synology ds423plus review banner Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security

Synology DS423+ Review – The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security

Earlier this year, Synology released the DS423+ to cater to the demands of its users. Today, we will discuss everything about it in our Synology DS423+ Review.

This NAS integrates notable elements such as a Celeron J4125 quad-core 2.0GHz processor. It has support from a non-ECC 4GB DDR4 memory that can expand to 6GB. 

If you are a fan of Synology, you will notice this NAS has the same hardware aspects as the DS920+. So, you can expect excellent performance from the DS423+ that will allow multitasking, application responsiveness, data transfers, etc.

Yes, Synology has introduced new elements to the DS423+ with the best features that users love. But is this product something worth considering? Continue reading our Synology DS423+ Review to learn more about its offerings, design, functions, specs, and performance. 

Synology DS423+ Packaging

The DS423+ ships in a basic-looking cardboard container that is, fortunately, thick and sturdy to protect the item inside. In front, you will find Synology Diskstation written on the lower-left corner of the box. The upper-right corner holds a sticker with an image and details of the product. 

synology ds423 review1 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security

The sticker displays its unit name, product image, and some features. The back of the box has a list of its package contents and hardware specifications. 

Inside, you will see the NAS neatly packed and secure inside a custom-fit foam with cardboard padding. Having these surrounding the product provides additional protection from possible damages during shipping. 

Moreover, the DS423+ rests in a sleek, premium-looking white casing. Together with the NAS are the other accessories required for setting up and operating the product, and these include: 

  • AC Power Adapter
  • Accessory Pack
  • AC Power Cord
  • Two Ethernet Cables (RJ45 LAN)
  • Quick Installation manual

Let us continue our Synology DS423+ Review and look into its construction and functions. 

Synology DS423+ Review – Design and Functionality

The DS423+ exhibits a continuation of the well-established design ethos of Synology. The company seamlessly integrates ventilation openings using the iconic company logo on its sides. 

It incorporates a pair of 92mm vents at its rear, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency. The NAS has an adaptable fan speed, which you can tailor to match your workload. Doing so will result in reduced noise levels. 

Weighing 2.18kg, the DS423+ finds the perfect equilibrium between robustness and portability. 

IMG 5139 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security synology ds423 review2 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security synology ds423 review4 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security synology ds423 review5 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security synology ds423 review3 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security synology ds423 review6 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security synology ds423 review7 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security synology ds423 review8 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security

On the front panel, its USB 3.2 port provides convenient accessibility and connectivity despite lacking a dedicated USB copy button. The DSM software offers a trigger function for seamless data transfer between the NAS and an external drive. Doing so precludes the necessity for an external copy button.

The DS423+ offers compatibility with 2.5 and 3.5-inch drives. It presents a convenient solution for the latter by allowing tool-free mounting in the trays. 

However, for 2.5-inch drives like SSDs, screws are included in the package to secure them firmly. The unit boasts four drive bays at the front. Each of these has lockable hot-swappable trays for added convenience.

Adding to its versatility, the DS423+ features two RJ-45 1GbE LAN Ports. You can use these for link aggregation/failover support, enhancing network connectivity options.

Beneath the DS423+ are two NVMe slots for optimised drive performance when creating storage volumes. It is important to note that these slots are compatible exclusively with Synology NVMe SSDs.

Key Features of the Synology DS423+ 

Our Synology DS423+ Review lists all the features that make the DS423+ better. Plus, you will find out what the company integrated to make it a NAS worth purchasing.

Surpass the Data Chaos of Your Home and Office

The NAS integrates powerful functions into a 4-bay chassis. You can store, organise, and share up to 72TB of data with the latter.

A Capable and Robust All-rounder

The DS423+ is a versatile NAS that serves as a central storage element and multimedia hub for all your needs.

Btrfs: Advanced and Optimised File Systems to Protect Data

The Synology DSM or DiskStation Manager operating system powers the DS423+ using an advanced Btrfs file system. It protects all data against corruption while reversing malicious/unintentional changes with the snapshot technology. 

Save, Share, and Protect

Manage and organise all your files, such as photos, documents, etc. You can also backup applications and devices while safeguarding your physical assets via pro video surveillance. 

Added Layers of Protection Thanks to Extended Warranty Plus

While writing this Synology DS423+ Review, we learned that Synology extended its standard 3-year hardware warranty. It added two more years of support and premium services from the company. These will help and assist you when recovering date in the event of disasters.


