Network Attached Storage

Explore the world of Network Attached Storage (NAS), a critical component for data management and accessibility in both home and professional environments. Our comprehensive coverage delves into the latest NAS devices, offering insights into their performance, capacity, and features. NAS systems are ideal for streamlining file sharing, backing up data, and enabling remote access to files from anywhere. We review products suitable for a range of needs, from personal cloud storage solutions to robust devices that serve small businesses and large enterprises. Learn about advancements in NAS technology, including improved security protocols, faster data transfer rates, and enhanced usability features. Whether you’re a creative professional managing large multimedia files, a small business looking for scalable storage, or someone seeking to centralize your digital life, our guidance helps you navigate the options to find the perfect NAS solution for your data storage and accessibility needs.

Terramaster D6-320 Review – Affordable Data Storage

Today, our Terramaster D6-320 Review focuses on a DAS, which slightly differs from other devices from the company. Unlike the NAS (network attached storage), DAS stands for direct attached storage. The D6-320 is a six-bay DAS enclosure ideal for users ... View Full Article

Synology BeeStation Review – Your Own Personal Cloud Storage

Synology is the pinnacle of NAS devices, offering notable models with excellent features across price ranges. If you are new to the world of NAS devices, there is an overwhelming set of settings to figure out. But our Synology BeeStation ... View Full Article

QNAP TVS-h674t Review – A Thunderbolt NAS Perfect for Content Creation and Video Editing

QNAP showcased a new collection of NAS products featuring Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. So, our QNAP TVS-h674t Review will discuss one of its products. It is an upgraded version of the TVS-h674, which we reviewed before.  The NAS is a versatile ... View Full Article

TerraMaster TOS 6 Beta Unveiled: The Most User-Friendly NAS Operating System

TerraMaster, a professional brand that focuses on providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses, announces the brand new TOS 6 Beta operating system with more than 40 new functions and 370 improvements, providing TNAS users with an unparalleled upgrade ... View Full Article

QNAP Releases 2-bay 2.5GbE NAS TS-216G

QNAP® Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking, and storage solution innovator, today launched the TS-216G NAS, a high-performing and substantial 2-bay NAS designed for individuals, families, and workgroups. The ARM® quad-core processor with a 2.5GbE port, 4 GB RAM, and NPU (Neural ... View Full Article

Synology unveils modern data and security solutions for enterprises at JuiceIT 2024

Australia—March 5, 2024 Synology has announced that they will be showcasing their enterprise-level products and solutions at JuiceIT 2024, held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 5th of March and the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre on ... View Full Article

TerraMaster Launches F4-212 4bay Private Cloud NAS

Designed for Data Backup and Home Multimedia Center TerraMaster, a professional brand that focuses on providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses, launched an affordable Quad Core NAS F4-212 with the latest processor as the updated version of previous ... View Full Article

Synology DS1821+ The Perfect Business Solution

Today, we are focusing on Synology DS1821+ The Perfect Business Solution that every company should have.  The DS1821+ is an 8-bay NAS solution from Synology designed for businesses. It packs notable features that effectively store and protect all essential data.  ... View Full Article

Synology to showcase enterprise data management solutions at Synology Solution Day 2023

Synology announced Synology Solution Day 2023 for 14th November at Hotel Chadstone, Melbourne. Synology will showcase its four core data management solutions: data storage, backup, video surveillance, and business productivity. “Synology’s business solutions have grown tremendously over the past three ... View Full Article

Synology DS423+ Review – The Best Entry NAS for SMBs That Require Reliable Performance and Security

Earlier this year, Synology released the DS423+ to cater to the demands of its users. Today, we will discuss everything about it in our Synology DS423+ Review. This NAS integrates notable elements such as a Celeron J4125 quad-core 2.0GHz processor. ... View Full Article

QNAP QNA-T310G1T Review

In our QNAP QNA-T310G1T Review, we will discuss one of the products under the QNA series. It is an economical Thunderbolt 3 to 10GbE adapter, delivering swift 10GbE network access to your Mac/Windows system. It is possible via a Thunderbolt ... View Full Article

Synology TC500 and BC500 Camera Review

 Today, we have our Synology TC500 and BC500 Camera Review, which will focus on two products from Synology. These are part of the 500 Series of IP cameras and are its first-ever cams.  The TC500 and BC500 are ideally designed ... View Full Article

Synology BeeDrive Review – The Ideal Personal Backup Hub

With how much data and files we all have, an efficient backup solution is necessary for everyone. Today, we will check what Synology offers in our Synology BeeDrive Review.  The Synology BeeDrive is ideal for everyone, even those who are ... View Full Article

Synology DS423 Review – The Best Storage Solution for Content Creators

With the progress of technology today, creating content has become easy and more convenient. However, it is still challenging to store and organise media files despite these advancements. Fortunately, we know of a solution for this concern, which we will ... View Full Article

QNAP TS-1655 Review – The Perfect Large Capacity NAS

 Today, we have our QNAP TS-1655 Review, which discusses everything about the TS-1655. This NAS sports a tower form factor that can handle 12 3.5-inch HDs. Plus, it can hold four 2.5-inch SSDs.  The product has a hybrid storage architecture ... View Full Article