roccat vulcan ii mini banner Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review

Roccat is a company that provides users with compact keyboards featuring plenty of functions. It also has stunning RGB light shows that are eye-catching. So today, we will look at one of its products in our Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review. 

The Vulcan II Mini is a compact keyboard with excellent RGB implementation. It sports the Easy-Shift function to provide plenty of functionality. Plus, it has switches that can work with other third-party keycaps. 

In our Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review, we will discuss the product features, design, functions, specs, and performance. We used the keyboard for almost two weeks to determine if you should consider purchasing it.

But before we look into those, we will check its packaging and what Roccat included in the box. 

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Packaging

The keyboard arrived in time for this Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review. It shipped in a standard-looking keyboard package with an image of the product, its name, and the company logo. The usual key features are also displayed to see what the product can offer. 

roccat vulcan ii mini review1 Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review

Aside from the Vulcan II Mini, the box contains a detachable USB-C to A cable (1.8M). The company also included a quick start guide you can refer to when necessary.

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

After unboxing for our Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review, we saw how lovely and well-built the keyboard was. It is a 65% wired product featuring linear red optical switches and an intelligent compact layout. 

Most of its build uses a plastic material though it sports an aluminium backplate with dual flip-out feet. The latter is an optimal addition to the product since it allows you to adjust your angle. Moreover, the presence of rubber strips helps improve its grip. 

There are two colourways to choose from: black or white.

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Roccat integrated elements to make the keyboard stand out from its competitors. The company uses the TITAN II Optical Switches, AIMO RGB lighting, and the Easy-Shift key duplicator technology. The latter allows the keyboard to have a second function layer. 

Roccat also includes a six-foot-long detachable USB-C cable for convenient storage and movement.  

The keyboard sports keys with translucent legends to better see the RGB lighting. There are also secondary legends inscribed on keys with preset secondary features. These include the O key with PRINT, the P key with SCROLL, etc. 

Next, the switches are entirely transparent since the only opaque element on the keyboard is the red stems. Generally, these are the first dual-LED Smart switches in the world, meaning two LED colours are available on them. 

The keyboard is bright thanks to its exposed double LEDs and switches. You can customise the lights or change the secondary functions of its keys. And to do so, you need to use the Swarm Software, which is downloadable for free. 

roccat vulcan ii mini review5 Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review

Underneath the keyboard are four rubber grips, plus a ridged pattern providing an industrial feel to the Vulcan II Mini. If you are into ergonomics, the keyboard has a set of adjustable feet tucked nicely underneath the product. 

On top, a single USB-C port features a USB connection. Note that there is no wireless connectivity available on the Vulcan II Mini.

Easy-Shift Function

The remaining keys on the Vulcan II Mini incorporate most functions on a full-size keyboard. However, unlike other compact keyboards, these additional functions are not marked on the side of the keys. There are no markings due to how the key switches are displayed. 

To overcome this problem, Roccat has included 30 multifunction keys on the keyboard. These are equipped with a dual LED to indicate when their secondary function is active.

Another feature of the Vulcan II is the Easy-Shift technology from Roccat. It is also in the Kone XP and Kone XP Air. 

This feature allows users to assign new functions like hotkeys and macros. You can do this by holding the Easy-Shift button. 

It may require some effort to set things up correctly. But once you get the hang of it, you can add more functionality to the keyboard. 

Key Features of the Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard

What makes this keyboard good for gaming? As we discuss its primary features in our Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review, let us find out.

65% Form Factor

With its 65% form factor, this keyboard boasts a compact design that takes up minimal space on your desk, yet it still offers the convenience and functionality of arrow keys.

TITAN II Optical Switches of the Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard

The TITAN II Optical switches are exclusive to this keyboard, offering ultra-fast actuation and long-lasting durability. With a 100 million press life cycle, these provide a consistent competitive edge. Moreover, it guarantees that every click feels as crisp as the first.

