How To Remove Mechanical Keyboard Keys (The Right Way)

You can increase the life and quality of your keyboard by cleaning it regularly. 

Removing mechanical keyboard keys is one of the best ways of cleaning them. 

If you want an overall step guide for removing mechanical keyboard keys, read this article.

Need For Removing Mechanical Keyboard Keys

There are some maintenance requirements for gaming keyboards as well as mechanical keyboards. 

These requirements can be difficult to understand if you need help understanding how to remove and clean the mechanical keyboard. 

However, if you learn to remove mechanical keyboard keys, it can offer you many benefits. 

There are many problems that your keyboard hardware might be going through, and you need to be made aware of them. 

For Fixing Sticky Keys: 

Sometimes keys are stuck in a pushed position, and it causes the same command to repeat continuously. To find out the major issues with the keyboard, keyboardtester.io is the ultimate solution.

This problem can be easily solved by cleaning your mechanical keyboard by removing the keys.

For Customisation Purpose: 

If you want to customize your mechanical keyboard, you should know how to remove keyboard keys. 

Sometimes, gamers want different color keys to make their keyboards stand out.

For Cleaning the keyboard:

Keeping your keyboard clean from the inside is the primary reason for removing keys. 

You cannot clean the dust particles stuck inside the keyboard unless you remove the keys. 

Removing the keys is a must for deep cleaning and the longer life of the keyboard.

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Steps for removing mechanical keyboard keys

There are two methods or Ways by which you can remove mechanical keyboard keys. 

You can either remove them with the help of some tools or without some tools. Here we have mentioned both ways and steps for them. 

With tools 

  • A keycap puller is one of the most useful and popular tools for removing keys. You can also use your finger, but it could be very painful. A wire keycap puller is better than a plastic keycap puller. 
  • Insert this puller into any of your keycaps. Make sure you are gentle. The wire is gently slid off below the key so that you can pull it off easily. 
  • Now remove the key with patience. If you are not patient, then it can harm your key or bring scratches on its surface. Long keys suggest a space bar would be difficult to remove to make sure you give them your all time. 

Without tools 

Many other tools and items can be used in place of keycap pullers. These tools are:

  • Credit Card
  • Paper Clip
  • Finger
  • Key

You can put pressure on the key using any of these items and follow the above steps. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I remove a mechanical keyboard key without a tool?

Ans: If you think mechanical keyboards keys cannot be removed with a tool, then there is a happy option for you. 

You can easily remove mechanical keyboard keys without a tool. You can use other things in place of it, such as a paperclip for a credit card, and follow the same procedure. 

Q2. Can you remove keys on a mechanical keyboard?

Ans: Yes, you can easily remove keys from a mechanical keyboard. This can be done with the help of a keycap puller. You can also use a flat screwdriver in place of it. 

Q3. Are all mechanical keyboard keys removable?

Ans: Yes, all mechanical keyboard keys are removable. Sab log, please suggest a spacebar or sticky keys that take more time to remove. 

Q4. How do you clean under the keys of a keyboard?

Ans: Make sure you turn off your keyboard or the computer with which it is connected before cleaning it. 

You can shake the keyboard a little to clean the keys. You can also use a soft and thin brush to clean it. A keycap puller can also be used to do so. 

Q5. How do you make a keycap puller?

Ans: You can easily make a keycap puller with the help of a strong paper clip. 


Now you know every step necessary to remove the keys of your mechanical keyboard.

If you don’t have a keycap puller, you can also use some above-mentioned items in place of it. Make sure you do not remove keys with your fingernail. 

This is because it can hurt both your fingers as well as keys. What are you waiting for? Get started with cleaning your mechanical keyboard keys! 

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