steelseries prime mouse review Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse Review

Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse Review

Steelseries has gone all-out with their Prime Gaming Mouse, and it’s one of the most available products out today. Here in our Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse review, we’ll take a look at its design, functions, features, and specifications. Not only that, but we’ll share how well it performed during our gaming sessions. 

But before we get into those, let’s check out what’s inside the box. 

Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse Packaging

This part of our Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse review is where we check out its packaging and inclusions. 

The gaming mouse comes in a typical-looking cardboard box that displays an image of the product itself. Steelseries and its logo are set above the image, while “Prime” and “precision esports gaming mouse” are written below it. 

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The package sports a simple look with a grey and orange theme to match. Flipping the box, you’ll find additional information about the Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse. 

Inside, you will find the Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse with a few other inclusions. These are the user documentation, plus a micro-USB to USB-A super mesh data cable.

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The mouse’s design and functionality is next on our Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse review. 

Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

This gaming mouse from Steelseries sports a matte black shell with a V-shaped design, forming the product’s top panel.

It has space for the brand’s logo, an RGB-lit mouse wheel, and two little clickers. And similar to its siblings, the Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse doesn’t come with an on-the-fly DPI button. 

Looking at the mouse’s design, it sports a fairly plain style that perfectly fits its solid matte-black plastic form.

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You’ll find two side buttons along the left portion and a logo set on the palm section. Aside from these, there’s one RGB lighting spot within the rubberised scroll-wheel. 

Its plastic body feels solid and sturdy, and it still looks premium despite the material used. The mouse doesn’t flex when you squeeze it, nor does it make any rattling noises when you shake it. For all the buttons, they’re extremely responsive and offer excellent physical feedback.

This gaming mouse is for right-handed users and comes with an ergonomic form. It’s best for all grip types and hand sizes.

Before we get into the switches and buttons, let’s first discuss the cables in our Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse review.

Steelseries made use of a detachable cable for their gaming mouse, and it’s mainly for easier transportation. Often, cables are torn or bent when you keep them in your bag, especially when travelling. 

So to lessen this issue, they designed a detachable cable that’s easy to use. Plus, it’s made to be sturdy and durable to last even with prolonged hours of gameplay. 

The cable has a high-quality feel to it, but it isn’t as flexible as other paracord-like cables that we’ve tried. Since it’s detachable, the mouse’s cable is easier to replace if ever it gets damaged.

The Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse utilises magnetic optical-mechanical switches, and the company claims that these have more click consistency. Not only that, but they say that the switches also have better and faster response times.

All the buttons can be programmed at the top of the mouse. These include the mouse wheel’s up and down inputs, its mouse wheel click, and its left/right-click buttons.

You’ll find an extra button at the mouse’s base which goes around five CPI profiles when you press it. Or, you can see it amidst the four polling rate settings when you’re holding it.

For the polling settings, the rates available on the mouse are 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1,000Hz. You can even shift between the polling rates via the button along the mouse’s base. If not, you can utilise the companion software instead.

Key Features of the Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse

Our Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse review will now discuss the different key features of this gaming mouse from Steelseries.

Revolutionary Optical Magnetic Switch

In FPS games, your victory can be a matter of milliseconds, so lightning-fast response times are vital. With that in mind, SteelSeries equipped the Prime with an optical magnetic switch called the Prestige OM. 

This feature makes the mouse last up to five times longer than other gaming mice on the market.

The unique design of the Prestige OM is made for intense professional-level gaming. It uses neodymium magnets to provide the most consistent mouse clicks. Plus, these are rated for 100 million clicks.

Additionally, the OM switch features an infrared light beam that delivers the fastest response times on games. It also has a specially milled neodymium magnet that holds the steel torsion spring in place. This magnet offers the necessary precision and consistency in every click.

Consistent and Crispy Clicks

The Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse utilises magnetic forces, unlike other mice that use mechanical parts for resistance. As a result, the mouse produces more consistent clicks than other mice. Plus, each click feels and sounds crispy like the very first click on its buttons.

