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Reolink RLC-833A Review

Today, we are writing this Reolink RLC-833A Review. It is perfect for those searching for dome-shaped/turret IP cameras because this camera is an excellent option. 

The RLC-833A integrates outstanding and impressive features while being affordable. It also comes with a notable design and form that makes it durable to withstand harsh environments. 

Continue reading our Reolink RLC-833A Review to learn more about the cam. It will also help you make informed decisions about your IP camera options.

Reolink RLC-833A Packaging

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The RLC-833A ships in your typical-looking package: it sports a blue/white theme and has an image of the product. It also features the product name, the company branding, and some details about it. 

Inside the box, the RLC-833A ships with several accessories, including the following:

  • Waterproof Lid
  • Mounting Template
  • 1m Ethernet Cable
  • Pack of Screws
  • Surveillance Sticker
  • Quick Start Guide

Reolink RLC-833A Review – Design and Functionality

While writing our Reolink RLC-833A Review, we saw that the RLC-833A is also a PoE IP camera like the 842A. You can power the camera while transmitting network connectivity via the Ethernet cable.

Reolink users love one specific feature of its cameras, which is on the RLC-833A. You can capture and then deliver crystal-clear and quality images and videos. Moreover, the product has a 96° -27° horizontal field of view, while vertically, it has 69° -21°. 

While writing this Reolink RLC-833A Review, we saw it has an aluminium metal base and a spotlight piece. You will find two IR LEDs, a daylight sensor and a loudspeaker. The company also included a micro SD slot (maximum 256GB) and gave it an IP67 rating.

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Key Features of the Reolink RLC-833A 

With how many IP cameras there are, you may be wondering what makes this product better than the rest. To give you an idea about what it offers, continue reading our Reolink RLC-833A Review to learn more about it.

Optimised Detection, Reliable Notifications

This camera from Reolink is highly notable since it can analyse the shape of vehicles, humans, pets, etc. Thanks to its top-notch technology, the camera detects and sends notifications with fewer false alarms for convenience. 

Double Warning, Double Protection

The alarm and spotlight activate when the camera detects anything suspicious. You can manually switch these on/off if you prefer lesser commotion when your camera detects anything.

Two-Way Audio for Real-Time Communication

With its built-in mic and speaker, you can listen and communicate with anyone on the side of the camera. You can speak with them, no matter where you are.

8MP High-Res for Heightened Vision

This 4K Ultra HD camera gives you four times the picture quality of 1080p HD. With that, you can enjoy crystal-clear images. Whether viewing the live feed or watching recorded footage, you will see everything in vivid detail.

3X Optical Zoom for Added Detail 

This PoE dome security camera boasts a motorised varifocal lens, offering seamless 3X optical zoom functionality. This feature lets you zoom in or out on precise details without losing image resolution. It enables you to get up close and personal without any disruption.

A Variety of Night Modes for Your Preferences 

Once the spotlight starts via motion/as scheduled, the RLC-833A switches between black/white and colour night vision. As a result, you can enjoy full-colour event videos. 

Additionally, you can switch the spotlight on/off to activate night modes. 

Internet of Things from Reolink

Connect the RLC-833A to Reolink IoT devices like the Reolink Floodlight PoE/WiFi. Doing so optimises your overall experience. 

When the camera pairs with the Reolink Floodlight, its motion detection capabilities trigger Floodlight. This action will illuminate a wider surveillance area, guaranteeing enhanced and vivid night vision.

Fun and Enjoyment with Time Lapse

Watching long-term events like sunrises or the blooming of flowers can be enjoyable. However, it can be challenging. With the time-lapse feature of the RLAC-833A, you can fast-track and simplify the process. Doing so allows you to savour the beauty of these incredible events in minutes.

Flexible Recording Choices for Your Needs

The RLC-833A provides versatile recording options, including 24/7 continuous, motion-triggered, and scheduled video capture. You can save all your videos to the microSD card, the Reolink NVR, or an FTP server. Pick the method that suits your preferences and take pleasure in tailor-made security solutions.

Easy PoE Setup

The RLC-833A does not require an extra power cable or adapter. It uses PoE (Power over Ethernet technology. It enables the transmission of data and power simultaneously via a single network cable. This technology is more convenient and cost-efficient since it uses fewer wires.

Reolink NVR Compatibility

This camera is compatible with NVRs from Reolink, allowing you to save longer videos. When using an NVR, you can also operate multiple cameras.

