SmartRent Expands Connected Home Platform for Multifamily Owners

SmartRent, a provider of smart home automation for property managers and renters, today launched the Alloy Fusion hub, which assists residents in controlling their in-home smart devices. For property managers, the hub is the next step in providing a seamless digital experience for renters. In addition, SmartRent has launched its self-guided tour solution, which enables property owners to offer a seamless unattended experience to prospective renters.

The multifamily industry has generally lagged behind owner-occupied housing in the adoption of smart home and digital experiences. This is partially due to the fact that renters do not want to invest in smart home technology for a home that they do not own. In an age where companies like Amazon, Uber, and Doordash are central parts of daily life, rental communities need better technology that improves the convenience, safety, and accessibility of properties for residents and consumer services.

“We’re still in the early days of smart home technology, so it’s no surprise that many people still equate having a few connected devices with having a smart home,” says SmartRent Chief Executive Officer, Lucas Haldeman. “However, to unlock the value of smart home technology for multifamily communities, operators need a platform that delivers real quality of life, convenience, and safety benefits to residents, while improving the operational efficiency of the community. The new additions to the SmartRent platform help multifamily owners and operators cut costs, improve occupancy rates and deliver a more connected resident experience.”

Alloy Fusion Hub

The Alloy Fusion hub is an all-in-one touchscreen thermostat and smart home hub that allows users to manage and control their smart home devices. Using the on-wall touchscreen unit, residents can change the temperature, lower shades, lock or unlock their door, or even let someone in the building all from one intuitive interface. The Alloy Fusion also allows residents to receive video calls from guests or vendors, like package or food delivery, and grant them entry to the building or their front door. The Alloy Fusion is not just a Z-Wave hub, it serves as a thermostat, video intercom, multisensor and security panel, among other features. The hub can also serve as a virtual leasing agent, providing residents with detailed unit information while they are on their self-guided tour along with quick action button like “call leasing office” or “apply now.”

Self-Guided Tours

The newest feature to the SmartRent platform enables communities to offer self-guided tours to easily reach the 60+ percent of renters who are searching for their next home on their mobile device. The web-based tour platform allows prospective renters to view a property online, fill out pre-qualification and ID verification information, and receive access for their self-guided tour all within a unified singular experience. As part of their service, SmartRent will handle the entire ID verification process, leaving property owners and managers with nothing to do except follow up on a lead.

Uniquely designed to fill a void in the multifamily housing industry, SmartRent offers a complete smart home platform aimed at multifamily community owners, managers, and residents. An area traditionally left out of the smart home industry, multifamily properties have a demonstrated need for SmartRent’s combined enterprise and consumer solution. While the resident directly controls and customizes the smart devices within their home, the property manager in a SmartRent-powered community can respond quickly to issues like leaks and administer access credentials. SmartRent also recently announced a $32M Series B funding round led by Bain Capital Ventures in early June, followed shortly by an extension from the Amazon Alexa Fund in September.

About SmartRent
Founded in 2017, SmartRent is a smart home automation platform company for property managers and renters. The SmartRent solution is designed to provide property managers with seamless visibility and control over all their assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control offerings for residents. For more information please visit

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