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Steelcase Leap V2 Review

More people are working at home, sitting in front of the computer for hours to complete their tasks. That means a comfortable and ergonomic office chair is a must to avoid leaving you with body aches and pains. In this Steelcase Leap V2 Review, we will look at one of the best office chairs on the market. 

Steelcase, formerly the Metal Office Furniture company, was established in 1912. Their first product was a metal wastebasket for improving office safety. In 1919, the company formed dealer networks and began offering office furniture, making the brand grow. 

In 1954 the company became known as Steelcase Inc.

The Leap V2 is a comfortable chair that offers 100% support. It allows you to adjust and change positions by dialling an exact fit in the places you need most. The product is also integrated with plenty of excellent features, but do these justify its steep value? 

Just sit back, get comfortable, and read our Steelcase Leap V2 Review to learn more about the Leap V2. Then, read about its functions, design, and features to see if it is worth considering to boost your productivity while working.

Steelcase Leap V2 Review – Design and Functionality

For our Steelcase Leap V2 Review, the Leap V2 comes in a Medley Sky Blue upholstered back and seat. Its frame is platinum, thus making it an excellent office chair to add to your work area. Moreover, it does not feature a headrest but is still comfortable. 

The design is not fancy or lavish and has no protruding levers or mesh backs. Instead, the Leap V2 is simple-looking but with ergonomic curves that make it ideal for blending in. However, if you are into more colours and have the budget, you can opt for the original Leap chair. 

The chair uses the same material as the back, and it utilises a more classic foam layer beneath the seat fabric. As a result, its form adjusts adequately to your legs, offering enough space for the buttocks without causing any temperature issues.

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Steelcase Leap V2 Build Quality

On its craftsmanship, the Leap V2 is well-built and designed. Although it may not be a product that is immediately eye-catching enough, it has its charm. That instant you sit on the Leap V2, you will feel its quality, durability, and comfort. 

The chair is a sturdy product that can support you while you work throughout the day. Its frame is not only durable but also easy to clean. All you need is a few wipes here and there using a damp cloth. 

Seat Comfort and Adjustments

We noticed the Leap V2 sported a thinner seat pad. But surprisingly, it was soft and comfortable despite long periods of sitting. 

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The front section of the Leap V2 seat pad is flexible enough to let you naturally move while sitting on the chair. It is a self-adjusting function and does not require real thought. We noticed how helpful it was with hind leg fatigue and strain, especially when sitting for hours. 

Unlike similar products on the market, its depth does not expand the amount of seating area. Instead, Steelcase displayed creativity by making the sitting space slide forward or backwards, depending on your preferences. This feature on the seat provides a better fit for people, whether they have shorter or longer legs. 

As expected, the Leap V2 lets you adjust its height from 15.5 to 20.5 inches. You can do it using the lever on the right portion of the product. The lever activates a hydraulic cylinder that links the frame to the base, letting you raise/lower the seat. 

Doing so allows you to match the height of your desk to get a comfortable angle for continuous support. 

Back Support from the Steelcase Leap V2

A vital aspect of any office chair is the support it provides your back. For a fully ergonomic seat, this element is even more essential. 

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When Steelcase created the Leap V2, the company realised that back support is not a static function. Instead, the seat should provide adequate support while moving as you work throughout the day.  

What is notable about the Leap V2 is how it supports your body no matter your sitting position. It does not matter if you are leaning forward, sitting upright, or leaning back to put your feet up. With the Leap V2, your back will receive full support. 

We also love its armrests since they are fully adjustable. These consist of spongy plastic that is not too warm or cold. Plus, it wipes clean and conveniently. 

The chair uses the LiveBack design from Steelcase, which anatomically alters shape to mirror spine movements. It will also provide enough support for the body while moving. 

Integrated into the back of the chair is a lumbar support system that you can adjust. It offers back firmness to aid with back pain and discomfort. 

On each side of its rear, the chair features tabs for customising the position of its lumbar support. You can have it rest at the bottom or on top of your spine. 

Aside from its lumbar adjustment, you will also find two knobs on the right part of the chair. It offers an upper back force for activating tilts, plus lower back firmness. You can also find a back-stop level for adjusting the depth of its recline angle. 


First, the Leap V2 arm pads offer comfort and softness, unlike other arm pads that are too rigid. Additionally, these were not overly soft, retaining their shape longer than softer ones. It only means the chair is durable enough to last a long time. 