  • Processor: Intel Celeron J4125
  • CPU Frequency: 4-core 2.0 (base) / 2.7 (burst) GHz
  • CPU Architecture: 64-bit
  • Total Memory Slots: 1x
  • System Memory: 2GB DDR4 (non-ECC)
  • Maximum Memory Capacity: 6GB (2GB +4 GB)
  • Drive Bays: 4x
  • M.2 Drive Slots: 2x (NVMe)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 166 x 199 x 223mm
  • Weight: 2.18kg
  • Number of System Fans: 2x
  • System Fan Dimensions: 92 x 92 mm
  • Fan Speed Modes: Full-Speed / Cool / Quiet
  • Noise Level: 19.8 dB(A)
  • Power Supply Unit / Adapter: 90 W

Hands-on with the Synology DS423+ 

Before we share our hands-on experience with the NAS, our Synology DS423+ Review will discuss its software. These allow you to benefit more when using the DS423+.

Synology Surveillance Station

CleanShot 2023 10 12 at 09.18.37 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security CleanShot 2023 10 12 at 09.18.22 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security CleanShot 2023 10 12 at 09.16.41 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security CleanShot 2023 10 12 at 09.17.46 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security CleanShot 2023 10 12 at 09.19.08 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security CleanShot 2023 10 12 at 09.19.24 Synology DS423+ Review - The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security

Enhance your business or home security with a dependable, user-friendly surveillance solution. It packs robust and intelligent video monitoring, management, and analysis tools to enhance your use of the NAS. 

Surveillance Station 9.0 lets you craft a personalised monitoring interface. It also expedites camera deployment while bolstering your security with cutting-edge AI functionalities. Synology considers it its most comprehensive and advanced surveillance suite yet.

With streamlined scalability, you can ensure the integrity of your on-premises security. Its revamped interface offers greater flexibility and customisation to suit any deployment. Regardless of size, you can swiftly set it up and manage it with new features to streamline your operations. 

Save and Store on the Cloud

Enjoy top-notch encryption and excellent streaming architecture for low latency. It lets site administrators get and playback footage despite stolen or destroyed servers.

Strengthens Security and Privacy 

Optimise and increase security to better comply with the continuously changing data protection and privacy requirements.

Encrypted Recordings

These allow you to lock recordings using a different encryption key. Doing so will better protect recordings from unauthorised access even if the NAS/administrative credentials are in jeopardy.

Secure the Unseen

It can support the latest SRTP and HTTPS-enabled IP cameras for optimised network privacy and security.

Privacy Masking + Watermarks

Block sensitive areas from recordings while getting watermarks on the live feeds. These deter and track unauthorised recordings. 

Additional Surveillance Solutions

Aside from the Surveillance Station, Synology offers various surveillance solutions to enhance security. These include the following:

NVR Series with AI

Maximise advanced analytics that use deep learning to boost incident response and collect complete business intelligence.

Security Cameras from Synology

Synology offers versatile AI cameras that can withstand weather conditions. These have advanced features and seamlessly integrate with the Synology Surveillance Station. As a result, they provide an unparalleled user experience when used with Synology NAS units like the DS423+.

C2 Surveillance

C2 Surveillance provides additional protection to your footage, making it ideal for businesses. It makes simultaneous recordings to the Synology C2 cloud to save a remote copy of your surveillance videos.

The Surveillance Station and its Uses in Different Industries

Many companies use Synology servers to solve market challenges. Here are some of these organisations that maximise the benefits of Synology servers:


Unilever, a multinational company known for huge brands, wanted remote access around the clock with an excellent price-to-performance ratio. The company also needed configuration of storage and recording, plus data backup. As a result, Unilever used a solution from Synology, which met all these demands and delivered unparalleled reliability.

The planned patrol function and event detection of Synology became the essential features for Unilever. Another beneficial element for the company was the Surveillance Station, which allows playback of recordings on external drives and servers. With Synology, Unilever could edit created photos and simultaneously play the footage of multiple cameras.


Another organisation that enjoyed the benefits of a Synology server is ACSV or Air Cargo Services of Vietnam. This company offers inbound/outbound air cargo transportation services to and from the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi. 

ACSV used to rely on an NVR (network video recorder), which only supported proprietary cameras. Aside from the limitations, the company must spend hundreds of dollars for every new camera. This expense was no longer affordable when surveillance needs rapidly expanded.

Eventually, ACSV deployed the Surveillance Station, allowing them to purchase cameras and hard drives depending on their needs. This solution offered more flexibility and significantly reduced the company’s annual expenses.

If you handle a business, you can use a Synology NAS and maximise the Surveillance Station. It delivers excellent security and unparalleled reliability to prevent downtime.

Data Backup 

Ransomware incidents pose a universal threat to individuals using internet-connected devices, casting a wide net over potential victims. Nevertheless, specific sectors tend to bear the brunt of these attacks. 

Typically, ransomware perpetrators direct their malicious intents towards businesses because of the valuable data they possess. These attackers also focus on such groups due to their willingness to meet ransom demands for safe recovery.

