skil pwrcore 20 review

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Part 3

20V Dual Head Floodlight

Now, our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review focuses on the 20V Dual Head Floodlight from SKIL.

With the 20V Dual Head Floodlight, you can brighten up your workspace with just a single, convenient and powerful product.

It’s packed with two ultra-bright LED panels to light up large and spacious work areas without any problems at all. The 20V Dual Head Floodlight is the all-around work light that’ll give you adequate power to complete your project.

The brightness and radiance of the floodlight are all thanks to the PWRCore 20 Lithium technology. It’s a smart inclusion for the product since it provides longer & better battery life.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V Dual Head Floodlight Packaging

The 20V Dual Head Floodlight from SKIL came to us in a typical-looking box from the SKIL PWRCore20 series. However, it was sturdy enough to protect the floodlight inside.

There isn’t much to see on the package. So, we just went on ahead to check out the 20V Dual Head Floodlight inside.

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We’re glad that the 20V Dual Head Floodlight is secure and neatly packed inside. And with the box being durable, you won’t have to worry about any possible damages.

Yet SKIL kept things to a minimum with its contents too. With that, you’ll only find the 20V Dual Head Floodlight and a hanging hook inside.

SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools Review – Design and Functionality of the 20V Dual Head Floodlight

We’re now discussing the design and functionality of the floodlight in our SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools review.

The work light is designed to illuminate dry indoor spaces. Like the other SKIL PWRCore20 power tools, the 20V Dual Head Floodlight utilises the same batteries.

Three-Stage Brightness Adjustment Controlled by On/Off Button

The 20V Dual Head Floodlight is integrated with the three-stage brightness adjustment. It’s a useful and beneficial aspect of the product since it offers various light intensities for use.

You can select from three different settings, namely high (1,800lm), low (900lm), or single-panel (450lm). Then, you can even rotate either panel easily to direct the light whenever necessary.

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Also, you can depress the on/off button so you can scroll through these reactions. For the high light mode, the upper and lower lights can flash at full brightness. In low light mode, the upper and lower lights can flash at half their full brightness.

For the upper light mode, it flashes half of its maximum brightness, while the lower light is switched off.


When the 20V Dual Head Floodlight’s battery gets low, the LED will flash slowly. Then, it will shut off automatically to notify that the battery is already on low capacity.

Key Features of the 20V Dual Head Floodlight

Ultra Bright Lights That Are Excellent for Dark Areas

This floodlight from SKIL features dual panels. These ultra-bright LED lights can illuminate large and spacious work areas as high as 1,800lm for more visibility.

Illumination Management and Revolving LED Panels

Each panel of SKIL’s 20V Dual Head Floodlight rotates independently. With that, it can light up multiple surfaces at once.

Its illumination controls allow you to select from three different light settings. This way, you can choose the best brightness depending on your task.

Easy to Notice Low Battery Warnings + Auto Shut-Off

The light dims twice to alert you when the battery is low. With that, you can charge before completely running out of power and getting caught in the dark. The lights automatically shut off when the panels are closed.

A Variety of Hanging Options

The multiple hanging options let you position the floodlights conveniently. It comes with a tripod mount, a hidden hook in the base, and triple-position keyholes.

20V Dual Head Floodlight Specifications

Total run time for the 20V Dual Head Floodlight is 4 hours. That’s for the SKIL 5.0Ah battery in high light mode. The floodlight is luminous at 450|900|1,800lm while there are a total of 3 brightness levels for it.

Its upper head rotation ranges from 0 – 270°, while the lower head rotation is 0 – 170°. For its weight, the 20V Dual Head Floodlight weighs 4.29lbs.

The floodlight’s permitted ambient temperature ranges from 4 to 40°C when charging and –20 to 50°C while operating. And when it’s stored, it ranges from –20 to 50°C.

Lastly, the SKIL PWRCore20 20V Dual Head Floodlight operates at 20V.

Hands-on with the SKIL PWRCORE20 Power Tools – 20V Dual Head Floodlight

Now, let’s focus on the performance of the 20V Dual Head Floodlight, and how well it performed.

We’re glad that we easily set the upper and lower light heads in different positions. Depending on what we were doing, we easily adjusted the heads without any problems, which was great.

Upper Light Head

To secure the position we wanted for the floodlight, we simply tightened the knob, and it’s all set. However, note that the maximum adjustment range allowed for the upper light head is angled at 270°. Avoid forcing it beyond that range since it will only wreck the product.

A quick tip: to adjust the light based on your preference, tighten the knob to secure the lower light head. This should be done before adjusting and positioning the upper light head.

Lower Light Head

For the lower lead light head, its maximum adjustment is at 170° without its battery pack equipped. But remember that its actual adjustment and measurement varies with the battery size that’s attached.

When we got everything set, we manually rotated the lower light head within the allowed angle range. Then, we simply tightened the knob after adjusting the light head’s position, and it was all set.

Another tip from us: when positioning the 20V Dual Head Floodlight, avoid putting your hands/fingers between the heads. Also, don’t put them between the bracket and head to avoid any pinching accidents.


The work light is extremely useful in almost every task or project that we did. And since we sometimes do various projects in dim lights, this product helps light up dark areas.

It’s easy to adjust, has different light levels, and it can be mounted on a tripod for increased height.

Though the battery only lasts a bit more than an hour, it’s completely fine. That’s all thanks to the quick charging station, which is definitely convenient.