Withstands Any Weather

The RLC-833A has durable, waterproof housing and can work under harsh weather. It works for indoor and outdoor use, making it highly versatile.


  • Image Sensor: 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor
  • Video Resolution: (Default) 3840 x 2160 (8mp) @ 25 FPS
  • Video Format: H.265
  • Horizontal Field of View: 94°- 50°
  • Vertical Field of View: 53°- 30°
  • Infrared Night Vision: 30m (2pcs / 28mil / 850nm)
  • Audio: Two-way
  • DC Power: 12.0V⎓1A, less than 12W
  • Power: DC power port
  • Ethernet: 10M/100Mbps RJ45
  • Storage: microSD card slot (maximum 256GB)
  • Dimensions: Φ117.4 x 103.8mm
  • Weight: 510g
  • Warranty: Two-year limited warranty. 

Hands-on with the Reolink RLC-833A

CleanShot 2023 10 31 at 09.47.18 Reolink RLC-833A Review

Here is a quick tip we learned while writing our Reolink RLC-833A Review. Before mounting the camera, power it and then integrate it with the Reolink App. Because the RLC-833A is a PoE camera, you might need another Ethernet cable longer than the provided one. 

With that, power it using any networking device, then add it to the app.

Incorporating the Reolink RLC-833A into the app can be accomplished in two ways: automatically or manually. To use the automatic method, ensure your Smartphone with the Reolink app is on the same network as your camera. 

After, tap the Add Devices Automatically within the app to activate this feature. Once done, your Reolink RLC-833A will be instantly detected and added.

Alternatively, for manual camera addition, click Add, which you can find in the upper right-hand corner of the Reolink app. Next, you need to scan the QR code found on the camera. 

You also have the option to add the camera by entering its UID/IP address or by scanning your network. Following this step, you can assign a password and give your RLC-833A a unique name for identification.

To install the RLC-833A, connect the camera (excluding the dome cover) and proceed with the mounting process. Retrieve the mounting template and affix it to your ceiling. 

Drill holes according to the template, position your camera and secure it with screws. Afterwards, you can reattach the dome cover. 

With the camera mounted successfully, remember to insert the waterproof lid to safeguard the Ethernet cable connector against water infiltration. Doing so completes the installation process at this stage.


The RLC-833A delivered excellent image and video quality thanks to its 4K resolution. When zoomed in thrice, this camera did not compromise the resolution since it uses motorised lenses.

Like other Reolink cameras we used previously, it recorded crystal-clear videos and images. It is one of the features that many Reolik users love. Its night vision performance was also impressive since the details remained visible despite having less lighting.

We loved the built-in spotlight of the RLC-833A that allowed capturing coloured images with its night vision feature. Also, Reolink lets you optimise spotlight intensity to get the best shots. 

This product works more efficiently when connected with the Reolink Standalone Floodlight. When the RLC-833A detects motion, it automatically activates and illuminates the whole area for better image and video quality.

Motion Detection

Let us also look into its motion detection in our Reolink RLC-833A Review. One of the standout features that enhances the utility of a surveillance camera is its capacity to minimise false alarms. The RLC-833A boasts intelligent onboard AI motion detection, a feature worth noting. 

It means both cameras do not rely on cloud processing to detect motion. Instead, the onboard AI enhances the camera to achieve nearly instant detection while sending prompt push notifications.

The RLC-833A can detect humans, vehicles, pets, and any motion. Notably, it does not rely on Motion Zones. 

It results in precise notifications for motion detection. Additionally, the cameras offer both pre-recording and post-recording capabilities. By default, motion triggers recordings, but you can also continuously record 24/7 or opt for scheduled recording.

The RLC-833A lets you store recorded footage locally and provides complete control over your recordings. You can also choose to use a Reolink NVR or FTP for storage. 

In terms of notifications, you will receive an email alert with a snapshot and push notification from the app. 

Reolink RLC-833A Review Summary

The RLC-833A is another excellent IP camera from Reolink. It is highly versatile, well-designed, and feature-rich, offering many functions that are beneficial for home security. 

We loved its performance when we tested it for this Reolink RLC-833A Review since its recordings were high quality. Plus, its motion detection was efficient, and installing the camera was hassle-free.

The RLC-833A offers the best value for your money. It delivers excellent performance, superior AI capabilities, and unparalleled reliability. If you want a high-quality IP camera, we highly recommend this product.

Visit the official product page of Reolink for more details about the RLC-833A.