Moreover, institutions vital for societal well-being, such as hospitals and educational establishments, are also targets. They have the potential for ransomware attacks to disrupt essential services and endanger lives.

In the event of data loss due to actions like deletion/unauthorised alteration, it is best to have backup solutions. Fortunately, Synology offers comprehensive data protection solutions to create a resilient backup strategy for your  IT infrastructure. 

With support from the company, you can mitigate the impact of downtime on critical production systems. It is possible by swiftly restoring backups from a local or off-site Synology system.

Businesses rely on their data to function every day. Protecting stored information on enterprise devices/services is the first step to ensure continuous productivity.

Hardware/software failures, ransomware attacks, data corruption, or accidental deletion can lead to data loss. Because of this, backups are necessary since they offer security when things go wrong.

Active Backup

We will also discuss Active Backup in our Synology DS423+ Review. It centralises backing up Windows, VMware, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 to Synology NAS. From there, you can organise everything via one console.

A prime advantage of Active Backup lies in its exemption from software licensing fees. This streamlined approach simplifies your IT budget and eliminates device or account-based pricing issues. As a result, you can optimise your return on investment without the burden of additional software expenses.

How Active Backup for Business Helped Multiple Organisations

Active Backup for Business is a dependable solution for hundreds of thousands of organisations across the globe. It helps safeguard millions of on-premises workloads. It impresses with its remarkable backup speeds and proficiency in eliminating redundant data. 

Active Backup for Business not only facilitates cross-platform backup. It also excels in removing duplicate data, seamlessly integrating with virtual machines.


SHISEIDO Taiwan has relied on Synology NAS systems to address operational requirements. These protect extensive daily transaction records within the database. 

Stability, speed, and quality are necessary to meet the internal application demands of the company. As a result, SHISEIDO Taiwan deployed solutions from Synology as its iSCSI and file storage servers.

The University of Washington and The German School of Madrid

Active Backup for Business also helped empower the University of Washington School of Social Work. It implemented an economically centralised backup solution across numerous desktop endpoints within its department.

Meanwhile, the German School of Madrid experienced effortless and efficient deployment of 50 Windows PC backup tasks. It was possibly by using Active Backup for Business. 

Leveraging cutting-edge global deduplication technology, they achieved an impressive 50% reduction in storage consumption. Additionally, a flexible retention policy further enhanced their storage utilisation.

The introduction of Synology NAS devices ensured comprehensive data protection for the school. Active Backup for Business allowed them to centralise backup processes for multiple computers onto a single NAS unit. 

The good part? None of these required licence fees. It featured bare-metal backup and restoration for the entire computing environment, including data, configurations, and PC operating systems.

Hyper Backup

Hyper Backup offers a comprehensive suite of features, enabling you to initiate, oversee, and track data backup tasks effortlessly. It also helps export backup data to external storage devices. 

With Hyper Backup, you can securely back up various elements. These include system configurations, folders, and software packages. You can create backup files via the Synology system to different destinations. 

Need to clone entire systems for bare-metal restoration or retrieve specific data through file-level recovery? Do not fret because the Hyper Backup provides a versatile and robust solution.

Hyper Backup features the advanced web-based functionalities of C2 Storage. These significantly elevate the efficiency and dependability of your backup processes. 

The robust system extends its support to enable the storage of shared folder backups. It also stores system configurations across cloud service providers and the Synology C2 Storage platform.

For utmost data privacy assurance, Hyper Backup employs client-side AES-256 encryption. The standard stands at the pinnacle of security, holding a prominent role in government, military, and heavily regulated industry applications. It also serves as the cornerstone for many security measures of businesses.

Furthermore, Hyper Backup allows you to retain an impressive count of data versions. Simultaneously, it minimises storage consumption through its efficient cross-version deduplication mechanism.

Synology MailPlus

Synology MailPlus stands as an on-premises email solution. It ensures data ownership while elevating security and dependability. Transition your email from the public cloud to potent and secure on-premises alternatives. 

Doing so lets you control data and streamline compliance with stringent data protection regulations. Also, this transition frees you from recurring fees, delivering substantial cost savings.

An Efficient Email System for Your Team

Synology MailPlus is fully configurable, allowing maximum productivity. It keeps your inbox organised with advanced filters, custom labels, and priority mailboxes that help users focus on crucial communications. 

In addition, Synology MailPlus brings the team together with shared mailboxes among collaborators and teams. Aside from consolidating email traffic, it has comprehensive security settings you can customise when assigning access to other users. These features make it better than Microsoft Exchange and Gmail.

Synology MailPlus is also available via mobile app or for viewing and organising emails conveniently. It has a user-friendly interface since Synology designed this with mobility in mind.

