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Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review

Today we will discuss the latest flagship offering in our Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review. The WRX560 is the newest product from the company that brings WiFi6 support. It is also capable of handling 2.5Gbps connections that are slowly appearing globally.

To learn more about the product and what it offers, read our Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review. We will provide details on its specifications, design, functions, features, and performance. 

But do not rush, and let us first discuss its packaging and contents.

Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Packaging

The product for our Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review arrived in a simple-looking cardboard box. The company opted for a minimalist design instead of a fancy-looking style overflowing with colours and details.

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Its flip-open cover displays the company branding and the product inside the box. You will also find a sticker with an image of the product on display. This sticker also shows us the product name and its features.

The sides of the box advertise the other features this mesh router offers. On its rear, you will find more detailed information related to its specifications.

Inside the box, you will find the primary unit, an AC power adapter, and an RJ45 LAN cable. Synology also included a quick installation guide for your reference.

Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review – Design and Functionality

We first looked into the product design and functions for our Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review. The WRX560 is a mesh router that can work with other Synology routers/mesh devices. 

Connecting these multiple products allows you to build a mesh network and provide WiFi coverage within a large area. It is ideal for big multi-floor houses, small business offices, or industrial spaces.

Design-wise, the WRX560 is a tall and vertically-oriented router without external antennas. Although not entirely small and compact, it is not as heavy as a conventional router. Plus, its build will allow you to save space.

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Since it is a standalone device, you cannot mount the WRX560 to a wall. 

The front panel of the WRX560 displays the Synology logo with the model name. You will also see discreet ventilation grids and LED indicators that signal the operating status of the mesh router.

Its rear is where you will find a sticker with the WRX560 serial number, MAC address, etc. This section also has a power button, a power jack, one 1Gbps WAN port, and one 2.5Gbps LAN/WAN port. Plus, you will find three LAN ports operating at 1Gbps and a reset button next to them.

On the side of the WRX560 is a USB 3.2 Gen1 port where you can connect mass storage devices. Another use of this connector is installing apps from the Package Centre and holding the Threat Prevention database. Additionally, the port supports USB hubs.

Next to the USB 3.2 Gen1 port are the WiFi and WPS buttons.

Underneath the router, you will find four rubber feet to keep it in place. It also has some ventilation grids to keep the temperature of the router low.

Key Features of the Synology WRX560 Mesh Router

Let us continue our Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review by looking into the product features. What can this mesh router offer, and are these worth considering? 

Space-saving Design with High Performance

You can enjoy faster speeds for all connected devices with WiFi6 technology and high-performance internal antennas. The size of the router that allows you to save space makes it even better.

Synology WRX560 Mesh Router – Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi eliminates dead WiFi zones. Take advantage of high-speed, consistent connectivity and whole-home coverage when combining multiple Synology routers. 

Supports 5.9 GHz Band

The WRX560 supports a 5.9 GHz band to provide access to an interference-free band. As a result, it can deliver higher connection speeds or a dedicated wireless backhaul.

Optimised WiFi Signal of the Synology WRX560 Mesh Router

Smart connection steers devices automatically to the WiFi band that offers the best speed and signal.

Comprehensive Parental Controls

The comprehensive parental controls of the WRX560 allow you to create profiles and assign devices for users. You can also enjoy easy monitoring and management of internet access. 

With these features, you can keep track of online activities and the time spent by your kids. You can also restrict users from spending too many hours online by setting quotas for each device.

These parental controls also help prevent children from seeing explicit content by filtering website access.

LAN Without Network Congestion

The Ethernet ports of the WRX560 have a dedicated bandwidth for 5.5Gbps aggregate wired throughput.

Configurable 2.5GbE LAN or WAN port

Configure the 2.5GbE port and set it as a LAN or WAN interface to support high-performance devices. This feature also allows the mesh router to support ultra-fast internet plans.

Easy to Install and Setup

Once you install the app, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the WRX560. It’s a quick, easy, and computer-free process.

Remote Parental Control

When you leave home, you can continue accessing parental controls via mobile. The app lets you monitor activities, create profiles, freeze internet access, and approve requests to access particular websites. Plus, you can configure your WiFi network and change passwords even when you are away.

Traffic Monitoring

Monitor traffic to determine if the connected devices are saturating the network or accessing inappropriate websites. You can also restrict users from accessing specific web pages when necessary.


This section of our Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review discusses the specifications of the mesh router. These are essential details to help you determine if the product is ideal for your setup.

The WRX560 has a quad-core 1.4GHz and a Layer 4/7 hardware acceleration engine. Its memory is a 512MB DDR4, while the antenna Synology used is a 4×4 MIMO high-performing internal antenna (5GHz), and it also integrated a 2×2 MIMO high-performing internal antenna (2.4GHz).

