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Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review

Razer knows how to satisfy the needs of every user, so it does not only focus on what you see. Today, we will discuss its computer speakers in our Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review. 

It has large wireless subwoofers that allow the speakers to generate powerful audio. So whether you are playing shooters or favourite tunes, the Nommo v2 Pro does the job. The company also added large RGBs behind each speaker, among other elements. 

To get more details about the product, continue reading the rest of our Razer Nommo V2 Pro review. Learn about its appearance, functions, specs, features, performance, and how it compares to its competitors.

Razer Nommo v2 Pro Packaging

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Razer shipped the Nommo v2 Pro in a standard cardboard box. Its front shows a sticker with the product name, image, primary features, and other essential details. Plus, you will find instructions on setting up the speakers on the box.

Aside from the Nommo v2 Pro, you will find the following items inside: 

  • Subwoofer
  • Razer Wireless Control Pod
  • AAA Batteries
  • Instruction guide with more details
  • Power Adapter
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Subwoofer power cord

Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review – Design and Functionality

Razer consistently integrates its products with a distinct sense of style. And while writing our Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review, we noticed that these speakers continue this tradition. 

These speakers may not look flashy or extravagant. However, they exude a unique, contemporary vibe. The aesthetics offer a fresh and modern interpretation of a desktop or bookshelf speaker design.

You will see that each speaker in this setup boasts a complete 8.128cm driver equipped with aluminium phase plugs. The latter is a design feature Razer claims to lessen audio reflections inside the product. This element allows you to enjoy crisper audio for listening enjoyment. 

When cranked to the max, these speakers can reach ear-pounding volumes. Additionally, it has a uniquely fixed placement, set at a slightly upward angle without adjustable options. 

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The Nommo v2 Pro has a wireless subwoofer measuring 26.4 x 29.9 x 26.4cm for powerful low-end frequencies. Notably, it lacks any physical controls on its unit and adjustments to its levels go through the Synapse software.

Your central hub within this arrangement is the right speaker. The left features a non-detachable cable around it, connecting to the right piece to the power input. 

You will find it alongside a USB-C to A cable that establishes a link to your computer. The latter is the part that connects to the PC. 

RGB Lighting

The Nommo V2 Pro seamlessly aligns with the distinctive aesthetic of Razer, effortlessly complementing its range of accessories. These speakers feature a sleek black finish, a generous size, and the vibrant RGBs adorning the rear.

These rear-facing LEDs truly shine, surpassing the vibrancy of any other LEDs on previous Razer audio products. They emit a radiant glow that dances off nearby walls, adding a tasteful and understated ambience to any room. If your office has RGB elements, these speakers effortlessly blend right in.

Razer Wireless Control Pod

Let us also discuss the wireless control pod of the speaker in our Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review. 

The control hub stands 5cm high and serves as the command centre for the Nommo V2 Pro speakers. You can manage the speakers via the audio interface of your PC/ Synapse software. However, the control pod is the best and most user-friendly method for managing them.

Key Features of the Razer Nommo v2 Pro

What makes these new speakers from Razer better than the others? We will discuss its primary features in our Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review to learn what this product offers. 

Powerful and Precise Positional Audio

The Nommo v2 Pro is a full-range speaker system with a wireless subwoofer. It lets you experience the ultimate power and precision to give you a cinematic audio experience. Its rear RGB zones enhance the visuals and ambience for an immersive battle station.

3-inch Full-range Drivers + Aluminium Phase Plugs

The pair of 3-inch full-range drivers in the Nommo v2 Pro reproduce sound accurately while delivering optimal clarity. These have aluminium phase plugs to reduce sound reflections within the speakers.

THX Spatial Audio

The Nommo v2 Pro uses THX Spatial Audio, an advanced virtual 7.1 surround sound technology. It offers a broad, detailed, and realistic soundstage that makes music, games, and movies more immersive.

Later in our Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review, we will discuss how well the speakers worked. We will share more details about the audio quality when using THX Spatial Audio.

THX Game Profiles

THX Game Profiles brings your audio experience to the next level. The custom-tuned settings enhance the existing audio in your favourite games to deliver realistic acoustics. It reflects pinpoint positional audio and your surroundings to improve directional hearing.