TrueMove Pro Gaming Sensor

Steelseries collaborated with PixArt to design the world-renowned TrueMove Pro gaming sensor. As a result, it outperforms the competition with its true 1-to-1 tracking and tilt tracking. As a result, the Prime gaming mouse eliminates unwanted tracking during tilt slams, quick flicks, and angle drops.

Also, the TrueMove Pro gaming sensor delivers accuracy that’s two times better than the competition. With that, every mouse movement translates to quick yet precise responses in-game.

Excellent Form Factor for Competitive Battles

Aside from precision, the Prime gaming mouse also comes with the perfect ergonomic shape and ultra-lightweight design. To develop this, Steelseries also worked with the top esports professionals around the world.

With its excellent curve and 69g body, the Prime lessens hand fatigue when lifting or lowering the mouse. Although lightweight, it doesn’t compromise the mouse’s durability and quality.

Textured Matte Surface

The Prime features a textured top surface with a matte finish, making it easier to clean. It also prevents slipping when you grip the mouse during long and intense gaming sessions.

Recommended Grip Styles

With the Prime gaming mouse’s ergonomic design, it’s comfortable to use with any grip style. Whether you use the claw, palm, or fingertip grip style, this mouse won’t give you hand fatigue.

The Super Mesh Cable

When playing games, you’ll need to do rapid movements and quick swipes precisely. The Prime gaming mouse’s soft microfibre mesh cable that offers a lighter feel and less drag. As a result, hitting crucial shots becomes easier. 

The Super Mesh cable is also detachable so you can take it anywhere.

On-Board Customisation

Professional gamers need their personal adjustments on the fly. The Prime series of gaming mice allow you to choose between four polling rates and create five custom CPIs. You can save these presets directly into the mouse to quickly use the best settings for the game you’re playing.

Let’s shift to the specifications portion of our Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse review. 


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The Prime Gaming Mouse makes use of the TrueMove Pro sensor from Steelseries which is an optical type of sensor.

This mouse has an 18,000 CPI, while the IPS on Steelseries’ QcK surfaces is 450. For its acceleration, it’s at 50G, though keep in mind that it has zero hardware acceleration. When it comes to its buttons, the mouse has a total of six buttons available.

Its core construction is primarily made from ABS plastic and has a 1-Zone RGB for its illumination. 

The Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse weighs 69g and measures 125.3mm long. It’s 59mm wide in front and 67.9mm at the back. For its height, it’s 23mm in front and 42.4mm at the back.

To note, its super mesh cable measures 2m long.


This gaming mouse is compatible with a PC or Mac, and you’re required to have 140MB of free space for installation. When it comes to the software, you need to have Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.13+. 

Hands-on with the Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse

Before we get hands-on with the product, our Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse review will discuss its software. 

You can enjoy the GameSense integration, customisation of the mouse’s settings, custom lighting effects, and programming the mouse’s macros. This is done through the Steelseries Engine which you can download from the company’s page

This is a well-designed and flexible companion software package for programming any currently released compatible devices from Steelseries.

The software has a clean and well-organised interface with easy-to-control sliders and categorised settings.

When we tested the mouse for a couple of weeks, we didn’t experience any issues or problems with it. There was great click latency, though it was a bit higher compared to other similar products. 

When you often play competitive or fast-paced games, you might want a mouse that has a more responsive feeling.

But overall, the Steelseries Prime Gaming mouse gives off a precise feel and has finely-defined steps. Not only that, but we love its grippy rubberised surface and its excellent form that feels good when held. 

We didn’t experience any hand strains even when we played for long hours, and gameplay went smoothly with it.

Overall, it’s an excellent gaming mouse that we’d definitely recommend.

Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse Review Summary

The SteelSeries Prime is an impressive wired gaming mouse with great features. It’s lightweight, well-constructed, and has an ergonomic shape that’s suitable for all grip types. Plus, its flexible cable feels durable, and its mouse feet glide smoothly.

In terms of performance, the Prime gaming mouse was better than we expected. With its wide CPI range and low lift-off distance, we were able to enjoy our experience while using this. We truly appreciate that its settings are adjustable via the user-friendly companion software.

Overall, the Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse might be for you. If you want to have this mouse, you can purchase it online via the company’s official website.