Easily Managed Mail Server 

Synology MailPlus offers a convenient mail server. It supports multiple domains on one server and enables independent configuration. Plus, you can set various login methods, email delivery, traffic quotas, and other group or user policies.

Another function is Delegation, which allows the assigning of administrative rights. It lets you set functions to distribute workload. Plus, you can set limits or quotas on user mailbox sizes and provide reminders. 

Multiple companies like RISE, a visual effects studio, use Synology MailPlus to manage around 200 employees from all branches. The studio maximises scalable storage, fast performance, and high-availability architecture, guaranteeing reduced downtime.

CMC, a film marketing and distribution company, maximises the features of Synology MailPlus to distribute workforce. CMC could save two to three times the overall deployment costs annually. Plus, MailPlus complies with email security and meets the requirements for scalability. 

File Sharing

Synology offers fast and secure methods of sharing critical digital files. It allows sending files to anyone and setting custom access permissions for unparalleled security. 

Here are the different features of file sharing with File Station:

Safe and Convenient File Sharing

One link allows you to share files or request uploads from others. You can also customise its accessibility to specific users, setting a password and a validity period.

Centralised Access to Files From Anywhere

Synology mounts remote folders and popular public cloud storage services within File Station. As a result, all your data is seamlessly accessible, like files in the local storage. 

Aside from that, you can also browse and organise files via mobile phone or tablet. Synology supports Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and allows direct uploading/downloading of files to and from DiskStation.

Seamless and Flexible

Nowadays, businesses must provide a fast and stable global file exchange with colleagues and customers. Synology offers an excellent file server solution to meet these demands. It also has unified support for WebDAV, CardDAV, CalDAV, and FTP services. 

Synology provides comprehensive support and allows seamless file sharing across different platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The Recycle Bin supported on SMB, AFP, WebDAV, and File Station enables flexible decision-making when deleting files permanently.

Universal Search

Universal Search offers a swift, precise, worldwide search function for your Synology NAS. It scans your multimedia files and DSM apps with a single click. Aside from that, it checks the contents of files within Synology Note Station and Synology Office. 

Also, this feature simultaneously provides a quick preview of the matched items.  

Business File Server 

Business File Server is a comprehensive solution for file sharing, content collaboration, data governance on-premise, and synchronisation. It allows you to share files and collaborate with teams across locations while maintaining data privacy and governance. 

With Business File Server, Synology integrates cloud flexibility with control of on-premises file services. It can also support up to 180 drives to achieve petabytes of raw capacity. As a result, it is ideal for saving and securing business data.

Here are more reasons why Business File Server is perfect for businesses:

More Convenience for Your IT Team

This file server solution reduces maintenance costs and efforts with its various functions. It configures user quota to manage the storage capacity of shared folders. 

Business File Server visually displays historical logs and an advanced search engine. As a result, system operations remain well-logged, and you can immediately identify events. 

Business File Server has snapshot technology and file versioning. These features help save more time since employees can recover accidentally deleted files.

When installing Synology Directory Server, you can use the DS423+ as a combined file and directory server.

Team up and Share Files Conveniently 

Business File Server allows you to configure privilege settings for team folders. As a result, managing storage capacity for each department becomes easier. It also enables sharing links with passwords and expiration dates to protect your data.

File sharing and synchronisation across multiple individual sites has become more convenient than ever. Plus, it allows employees to focus on work and deliver excellent performance.

This feature enables indexing all files stored in the NAS and collaborating with colleagues via Documents, Spreadsheets, or Slides.

Seamless Business Data Backup 

Having multiple copies of your data is always better, especially in businesses. It ensures the safety of your files and prevents unwanted downtime to keep the business going.

Business File Server allows creating High Availability cluster for avoiding unwanted service disruptions. It also encrypts and creates backup files in a remote location. You can save these in another Synology NAS unit, file server, or public cloud service.

In businesses, maintaining 24/7 service is crucial. Business File Server can provide advanced security measures to keep your data safeguarded.

Synology DS423+ Review Summary

The Synology DS423+ is a compact and feature-rich NAS solution. It perfectly balances comprehensive features, a trustworthy hardware bundle, and multimedia support. Plus, this NAS operates with the DiskStation Manager, an extensive software ecosystem that can meet the needs of many businesses.

We enjoyed the comprehensive features and software when we tested the NAS unit for our Synology DS423+ Review. It worked efficiently with high speed and low power consumption, making it excellent for various purposes. Plus, it performed excellently as a storage, data backup, file sharing, and surveillance solution.

We highly recommend the DS423+ for both personal and professional use. It is a reliable and versatile all-in-one NAS for media storage and data management, making it excellent for businesses.

Learn more about the DS423+ when you visit the official product page of Synology