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We think this chair provides us with one of the best designs for seats with adjustable armrests. So, the Leap V2 is an excellent option for office chairs that offer quality, durability, and comfort. Moreover, you can adjust each armrest, moving them up/down several inches. 

Its arms also feature a wide range of motion to fit most needs. Because of this feature, we were not surprised by the comfort we received.

The arms had adequate height, width, depth, and excellent pivot adjustments. That means it has plenty of range to accommodate any body type. Overall, anyone can use the chair and expect top-notch comfort and durability. 

When we compare the Leap V2 to less expensive chairs, their alternative arms feature similar adjustments. However, these had less range of motion. 

Steelcase Leap V2 Cylinder Height Options

We looked further into the adjustment options while writing our Steelcase Leap V2 Review. Here, you can choose from two options for its cylinder height. 

The first is considered a standard height that ranges from 16 to 20.5 inches tall. It is the perfect seated height for 95% of the population. It means that most people will fit comfortably into the standard height of the Leap V2. 

The other option is the stool height cylinder which allows the chair to go higher at 22 to 30 inches. It will also include a foot ring for taller counters or height-standing desks. 

The chair has soft castors perfect for hard floorings. So if you set your Leap V2 on a hard surface, you can guarantee chair and floor protection.

Key Features of the Steelcase Leap V2

Our Steelcase Leap V2 Review will discuss the primary product features to let you know its unique elements. These details will help you learn more about the benefits you can enjoy from this ergonomic chair.

Works Like an Analogue Camera

Leap V2 has proven advanced technology and offers outstanding comfort with versatility. It is highly adjustable and allows precise fine-tuning to your position like an analogue camera.

Movable Armrests of the Steelcase Leap V2 

You can move the armrests in four directions to find the most natural position. This ergonomic chair can properly provide support with its connected forearms, shoulders, arms, wrists, and neck.

LiveBack Technology – It Moves with You

The LiveBack back technology from Leap changes the shape of the backrest to provide adequate support to your whole spine. In addition, this mechanism allows you to adjust the recline for your posture.

Steelcase Leap V2 Back Support with Relief

The Leap V2 has a contoured backrest integrated with LiveBack technology, which changes shape as you move. As a result, it maintains a natural and healthy S-shape of your spine. Plus, the heigh-adjustable lumbar and lower back firmness control is adjustable, allowing you to achieve your preferred level of support.

Adjustable Arms that Keep You Connected

Armrests should parallel your work surface as you move to keep you comfortable. With the Leap V2, you can raise or lower the armrests, pivot in and out, or shift back or forward. It provides steady support for your arms while keeping your shoulders relaxed.

Premium Seat Comfort that Offers All-day Support

The patented Natural Glide from Leap lets you move the seat forward when you recline. It prevents you from leaving your optimal position to see and reach your work surface. 

This exclusive Steelcase seat cushion design uses built-in air pockets that conform to your body. In addition, it has flexible edges to relax the pressure points under your thighs.

Complete Ergonomic Support and Control

The Leap V2 can adjust its backrest to your posture, whether you sit or recline. As a result, it continues providing support while keeping you comfortable. 

Its seat depth, lumbar, armrests, lower back firmness, recline tension, and pneumatic seat height are all adjustable. It also offers five recline lock positions and an upholstered back & seat.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Steelcase advocates sustainability, and the chairs of the company have multiple certifications. For example, the Leap V2 has Level 2 ANSI/BIFMA and SCS IAQ Gold indoor air certifications.

The company manufactured this ergonomic chair with water-based adhesives and VOC-free powder-coated paint. In addition, each chair uses 35% recycled materials without CFC, PVC, chrome, benzene, and solvents.


The chair measures 38.26 to 43.26 inches high, 27 inches wide, and 21 to 24.7 inches deep. Its seat is 19.25 inches wide, while its back height is 25 inches. There are soft castors for the chair which is perfect for hard floorings.

Let us also discuss the product warranty. Steelcase included one for the Leap V2, and we consider it among the best warranties in the market. The Leap V2 also has a lifetime warranty for its seat shell, outer back, base, and arm frame structure. It also covers the stool and foot ring of the chair.  

On its mechanisms, pneumatic cylinders, arm caps, castors, foam, and glides, you are covered with a 12-year warranty instead. Additionally, you get a 12-year warranty for surface materials. These include wood veneer, laminate, solid surface, and all standard vertical surface textiles. 

