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RODE Unveils The Interview Pro, Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount

RØDE has announced three brand-new products today at the 2024 edition of NAB in Las Vegas. Introducing the Interview PRO, a broadcast-quality wireless handheld microphone for use with RØDE wireless systems, and two premium smartphone filmmaking accessories, the Phone Cage ... View Full Article

ASUS ROG Carnyx Review – Premium Audio for Streamers and Content Creators

You will need quality gear for the best audio to get the job done when gaming, streaming, or creating content. So, this ASUS ROG Carnyx Review will discuss a notable microphone to consider. The Carnyx is a pro-grade condenser USB ... View Full Article

Rode Announces Dual Transmitter Version of the Wireless Me

RØDE has today announced a dual transmitter version of the Wireless ME, the ultimate grab-and-go wireless mic for content creators. RØDE pioneered the ultra-compact wireless mic category with the Wireless GO, the world’s first truly wireless wearable microphone system. The ... View Full Article

SteelSeries Alias Microphone Review

Today, we are writing this SteelSeries Alias Microphone Review to look into this product from SteelSeries. The manufacturer is a crowd favourite thanks to its outstanding headsets, keyboards, and more. But this time, they are looking into microphones, which we ... View Full Article

Logitech Yeti Orb Review

Recently, Logitech launched a new microphone for its collection of notable streaming products. Today, we will discuss everything about it in our Logitech Yeti Orb Review. The Yeti Orb is a premium gaming/streaming mic featuring LIGHTSYNC RGB, Blue VO!CE presets ... View Full Article

RODE Wireless Pro Review

If you are a filmmaker or content creator, you understand the importance of achieving top-notch audio quality. You can choose from directional on-camera microphones and desktop USB microphones to achieve excellent sounds. However, our RODE Wireless Pro Review will show ... View Full Article

RODE Streamer X Review

Since RODE took the path to expand its product lineup for streaming, we will discuss our RODE Streamer X Review today.  Streamer X is a pro, top-notch 3-in-1 compact product, integrating a control surface, video capture card, and audio interface. ... View Full Article

RODE Lavalier GO Review

Before, you needed to splurge high on products to look and sound professional. Fortunately, RODE has a collection of mics that prove quality does not need to be expensive. Today in our RODE Lavalier GO Review, we will discuss one ... View Full Article

RODE Wireless ME Review

Today, content creators require high-quality tools for content creation. Interestingly, they can use top-notch camera phones to capture videos adequate for professional productions. So, in our RODE Wireless ME Review, we will look into another high-quality product from RODE. The ... View Full Article

RODE Interview GO Review

Communicating and reaching out to people on camera requires you to be professionally presentable. That goes for your mic. Our RODE Interview GO Review will discuss the vital details of this portable product from the company.  Interview GO is a ... View Full Article

RODE RodeCaster Duo Review

Today, our RODE RodeCaster Duo Review is all about this all-in-one podcast production studio. It is versatile and convenient as it lets you edit, record, mix, and release pro-quality podcasts directly from it.  Moreover, it has 4 XLR microphone inputs, ... View Full Article

RODE NT1 5th Generation Review

If you used the original RODE NT1, you know it is an excellent product. It offers high-quality audio and has everything a USB/XLR mic should have. The latest mic from RODE is a treat, which we will discuss in our ... View Full Article

RODE NTH-100M Headset Review

Most gaming headsets are tuned and set for amplifying footsteps or cinematic bass. The setting is excellent for gaming but horrible for podcasts or YouTube video production. Fortunately, RODE is about to change that, and we will discuss its latest ... View Full Article

RODE Podmic USB Microphone Review

RODE recently released a new microphone for content creators. Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about this product in our RODE Podmic USB Microphone Review.  The original Podmic from the company is the best XLR microphone for ... View Full Article

RODE Announces the Wireless Pro – the Most Powerful Wireless Microphone Ever

RØDE has today announced a groundbreaking new wireless microphone system for filmmakers and content creators, the Wireless PRO. Fresh off the back of releasing the Wireless ME, the perfect grab-and-go mic for creators, RØDE has now unleashed the most powerful ... View Full Article