs to link the right and left speakers with the control pod. Under these, you have the USB and optical inputs for linking to a PC or console. 

Since the control puck features a 3.5mm analogue input, you can readily hardwire in an older device. It also helps that it has a 3.5mm output for headphones as well.  

You can select between varying inputs by clicking the button beneath the volume wheel. From here, you can switch between USB, Bluetooth v4.2, the optical input, or analogue. 

In our experience, switching between the inputs was smooth and seamless. For added controls, we were able to get these from the Razer Synapse 3 app. Once downloaded, we selected the lighting effects and tweaked the sounds accordingly. 

We also got to toggle the Dolby Audio and THX on/off with ease. Plus, we made some adjustments to the bass using the slider in the application for enhanced or decreased boom. 

Let us now continue our Razer Nommo Pro review and check out the Razer Synapse 3 software.

Desktop Software: Razer Synapse 3

To take advantage of all the benefits of this sound system, download the Razer Synapse 3 desktop software. The application gave us basic controls over the speaker volume and bass levels. Though in stereo mode, we were able to utilise the slider to manage various frequencies. 

On Razer Synapse 3, the Nommo Pro’s controls are divided into two tabs: the sound and lighting tabs. 

The Sound Tab

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The sound tab allowed us to adjust the bass boost and volume. Not only that, but it also lets us select between the four input options. 

Here, we also found a couple of audio enhancement options like the Dolby Virtual Surround Sound and THX mode. We loved that it even let us configure our own customised EQ.

When clicking on the Dolby button, we were presented with the game, music, and movie modes. For the THX button, it simply works to switch the modes on/off and without any scenario-specific listening modes either. 

Lighting Controls

2021 07 21 10 10 06 Razer Synapse Razer Nommo Pro Review

For the lighting controls, it’s basically the same as that of the Nommo Chroma. We could select between spectrum cycling, static, and wave effects, plus brightness controls were present as well. Other than these, we were able to make our own Chroma effect via the advanced studio. 

Overall, it was simple yet effective, and it gave us full control over the key areas we want for a speaker system. In addition, it was extremely easy to use, so we don’t have any complaints when it comes to the desktop software. 

Mobile Software: Nommo Pro

Aside from the desktop software, Razer also has a mobile software application for the Nommo Pro. This application made it easy for us to tweak the EQ and RGB lighting patterns of the speakers. Plus, shifting between audio presents and switching on sound modes was pretty impressive.  

The Nommo Pro mobile application has an intuitive UI with an easy-to-access volume slider. Its presence saves you from having to stand up when you’re utilising the Nommo Pro in lounge-like environments. 

Audio Quality and Performance of the Razer Nommo Pro

With a subwoofer this huge, so it’s difficult to imagine low-ends lacking in any way. The Nommo Pro did an excellent job at producing quality sounds. From smooth bass to powerful explosions in games or in movies, everything sounded perfect and enjoyable. 

With that, we think that the Nommo Pro will shine when displaying how great it handles subtleties over powerful sounds.

Its setup offers a wide soundstage, and with the Dolby Surround Sound support, we enjoyed clear directional sense while gaming. When we tried using the sound system when playing survival horror games, we were able to hear incoming footsteps clearly. This definitely added a new level of terror and excitement to our gaming experience. 

There were moments when we switched off the Dolby Surround mode, and despite that, we enjoyed an amazing stereo image. To put it simply, it’s more than good for watching movies and gaming. 

Treble was great too. The Nommo Pro was able to handle it perfectly: from the strumming of the guitar to the drum’s cymbals. They sounded like they were being played right in front of us which was great.  For the mids and highs, these were well-represented. 

The Razer Nommo Pro on EQ Mode

When we switched to EQ mode, it enabled a flat curve in its custom settings. Doing this made a huge difference, and we were amazed at how crisp and clear the sounds became.

We continued listening to a variety of audio without any extra EQ adjustments or effects. The flat curve sounded perfect, and our favourite aspect of this sound system would be its top-notch clarity.  

THX and Dolby Virtual Surround Sound

When we tried utilising the THX for games, it removed a lot of detail. However, we think it’s great for balancing audio when it comes to movies or shows. 

Do note that the THX will sound better than stereo-movie mode or vice-versa, depending on how the movie was shot. Not only that, but it will also depend on the audio technology used for it. 

For first-person shooters, we were able to pinpoint where the enemy fire came from. It’s surprising that we even detected where it went. If one game supports THX or Dolby, the sound produced is more immersive and not just loud. 

On the other hand, if the content doesn’t support any of these, it would be completely fine using stereo mode. But of course, it won’t sound the same. 

The Dolby Virtual Surround Sound

For the Dolby Virtual Surround Sound, we didn’t have too many hopes for it. In fact, we found the virtual 7.1 sounds a bit poor when using a gaming headset. 

From a speaker setup, we assumed that it would even come out worse. But to our surprise, the Nommo Pro’s Dolby Virtual Surround Sound was splendid. 

Generally, it sounded like the virtual surround mode panning in-game sounds further to the right and left. This gave it a somewhat believable effect, giving us the idea that the sounds were coming from around us. 

Overall, we loved how the Razer Nommo Pro performed. Plus, it was loud enough that we didn’t have to go past 50% volume. It was able to retain a crisp, clean, and clear sound which made the audio stand out. 

Razer Nommo Pro Review Summary

The Razer Nommo Pro is an impressive sound system that enhances any gaming setup. Its balanced audio and wide soundstage offers an immersive audio experience.

During our tests, it delivered high-quality audio for games and movies. Plus, it was easy to use and we didn’t encounter any problems with it. We also appreciate the options offered by its software utilities since it allows audio tweaking based on our preferences.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or someone who loves watching Netflix, we highly recommend the Razer Nommo Pro. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for an all-in-one sound system to enhance your entertainment. 

To purchase this product, visit the company’s official website