Any product, part, or segment that fails under regular use will be repaired or replaced by Steelcase at its discretion. It will be free of charge (for components and materials). And for replacements, you will receive a chair of comparable quality. 

Steelcase will offer a refund or credit for the damaged product if repair or replacement is impossible.  

Hands-on with the Steelcase Leap V2 

After a few days of using the Leap V2, we immediately noticed its benefits. The adjustable lumbar support allowed us to achieve the most comfortable position. Plus, it was one of the most comfortable office chairs we used.

Changing your position is necessary to improve blood flow and help avoid strains. Fortunately, the Leap V2 is highly adjustable, making it comfortable for different postures. For example, we could lean back and put our feet up without experiencing any discomfort.

Aside from the adjustability of the lumbar support, we loved how strong it was. Thanks to its height adjustment range, it provided adequate support for all body types. Plus, the lumbar system takes up the entire backrest width, providing support for the lower and mid-back areas.

We also appreciate its adjustable firmness that allowed us to choose the right amount that was comfortable for us. However, other individuals sometimes prefer less back support, which is when its firmness control becomes handy.

The armrest also had a wide selection of motions to meet the needs of most users. Because of that, we were not surprised by the overall comfort score of the Leap V2. 

The arms we tested had height, depth, width and swivel adjustments. All these adjustments had numerous ranges essential for accommodating different body types. Alternative handles on cheaper chairs had similar adjustments, but the range of motion differed.

What we also appreciate is how the armrests could rotate perpendicular to us. Generally, it is unusual; however, it helps people with multi-screen setups or corner tables. Why? Because it allows them to have their bodies turn and face different directions. 

Additionally, angling the armrest away from the seat offered better, versatile, and optimised support. 

We will also discuss the wheel movement in our Steelcase Leap V2 Review. These glided smoothly across our office floor and took little effort to pull/slide the chair back to our desk. 

We used the Steelcase Leap V2 all day, whether writing, reading, video calling or relaxing. Even in the evening, while watching a movie or playing games, it offered a comfortable and versatile experience. Overall, it was easy to change the position according to our activity.

Overall User Experience

Our overall user experience with the Leap V2 was outstanding since we had plenty of tweaking possibilities. For example, we could tweak the armrests and seat height by dialling in the exact preferences to adjust each setting. 

None of these adjustments is challenging to execute since there are embedded instructions on the inner armrests. This help makes things easier to determine which dial/lever should be adjusted accordingly. 

Having plenty of ergonomic adjustments is vital for chairs to be completely ergonomic. Although unnecessary, it does make a product readily adaptable for users with different body types.

The Steelcase Leap V2 has every adjustment needed to fine-tune the seating fit for our needs. We tested and paired the 4-way adjustable arms, which provided an ergonomic and comfy seating position. 

Other manufacturers offer chairs with ergonomic adjustments, but these do not always suit many users. That is because adjustments should have an adequate range of motion to fit all users. Fortunately, Steelcase focused on the needs of its customers and worked excellently on providing adjustable parts for its ergonomic chairs.

The Leap V2 is one of the best office chairs we have used. We could tell that the company focused on comfort and support while developing this product. 

The chair gave us an enjoyable experience even when changing positions frequently. And it is all thanks to its adjustability.

Steelcase Leap V2 Review Summary

The Leap V2 from Steelcase is an impressive office chair with outstanding ergonomics and adjustability. It is suitable for all users and any body type. When we used the chair while working on our Steelcase Leap V2 Review, we enjoyed its comfort and ergonomics.

The Leap V2 offers more competitive advantages than premium office chairs from other manufacturers. Plus, its price is lower than other chairs, which makes it an excellent purchase. 

Although it is somewhat expensive, it offers a longer lifespan and unparalleled comfort due to its excellent build quality. Plus, you can adjust most of its parts to suit your posture and build. These features help save you from back pain and justify the premium cost of this chair.

What makes it a better investment is it also has a 12-year warranty.

Overall, we highly recommend the Leap V2 over other ergonomic chairs on the market. This superior product is an excellent investment that provides comfort and adequate support to help boost productivity. In addition, it is ideal for home offices and businesses since its reliability will last over a decade.

To learn more about the Leap V2, visit the official product page of Steelcase.