Clutter-free, Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass Reproduction

The subwoofer of the Nommo v2 Pro uses a 5.5-inch driver that offers rich and room-thumping bass. Its wireless design improves it, allowing you to enjoy a seamless, clutter-free setup.

Rear Projection Lighting and Razer Chroma RGB 

The two speakers’ rear projection lighting zones enhance your battle station’s ambience. You can choose from many patterns and dynamic in-game lighting effects to amplify your immersion.

Convenient Wireless Control

Conveniently control the Nommo v2 Pro with the Razer Wireless Control Pod. It allows you to adjust the speakers’ volume, EQ, and other settings.

Compatibility of the Razer Nommo v2 Pro with Multiple Platforms

The Nommo v2 Pro lets you enjoy impressive positional audio with multiple platforms since it has USB and Bluetooth connectivity. It works with PCs, mobile devices, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Nintendo Switch.


  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 99 dB
  • Input Power: External Power Adapter
  • Full-Range Drivers: 2x 3-inch Drivers
  • Down-Firing Subwoofer Driver: 1x 5.5-inch
  • Equaliser: 10-band, Customisable via Razer Synapse Software
  • Weight of Speakers: 2.65kg (both, approx.)
  • Weight of Subwoofer: 4.6kg
  • Speaker Dimensions: 130 x 184 x X 181mm (W x H x D)
  • Subwoofer Dimensions: 265 x 300.5 x 265 mm (W x H x D)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth connection, USB (Type-C to Type-A)

Hands-on with the  Razer Nommo v2 Pro

While writing our Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review, we realised it looks and sounds excellent. 

No matter the media used, these speakers were excellent and offered brilliant sounds. Plus, they offer plenty of volume, range, detail, and bass. 

Out of the box, we realised its profile is quite bass-heavy. But after tweaking a few things via Razer Synapse, we got the sounds we wanted. 

However, these speakers will surely please your ears if you enjoy bass.

Speaking of its sound profile, we can describe it as warm, emphasising the lows and mids. Moreover, it offers treble and expansive audio, producing an excellent listening experience. 

These speakers may not offer absolute clarity; however, the sound produced is undeniably pleasing. That means it can likely satisfy the preferences of most listeners. 

We noticed it lacked some intricacy in the upper-mid and high ranges. Despite that, it will not be a significant drawback for most.

These speakers shine in their ability to immerse you in your gaming experiences. Their robust subwoofer generates a visceral sensation. Gunfire and explosions reverberate through the floor, occasionally making the desk vibrate when we played games like Fortnite. 

This audio setup delivers an action-packed gaming experience, letting us discern the direction of enemies and gunshots with impressive clarity. However, remember that using a dedicated gaming headset for competitive gaming over speakers is still ideal.

When we used the speakers for voice calls, the voices of families, friends, and colleagues were crisp and clear. We did not experience issues, and it had no instances of being unclear.

Stereo Mode

When we used the Nommo v2 Pro in stereo mode, we were impressed with its rich, rounded audio. Also, it retained a perfect balance between the different sound elements.

When using this mode, the speakers deliver centralised audio, resembling a soundbar. Based on our experience, stereo was better for listening to music than gaming.

Making adjustments using the EQ significantly enhanced our listening experience. However, if you do not like tweaking the EQ, you can switch the preset from Game to Music. Regardless of the genre, the Nommo v2 Pro offers excellent audio quality.

THX Spatial Audio

The THX Spatial Audio enhanced the effects of surround sound in our tests and was better than stereo mode. However, we changed a few settings since it initially had a thin sound.

The THX Spatial Audio was incredible with the left and right speakers of the Nommo v2 Pro. In-game sounds like explosions and gunshots were impactful, giving a more immersive gameplay. 

Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review Summary

The Nommo v2 Pro is another impressive peripheral from Razer. It delivered excellent audio in our tests and effectively enhanced our gaming experience. What made it better is it also had high-quality audio when we listened to music.

Aside from its sound, these speakers have stunning aesthetics. Its design perfectly matches any build, while its wireless subwoofer keeps things neat and clutter-free. Plus, we enjoyed its immersive RGB lighting while testing it for our Razer Nommo v2 Pro Review.

We highly recommend this product if you want a user-friendly pair of PC speakers with superior audio quality. Visit the official product page of Razer for additional details about the Nommo v2 Pro.