This mesh router has a 2.5GbE (RJ45) & three Gigabit (RJ45) LAN ports. Plus, it has one Gigabit (RJ45) & a 2.5GbE (RJ45 and dual WAN) WAN port. You will also find a USB 3.2 Gen1 (5V 0.9A power output) external port on the WRX560. 

Under its IEEE 802.11ax, the mesh router has the following: 

  • IEEE 802.11 a|b|g|n|ac|ax
  • 2.4GHz: 600Mbps
  • 5GHz: 2400 Mbps
  • and a simultaneous dual-band WiFi

Also, the WRX560 has WPA/WPA2-personal, WPA2/WPA3-personal, WPA/WPA2-enterprise, WPA3-personal/enterprise, and WiFi-enhanced open (OWE) encryption. 

The AC input power voltage is 100V to 240V AC, while the power frequency is 50/60Hz single-phased. Additionally, its power consumption is 10.80 (access) and 7.94W (idle).

The mesh router has a WPS, power, WiFi on/off, and a reset button. Speaking of its measurements, it is 233 x 194 x 66mm and weighs 1.35kg.

For its SRM specs, the mesh router features a WiFi MAC address filter. There are also 64 MAC filters and 256 max devices per MAC filter. It also has DFS, WDS, WPS 2.0, 3G/4G dongle & tethering, a primary WiFi point, and a WiFi point. 

Network-wise, it operates via a wireless router and wireless AP, has five VLAN network segmentations, and has 500 DHCP reservations. 

Hands-on with the Synology WRX560 Mesh Router

Now, we will share our hands-on experience with the WRX560 in this Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review. We used it for over a week to see how it would fare during our tests. But before getting into specifics, how easy was it to set up? 

Let us find out. 

Generally, this mesh router from Synology works well on its own. However, if you want everything to work better, we suggest pairing it with another powerful router. Plus, it is best to utilise its DS Router app. 

You can conveniently set up the WRX560 via a web browser on your PC linked to a network. Or you can also use the DS Router app for Android or iOS to set it up. 

But since we were building a mesh, we first configured its main router before adding the WRX560. We appreciate that the instructions for adding the WiFi points are easy to follow. That means you do not need any extra skills to configure. 

Before adding the product to the mesh system, remember to update the SRM firmware on the router. Ensure it is the latest version to guarantee its compatibility with the WRX560.

You can include one or more WRX560 WiFi points to the network and base it depending on your needs. You will find these in the Network Map, which will automatically copy your settings on the main Synology router. 

Therefore, any setting changes you make on the primary router will get cloned by the WiFi points in your network. Plus, you will see these work as a single unit instead of separate ones. 

This DS Router app gives you a list of configuration options to manage your WiFi settings. These allow you to share connection details, organise connected devices, and configure parental controls. The app provides access to other features like port forwarding, VPN, firewall, or firmware updates. 

The app is not as comprehensive as its web-based counterpart – Synology Router Manager or SRM. However, it still covers most things you need.

The SRM is available in twenty different languages, is modular, organised, and has plenty of advanced configuration elements. Navigating it is similar to a Linux desktop, making it easy to use even if you are not tech-savvy.

Another thing to note is its organised and easy-to-access user documentation. Even if you go through technical settings, you have all the information you need to configure things. Plus, you can reach the support team of Synology straight from the SRM interface. 

It is a helpful element when you encounter issues you cannot fix. 

Another aspect we appreciate about the SRM is the focus on privacy and security. You can set up different user accounts that have different roles and permissions. Plus, you can enable two-step verification to guarantee its safety against outsiders.

CleanShot 2022 12 19 at 08.25.40 Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review

Its upload and download speeds we received from the WRX560 are excellent and close to those offered by the RT6600ax. We also plugged an SSD drive into the USB 3.2 Gen1 port and made a few data transfers. 

The uploads and download speeds worked excellently, and its USB 3.2 Gen1 port was fast. Hence, it is perfect for those who want to build their own NAS. 

Overall, we were pleased with the test results the WRX560 gave us for this Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review. We did not experience connection/stability problems, and we appreciate how the network worked smoothly using WiFi6. Also, we loved how stable the network transfers were on 5GHz.

It’s a great mesh router that offers almost everything you need. 

Synology WRX560 Mesh Router Review Summary

Synology continues its tradition of deploying stable platforms with the WRX560. It is an excellent mesh router for modern homes and small offices. 

With WiFi6, user-friendly software, efficient parental controls, and 2.5Gbps connections, this router is one of the best you can find. It also has many handy features like VPN Plus, advanced security tools, etc.

If you already use a Synology router and plan to expand your network coverage, the WRX560 is an excellent choice. It is also an efficient product if you will build a mesh WiFi system for the first time.

Visit the official product page of Synology to learn more about the WRX560 Mesh Router.