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RODE VideoMicro II Review

In our RODE VideoMicro II Review, we will look into one of the latest offerings from RODE. The VideoMicro II brings top-notch quality pro sounds to your content that you will love. 

This mic comes with new optimisations and features built on what made the original version a crowd favourite. The product is in a compact and sturdy form factor that you can use with your camera or smartphone. 

It is ideal for various tasks like content creation and the like. You can also use it to record better audio for your videos. 

RODE VideoMicro II Packaging

The product arrived in time for this RODE VideoMicro II Review and ships in a simple white cardboard box. The front shows an image of the product, its name, and company branding. 

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Inside, you will get the VideoMicro II that ships with other accessories. These include the HELIX isolation mount, a foam windshield, the WS121 furry windshield, and cables. These are an SC7 TRS – TRRS patch and an SC13 TRS – TRS patch cable. 

RODE VideoMicro II Review – Design and Functionality

While writing our RODE VideoMicro II Review, we noticed RODE opted for a nearly-complete redesign of the mic. The VideoMicro II uses the annular line tube technology to get a natural and full-bodied sound quality. RODE claims it also improved circuitry for optimised sensitivity and less self-noise to enhance the audio. 

The mic is lightweight, but despite that, it does not feel flimsy. It may lack heft, but you can use it however you want without worrying about getting damaged. 

This product is a condenser mic sporting a supercardioid polar pattern. Since it features directional audio capture, you can get sounds from where it points while decreasing background noise. It can successfully and directly pick up sounds in front of it while reducing noise from its sides or behind. 

That feature will benefit anyone recording audio from noisy spaces like most public areas. 

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Design-wise, the VideoMicro II has an updated body to accommodate the annular line tube technology. It has to do with using circular holes on the side of the mic. This technology also relates to its effects when the sound goes inside. 

It is a lightweight product with a simple plug-and-play setup without buttons or other unnecessary and complicated controls. That means anyone can upgrade their audio quality via a smartphone or camera. 

The most evident change in the mic is the new HELIX Isolation Mount system. RODE made this shock-absorbing mount for the VideoMicro II, which completely absorbs bumps, knocks, and general handling. These cause unnecessary background noises during recordings. 

While lightweight and compact, it also offers cable management slots. It even has a camera attachment and mounting thread for boom poles etc.

Key Features of the RODE VideoMicro II

While writing our RODE VideoMicro II Review, we noticed the abundance of features this product offers. Since it is an upgrade to the VideoMicro from RODE, it also provides professional sound quality.

The VideoMicro II is perfect for online content creators, video newbies, and seasoned video pros. It has every feature present in the original model. But despite that, the VideoMicro II has its offerings for optimised performance. 

Moreover, it provides on-camera, ultra-compact audio recording. 

Stunning Sounds Made Simple

Quit settling for sub-par sounds and enjoy pro audio quality with a user-friendly operation. It does not require batteries, so plug in the mic and hit record on your smartphone/camera. 

The VideoMicro II is tuned adequately to deliver crystal-clear audio without complicated controls or switches. 

Super-focused + Super-clear Sounds 

This product is a supercardioid shotgun mic with the annular line tube technology from RODE. It delivers natural audio unique to a product with a compact form factor. 

This product is highly-directional and can pick up sounds from the front while reducing noise from the sounds and rear. It is ideal for vlogging, filmmaking, or creating content via Smartphones.

The Innovative HELIX Isolation Mount of the RODE VideoMicro II

Earlier in our RODE VideoMicro II Review, we mentioned the included HELIX isolation mount has the most evident change. RODE developed this accessory specifically for the VideoMicro II. The company made this innovative design with expert craftsmanship to fit the mic specifications.

The HELIX isolation mount provides excellent protection from bumps, knocks, and general handling, which could produce unwanted rumbles in recordings. It has a low-profile design and cable management slots to keep your setup sleek while recording. Plus, it has an attachment for your camera and a thread for mounting onto other accessories like a boom pole.

Highly Compact with a Solid Build

The VideoMicro II is a compact and lightweight mic, measuring 80mm long and weighing 39g. It is highly portable, making it perfect for any camera bag, creator kit, or handbag. Although small, it is a tough product with its all-metal body and high-quality components.

The RODE VideoMicro II – A Comprehensive Kit for Superior Recordings

With the deluxe foam and furry windshields, you can record clear and high-quality audio wherever you go. RODE included a 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable to connect the mic to a camera. The company also added a TRS to TRRS cable in the package for Smartphones.

No matter the device, you can record premium-quality audio with the VideoMicro II.


We will share the various product specifications in our RODE VideoMicro II Review. With the isolation mount, the mic weighs 29g, but without it, the product is only 24g. The mic is small, light, and measures 80 x 22mm. 

It has a pressure gradient, an electret condenser acoustic principle, plus a supercardioid polar pattern. The product has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, a ~2.6kΩ output impedance, and a 79dB signal-to-noise ratio. About its dynamic range, it is 95dB. 

The VideoMicro II has a -30dBV (31.62 mV @94 dB SPL) ±1dB @ 1kHz sensitivity and a max 110dB SPL. Lastly, its output connection is a 3.5mm TRS. 

Hands-on with the RODE VideoMicro II

Before sharing our hands-on experience in this RODE VideoMicro II Review, we will discuss its installation process. 

Setting up the microphone was simple and easy. There is only a single port on the microphone, so we only needed to know which cable to use. Of course, we had to determine which device to plug in. 

The HELIX mount features a generic cold shoe foot that we smoothly slipped into our camera accessory shoe. Then, we connected the mic cable to the camera to automatically override its built-in mic. 

The build and body of the microphone are solid and durable for long-term use. The mic has a metal construction, while the mounting foot and suspension mount are plastic. 

Like the original version, the VideoMicro II allowed us to enjoy higher-quality audio. It was possible since we plugged directly into our camera and smartphone. 

We also appreciate that we did not have to rely on batteries, and there were no controls on the mic itself. Also, there was no fussing with settings, so we only plugged in and started recording. 

The audio quality of the VideoMicro II is a significant upgrade from the built-in mic of cameras. We tested this product with different cameras, and the VideoMicro II captured speech at moderate volumes much greater distances.

Like all shotgun mics, the VideoMicro II also had limits. We stood further than 4m from the mic, and the recording got fainter. Better a wireless or lapel mic if you need to record from a longer distance.

The audio quality of this mic was superior and crystal-clear. It reduced ambient noise from different directions and focused on capturing our voices.

The overall performance of the VideoMicro II was very impressive. Its long range allowed for capturing crystal-clear and high-quality audio from a distance. 

We also loved the included accessories that were handy in making higher-quality recordings, especially the HELIX isolation mount. It effectively eliminated unnecessary rumble despite us accidentally bumping the mic multiple times.

Aside from the excellent performance, we loved its user-friendliness and compact design that allowed us to carry it anywhere.

RODE VideoMicro II Review Summary

The VideoMicro II is another professional-quality mic from RODE. Recording with this product will instantly upgrade the audio quality of your smartphone or camera. It is lightweight, compact, user-friendly, and has all the necessary accessories in its box.

We enjoyed using this mic when we tested it for our RODE VideoMicro II Review. Setting it up did not take too long, and it was extremely user-friendly. We also loved the high-quality recordings from this mic since it worked perfectly with both Smartphones and cameras. 

The VideoMicro II is the most compact shotgun mic from RODE. Its size, weight, simplicity, and performance make it perfect for beginner videographers and vloggers. 

We highly recommend this product if you need a portable mic that delivers professional-quality recordings.

Learn more about the VideoMicro II by visiting the official product page of RODE