EZ Functions 

With 30 multifunction Smart keys, the EZ Functions feature offers peace of mind for your keystrokes. In addition, the dual LED indicators inform you when secondary functions are active. 

Furthermore, the Easy-Shift[+] button duplicator technology grants access to a second function layer you can program.

Personalise the Vulcan II Mini Keyboard

Customise your keyboard using other cross-shaped mount keycaps and USB-C cables to show off your style.

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard AIMO Illumination

AIMO Illumination utilises the doubled refresh rate of a typical gaming keyboard to create stunning and seamless RGB lighting effects. In addition, this technology lets you sync the Vulcan II Mini with other compatible AIMO-enabled products.


We learned much about the keyboard when we checked it for this Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review. And to give you an idea of its specifications, we made a list you can reference when necessary. 

  • Form Factor: 65%
  • Cable: One detachable braided 1.8m USB-C to A 2.0 cable
  • Switches: TITAN II Optical Red
  • Actuation Point and Travel Distance: 1.4mm and 3.6mm, respectively
  • Switch Lifecycle: Tested to 100M
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Profile Onboard: 5
  • Onboard Memory: 4MB
  • Keyboard Rollover: Full-key with 100% anti-ghosting
  • Software: Roccat Swarm
  • Processor: 32-bit ARM Cortex M3
  • Dimensions: 166 x 31 x 324mm (LxHxW)
  • Weight: 542g with the cable and 500g without the cable 

Hands-on with the Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard 

Our Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review will focus on our experience while using the product. But before we discuss how well it performs, we will focus on its utility software, the Roccat Swarm.

Roccat Swarm for the Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard

As we mentioned, the Swarm software from Roccat is where you customise the RGB LEDs of the Vulcan II Mini. The interface has the usual per-key programming and provides pre-built animations. Plus, there are per-game profiles to boot.

If you want the lighting of your peripherals to match, the software features AIMO intelligent lighting technology. It synchronises the colours of your Roccat mice and keyboards. When enabled, your lighting will respond to how you use your computer.

Aside from RGBs, Swarm also lets you configure macros, hotkeys, and character repeat rates. Plus, you can add sound effects to your keypresses to make them more personalised and unique. To note, you can save up to five profiles onboard.

Performance of the Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard

We used the Vulcan II Mini for typing and gaming. Based on our experience, it is an impressive keyboard that performs well. However, the keycaps are slippery, so we usually press the wrong keys.

What surprised us was the stability of the small keycaps without sidewalls. They do not feel less stable than the conventional keycaps.

The keyboard can be challenging for gaming due to its slippery keycaps. However, it is worth mentioning that the optical switches enable swift presses. Plus, the layout helps make navigation easy while gaming. 

Its small travel distance and 1000HZ polling rate make it excellent for first-person shooter games like Destiny 2/Apex Legends.

Despite the slick keycaps, the keys are surprisingly smooth and satisfying, allowing quick adaptation. In addition, the keyboard was fast and responsive, with noticeable differences in actuation and travel distance. If you are a fast-twitch gamer, you will love this. 

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review Summary

The Vulcan II Mini is another high-quality keyboard from Roccat. Although it lacks wireless connectivity options, it performs impressively and has multiple functions, making it ideal for various games. 

This keyboard has several unique features, including its transparent key switches that make RGBs more vibrant and the Easy-Shift function. The latter squeezes in more functionality in this miniature keyboard, which makes it ideal for shooters, MMOs, and strategy games.

We enjoyed using this product during our tests for this Roccat Vulcan II Mini Keyboard Review. Thanks to the TITAN II optical switches, the keyboard worked well for gaming and typing.

Is the Vulcan II Mini worth purchasing? This 65% keyboard is costly, but it is one of the most excellent mini keyboards you can find. It has outstanding aesthetics, components, and durability to enhance your gaming experience and performance. 

Overall, we highly recommend this premium mini keyboard from Roccat to gamers who want a customisable mini keyboard.

Visit the official product page of Roccat to learn more about the Vulcan II Mini Keyboard.